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Five matches from Clash/Night of Champions that are a must-see

Michelle McCool (c) vs. Melina (c) – Night of Champions Lumberjill match 2010

One of the biggest must-see matches from this pay-per-view theme was the unification match of the Women’s TItle and the Divas Title. Heading into the match Melina held the Divas Title whereas Michelle McCool held the Women’s Title. This was a Lumberjill match.

McCool would dominate the first half of the match but that would change when Melina was able to counter out of the Faith Breaker and plant McCool’s face into the mat. Natalya would get involved as a lumberjill by distracting McCool while trying to drag her out of the win. The referee would be tied up with Natalya that his back was towards Melina rolling up McCool for the pin. Once the referee saw the pin, Melina was only able to get a two count.

The action would shortly spill outside the ring shortly after getting the lumberjills involved. Melina would get back in the ring while McCool was being attacked on the outside. Layla would enter the ring and make an attempt to help out her LayCool partner, however, her efforts were futile.

McCool would enter back in the ring and with a big boot, she would get the pin and the win to unify the titles. This would be the last time that Melina held a title in WWE.

What are your thoughts on these matches from Night and Clash of Champions? What were some of your must-see matches from this event? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!!

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