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    Bayley’s new entrance revealed at a house show

    As of Friday Night SmackDown it seems that Bayley‘s full heel transformation is complete. After destroying her Bayley Buddies prior to her match, it is safe to say that her hugging days are behind her. This has been received in a much positive light from fans who have wanted to see a change in her for quite some time now.

    Credit: WWE

    As a newly crowned two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion, she comes with a new look, a new attitude, and new music. If you were like myself, you may have been too excited by Bayley’s win to notice her new music. It was played after she won and then again after she called everyone bitches and followed that up with, “screw all of you.”

    Now, thanks to a fan on Twitter, we have a new entrance from Bayley at a house show over the weekend.

    The entrance is similar to when Dolph Ziggler used to have his music cut off with a record scratching sound. Her old music plays until it is stopped with the same sound that accompanies The Fiend, Bray Wyatt with the lights and graphics going out. From there a spotlight comes on with no graphics and her new music plays as she makes her way to the ring.

    Now, it could be possible that once on SmackDown the entrance could be tweaked, but this is what they are presenting at the moment.

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