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Five matches from Clash/Night of Champions that are a must-see

Aj Lee (c) vs. Brie Bella vs. Naomi vs. Natalya – Night of Champions 2013

This match was a direct result of Aj Lee’s famous “pipe bomb” where she insulted and belittled the entire cast of Total Divas. She vowed as champion that she would defeat every woman in the locker room as she later would partner herself with Tamina to watch her back.

Natalya, Brie Bella, and Naomi all being cast members of Total Divas were set out to knock Aj off her high horse. Feeling like she is THE Divas division, the champion was at a 3-on-1 disadvantage as her competitors started the match ganging up on her. This didn’t last long as Brie went after Naomi and Natalya.

Aj would continue the match calculating her moves by inserting herself at the right times. She allowed the other three to wear each other down. This match ended in controversy as Nattie bodyslammed Brie on top of Naomi. From there Brie technically was pinning Naomi as her shoulders were both down. The referee would continue to stand there and not start a count. Nattie would eventually put them both in the Sharpshooter at the same time.

The champion would then break up the double submission hold and apply her Black Widow submission on Nattie. Nattie taps out and Aj retains.

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