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    Interim Heart of Shimmer Champion to be crowned at next SHIMMER taping

    SHIMMER has a big weekend coming up shortly as they will be undergoing SHIMMER Volumes 114 to 117 on Nov. 2 and Nov. 3. Many indie stars are already scheduled to appear. The Heart of Shimmer Championship is going to be involved during that weekend as an interim champion will emerge.

    The reason for the interim champion is due to their current champion, Samantha Heights, being out due to injury. She suffered an injury during her tour of Japan that has required surgery to her ACL. According to company policy, they stated initially that Heights would remain as champion. They state that they do not vacate titles and she will resume her reign once she returns.

    Now it is being reported from SHIMMER that Heights’ surgery has been delayed. As a result, she will miss more than one taping so there will be an interim champion decided. They have not stated at this time who will be involved in this match, but they have plenty of talent in order to decide. It is a unique decision to go this route.

    As previously mentioned, many indie stars are already announced for these tapings. Some of the talents that have been announced are as follows:

    Also announced is Willow Nightingale who is returning from recovering from a broken neck.

    Could one of these women become the interim Heart of Shimmer Champion? Who would you like to see become champion?

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