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Madusa honoured with PWI lifetime achievement award

Pro Wrestling Illustrated awarded WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling legend, Madusa the Stanley Weston Award for Lifetime Achievement in pro wrestling.

Madusa now joins a very select few that have received both PWI Rookie of Year and the Stanley Weston Lifetime Achievement Award.

As Madusa and Alundra Blayze, she wrestled all over the world and accomplished many firsts during her fifteen-year career.

Madusa started her wrestling career in AWA where she held the Women’s World Championship for 335-days between 1987-89. In 1988 PWI awarded her the Rookie of the Year, which made first women to receive the award.

In 1989 she became the first non-Japanese wrestler to sign for All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling. While at the company she evolved her ring style and adopted the Japanese-style of wrestling.

Madusa returned to America in 1991 and signed for WCW where she joined the Dangerous Alliance. Two-year later WWF came calling and she became the face of the reinstated women’s division. As Alundra Blayze she won the WWF World Women’s Championship three times. It was during her first title run that would have her legendary matches with Bull Nakano.

Credit: WWE

In 1995 Madusa jumped to WCW while still WWF women’s champion. She appeared on Monday Night Nitro and dropped the WWF title into the trash.

Credit: WWE

The company established the WCW Women’s Championship. Madusa would lose to Akira Hokuto in the finals of the tournament to become the first-ever and only WCW women ‘s champion.

Madusa retired from wrestling in 2001 and became a Monster Truck driver. In 2015 WWE inducted to her into the Hall of Fame and in the same year, STARDOM appointed her as their commissioner.

Madusa made her final in-ring appearance and Evolution in 2018 and more recently she was the presenter of AEW’s Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament: The Deadly Draw.

Madusa is a trailblazer and a true legend in women’s wrestling. All at Diva Dirt would like to congratulate her on recieving the lifetime achievement award.

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