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5 Combat Sports Differences Between Female And Male Athletes

It’s easy to understand that males and females are different. This is true for animals as well as for human beings.

However, the fact that women have today easier access to certain types of jobs that were traditionally considered to be for only men may let you think that gender differences have a minor impact on the life of women and men in contemporary society. That’s one of the biggest and heaviest results of globalization which comes hand in hand with the concept of the same rights and same opportunities for both genders.

Women And Men Are Different

However, the fact that women and men are and stay different in a variety of everyday activities and attitudes can’t be denied by anyone.

First of all, the female’s brain is different than the male’s brain. Certain areas of the brain are more developed in women, for example, the area of speech and verbal communication. What about the body? The female’s body is different than the male’s body, not only because women are naturally designed for generating life and have babies, but also because their muscle mass is smaller and less strong if compared to the muscle strength of average men.

Other differences include the following aspects:

  1. Action
    When it comes to physical activity, men turn out to be more reactive than women. Men are more likely to take action and less prone to mental conceptualizing of the kind of action. As a result, men vs women in gambling tend to bet on the games more impulsively, which results in a more thrilling gambling experience. Impulsive betting leads to higher winnings but also higher losses. On the contrary, women who play casino games seem to be less attracted by the “thrill” and much more concerned about reducing the margin of loss although it means to win a lower amount of money.
    Talking about combat sports, it turns out that female athletes are less reckless and tend to get hurt less often than average male wrestlers.
  2. Physical contactwrestlers
    For centuries, men have always been the gender of “violence”, both physical violence and verbal aggression. So, combat sports seem to be an occasion for men to vent their aggression elsewhere. This means that all combat sports (including martial arts in the Asiatic Continent and wrestling in the US) were designed to offer men the chance to show off their physical strength while blowing out their violence. But this doesn’t mean that a woman can’t practice a combat sport. It’s been seen that female wrestlers tend to be less aggressive but more agile than male athletes, which makes wrestling competitions very different according to the gender difference.
  3. Prediction skills
    Either you are driving a car in a traffic jam or you are in the ring for a wrestling competition, prediction skills can make all the difference. These kinds of skills are precious regardless of what you have to do. When performing in a ring, being able to figure out what your opponent is going to do as her/his next move, is fundamental for you to adjust your reaction and win.
    Men who play combat sports seem to rely more on the memory of similar fighting situations they already experienced in person, while female athletes have a better ability to mentally draw the effects of the specific situation they are living at the moment of deciding how to react to the opponent.
  4. Training and workout
    Anyone who practices a combat sport has to take a regular training schedule with specific workout exercises. However, it seems that when it comes to exercises for combat sports, men are more likely to do weight lifting for the upper body, while females focus more on abdominal exercises and muscles around the stomach area. It’s just a natural trend that every trainer corrects to allow their athletes to take a well-balanced training with exercises for any part of the body.
  5. Food and drinks
    Eating healthy food and drinking hydrating beverages is fundamental for anyone. But it seems that men who practice combat sports tend to rely more on energetic drinks than women. So, men consume more protein-infused drinks than women, who prefer introducing more proteins in their eating habits through food rather than drinks. Also, women are more likely to consume fresh fruits and vegetables, while men are naturally prone to consume more meats. Despite these “natural” differences in the approach to food and drinks, every athlete should follow their nutritionist’s suggestions to be sure they get the right intake of nutrients every day.

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