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NWA unveils new belt design for their Women’s World Championship

With a championship that has a history dating back to the 1930’s there is a lot of prestige that comes along with it. This year there was milestone hit as Jazz hit 948-days which is the longest reign in modern time. She would go on to vacate the title due to medical and personal issues.

Allysin Kay is the current champion. She won the vacant title in April after defeating Santana Garrett. Garrett is a former champion herself holding the title in 2015. Kay will be presented with this new title by Billy Corgan who is the owner of NWA as his company, Lightning One Inc. purchased it in 2017.

The design of the belt reflects a classic style of the championship where the titleholder has their picture in the center of the belt.

What are your thoughts on the new belt design? Do you like the classic feel? Discuss your thoughts in the comment section!!

Nick Wilkinson
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