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Sasha Banks to appear in the next season of The Mandalorian

It is being confirmed by Pro Wrestling Sheet that Sasha Banks will be in the next season of “The Mandalorian.” It was...
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Victoria & Nidia vs. Molly Holly & Jazz, Heat 08/01/04


Happy Friday! This week’s Free Match Friday takes us all the way back to 2004!!

This match was featured on Sunday Night Heat. For newer WWE fans who don’t know, Heat was a show that came on Sunday nights for an hour. It was also the go-to to watch before pay-per-views at the time.

Molly Holly sported a wig during this encounter thanks to Victoria just months before shaving her head after their WrestleMania match. There were three former Women’s Champions in this match and although Nidia never won the title, she probably should have.

Click the video above to watch what happens at the end of this match. There is a distraction that ends up costing one team the win.

Check back in next Friday for the next Free Match Friday!