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The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Wrestling Rules

Many readers have requested an article on the very basics of wrestling and we have listened! Here is a beginner’s guide for anyone who knows nothing about wrestling other than that it is a sport played between two people. In short, wrestling involves forcing the opponent to fall on the ground, generally on the back, and holding him in the posture to attain points but there are in fact many rules and regulations to ensure a clean game. To a beginner, these rules may not be easy to understand. Our best advice to anyone who wants to learn more about the sport from the perspective of a spectator, especially if you bet on the games, is to read the comprehensive guides produced by betting sites. These are available in all languages and countries today, and if you search for sports betting online and the sport you want to learn more about you will be presented with sites that are appropriate for your language location. While those guides are for more experienced fans, below is a quick summary of the most important rules and basic techniques everyone should know about wrestling;

Scoring Points


Scoring points in a wrestling match is a very tough objective of the game. There are five basic ways of winning points in a wrestling match. They are as below:

  1. The Takedown: In this, you take down your opponent on the mat and pin them to the position of a set period. You can score two points on it.
  2. The Escape: If your opponent is pinning you down and you manage to get away from it to a neutral position, you can score one point. 
  3. Reversal: In this, you not just have to come out of a pinned down position, get to the neutral position and pin your opponent down to control them on the mat as well. You can score two points for reversal.
  4. Near fall: You can get two or three points for this position. If you have your opponent almost pinned to the mat for two seconds, you get 2 points. However, if you manage to keep your opponent in the near-fall position for 5 seconds, you get three points. 
  5. Penalty points: Your opponent gets one penalty point for the first two times you do foul play. At the third instance of foul play, they get two penalty points. Opponent gets penalty points if there are illegal holds, technical violations, improper conduct, roughness, misconduct, false start, incorrect starting position.

Basic Techniques Of Wrestling

Some basic techniques of the wrestling game include the following:

  • The Stance: There are two basic stances in a wrestling match, the staggered stance, where one foot is ahead of the other and firmly placed on the mat. The other is the square stance, where both the feet are placed firmly on the mat parallel to each other. Bodyweight on both the legs divided equally.
  • Breathing: If you plan slow moves, breathing slowly through and exhaling through the nose is a good idea. However, if you plan for quick scoring moves, breathing in slowly and exhaling as fast as you can help maintain the oxygen. 
  • The penetrating shot: This technique is for breaking your opponent’s defense to score points. By keeping your body weight on the back foot, you can place your front leg between your opponent’s. With your foot on the mat, grab your opponent’s legs and try to pin him down to the mat.
  • The Basic shot: This stance is similar to the Penetrating Shot. In this, you place your dominant foot in between the opponent’s, stay as close to him as possible, and stop him from defending.
  • Lifting your opponent: If you raise your opponent from the mat and throw them down, you might get a penalty. Instead, try to hold your opponent from the back and drop them slowly on the ground forcing with your leg. Keep your arms firmly wrapped around your opponent’s waist to control their movements.
  • Single-leg takedown and double-leg takedown: Heavy-weight wrestlers prefer the technique to break down the defense of their opponent. They aim for both legs or one leg of the opponent to bring down to the mat and score points. If you can manage to trip or twist your opponent on the mat, you can score two points. 
  • The Sprawl defense: For this, you must read the mind and posture of your opponent and try to understand where they are going to attack. On understanding, you must alter your posture in such a way to defend the attack with a quick change of your posture. Don’t allow your opponent to attack. 

The other techniques include the various escaping techniques and the arm drag. To have a winning chance in a wrestling match, you must understand that you need not always play in attacking mode. Sometimes defense can prove to be the best strategy in winning the rounds. Always try to play by the rules and maintain all the regulations of the game. Update yourself with the rules regularly and practice the stance and the different postures and techniques to up your game.

Practice the breathing techniques to make the best out of the game and not get breathless while getting on the attacking mode. Stay away from making penalties. You are only offering free points to your opponents if there is a penalty by you.

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