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    Tessa Blanchard becomes the first-ever woman IMPACT World Champion

    For the majority of 2019, Tessa Blanchard had two goals. The first was to defeat Sami Callihan when the stakes were high and the second to become IMPACT World Champion. Since October, Callihan has held the championship that Blanchard so badly desired.

    At IMPACT Wrestling’s Hard to Kill event tonight, Blanchard would make history. She defeated Callihan to become the first-ever female to win the IMPACT World Championship.

    The match starts with Callihan attempting to make short work of Blanchard. During the introduction, Calilhan kicks his opponent in the head and hits a Cactus Driver 97 but only gets a two count. He would attempt to stay in control but Blanchard would hit Magnum and get a near fall of her own.

    A good portion of the match occurs outside the ring which led to the official having to count multiple times. Each time the competitors are able to make it back in the ring before the count of 10. Action outside of the ring included a spot where Blanchard attempted a somersault senton, but Callihan catches her and puts her through a table.

    He would then expose the ringside area by removing the padding and attempt a piledriver to Blanchard off the ring apron. She was able to escape with a rake to the eyes.

    Blanchard would follow that up with a nice spot with Magnum on the ring apron.

    Callihan would continue to play dirty as he attempts to use the championship belt as a weapon. The referee would interfere and as he was disposing of the belt, Callihan pulled out brass knuckles. He was unable to execute this as Blanchard delivers a low blow. She hits Magnum again and gets a near fall.

    Callihan hits the Cactus Driver 97 and thinks that this will be it, but he gets a near fall. He attempts another one but is tripped up and Blanchard rolls him up for another two count. She executes two Destroyers, the second from the top rope, and hits him with a Buzzsaw DDT to become champion.

    Amidst all the controversy surrounding Blanchard over the weekend, she is the NEW and first-woman IMPACT World Champion.

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