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Five matches from Clash/Night of Champions that are a must-see

Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Beth Phoenix – Night of Champions 2011

During Kelly Kelly’s reign as Divas Champion, she found herself in a heated feud with Beth Phoenix. Normally she was a fan favorite and the perfect babyface champion. Their match at Night of Champions was a little different as they were in Phoenix’s hometown in New York. The crowd was firmly behind Phoenix as she attempted to win her first Divas Championship.

This specific crowd may have not wanted Kelly to retain, but it was actually the fans that selected her to become Divas Champion in the first place. She was selected during a Power to the People edition of RAW where the fans voted for Kelly to be Brie Bella‘s opponent. She would then defeat Brie by becoming champion.

This was the second pay-per-view in a row that Kelly defended her title against Phoenix, defeating her at SummerSlam to retain. Kelly focused on her quickness during this match to combat the strength of the Glamazon. In the end, she was able to retain her title yet again. Phoenix would attempt her Glam Slam, but the champ rolled through and pinned her.

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