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5 Female Wrestling Tips For Quick Improvement

In its beginning, wrestling was meant to be a sport for only men, but it has spread widely over time to the point of attracting even women. So, now it’s not that rare to see female wrestlers fighting in the ring, although this kind of sport still stays male-dominated.

Male-Dominated Fighting Sports And Jobs

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Generally, all sports of fighting were invented by men and destined for male athletes only. That’s the case of boxing or martial arts. Fighting is actually “stuff for males” and this mindset still stays in today’s society. There are jobs that are based on fighting and physical violence and it’s not a random case if such jobs are designed for men. For example, have you ever seen a female casino bouncer? We bet everything in this world that you haven’t at all. And that’s pretty understandable since casino and nightclub bouncer must be physically tailored for such a job. Not all men can become bouncers. The aspect of security is pretty different when it comes to online casinos. Digital casino sites need internet safety measures instead of physical bouncers.

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Just A Few Tips To Improve Your Wrestling Performance

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If you are a woman and you like wrestling so much, there’s no reason why you should give up following your dream and passion. Aspiring to become a wrestler may not be a common desire, but if your body is physically adequate to the strength levels of average female wrestlers, you may always give it a try.

As a beginner in this sport, you shouldn’t start before getting a few important tips that help you going through workouts and live performances:

  1. Wrestling gear
    Many female wrestlers hate the singlet. It’s useless to deny it, the truth is that wearing a singlet while you are in your wrestling is pretty uncomfortable both in the front and back. If you feel you can’t help wearing a singlet to workout and perform in the ring, use a very tight singlet in a stretchy fabric underneath. In the case, your movements let the singlet be too revealing, you can still be safe knowing your tight singlet underneath is still protecting you. Usually, most female wrestlers wear leggings, too.
  2. Training partner
    Excellent training is key to success. That’s why you should find a good training partner from day number one. As a partner for your regular training, you may have an advanced wrestler as well as a personal trainer. The bottom line is that you feel confident with the person who is helping you in your wrestling workouts.
  3. Consistency and practice
    Once you’ve found a good training partner, understand that consistency and practice go hand in hand to achieve success. Either you are at home or at a gym, you should practice regularly. You should identify a day time when you know you can dedicate a couple of hours to your training. Don’t even start a sport if you don’t know when you’ll have time to practice! Consistency and practice are two milestones for every sport.
  4. Grow your self-esteem
    If you are a beginner, it’s quite normal if you feel frustrated when looking at the performance levels of expert wrestlers. Don’t forget that you are on your first steps into wrestling, you still have a lot to learn. Just don’t look at the highest peak of the mountain, focus on the next step to do for you. Also, don’t feel down if you can’t perform certain moves. It means that you only need some more time and practice. Try to grow your self-esteem day after day at every training that you take.
  5. Boys can be intimidating
    Remember that wrestling is a male sport, so boys who practice it may look intimidating for female beginners. Don’t let them scare you at all! Women have so many other talents to use for wrestling. Accept that females and males are biologically different, each comes with specific physical features. But this doesn’t mean that a woman can’t become a great wrestler in her genre specialty.

If you want to improve more, find video tutorials or videos of live performances to watch over and over. You can learn so much by looking at how professional wrestlers move when fighting in the ring.

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