Tuesday, March 2, 2021

6 possible RAW women’s championship matches at WrestleMania

The "Showcase of the Immortals" WrestleMania is fast approaching and the RAW Women's Championship scene is wide open. As SmackDown confirmed their women's championship match, RAyet to...

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Charlotte Flair was NXT’s biggest draw in 2020

Former NXT Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair was the biggest draw for the brand last year. According to the Wrestling Observer, Charlotte’s controversial run in NXT was a success in terms of viewership numbers. It stated that the “Queen” drew 47,000 new viewers per segment outdrawing Rhea Ripley and Velveteen Dream.

Charlotte became the focal point of NXT’s Women’s Division when Ripley challenged her for a match at WrestleMania 36. Charlotte defeated the “Nightmare” to become two-time NXT Women’s Champion.

Fans heavily criticised the move as it halted Ripley’s momentum and did little to elevate the division. However, this recent report suggests that Charlotte’s involvement with NXT brought the most eyes to the show in 2020.

As NXT Champion, fans saw Charlotte across all three WWE brands, which overexposed and overbooked the second-generation wrestler.

Recently Daily DDT produced an article about the way WWE books the grand slam champion. The article caught the eye and the ire of the most decorated female athlete in WWE history.

The current women’s tag team champion ended the thread stating that no matter what she will always be in the title picture.

What do you make off Charlotte being NXT’s highest viewed star and her comeback to the article written about her? Sound off in the comments below.

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