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Heated rivalry escalates, wedding crashed & huge match announced on AEW Beach Break

AEW’s special beach themed event; Beach Break featured several significant movements in the women’s division.

The show hosted one of the most anticipated women’s matches in AEW history, AEW’s first-ever wrestling wedding, a huge match announcement and the brackets for the upcoming Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament.

Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa clashed in a highly-anticipated match after months of vicious insults and beatdowns.

The heated rivalry began way back in November of last year when a Twitter spat led to Baker attacking Rosa during her rematch with Serena Deeb for the NWA Women’s World Championship. Since then, they have been at each other’s throats and finally got to meet one-on-one in the ring.

The match featured fierce exchanges of stiff strikes, stinging chops and grinding moves. Rosa controlled much the match with a barrage of offence and brutal dropkicks.

Baker turned the tide with a stiff boot to the head and continued to apply the pressure with some vicious strikes. Rosa began a comeback, which Baker instantly dismissed with a Slingblade.

Baker continued to control and grind her opponent down and seemed to have the match won when she hit a devastating Airraid Crash.

Baker attempted the Lockjaw, but Rosa fought back, and a great sequence ensued as both women executed an excellent series of near falls and submission attempts.

The ending came when Reba/Rebel entered the ring and removed a turnbuckle cover that Baker used to her advantage. Baker drove Rosa facefirst into the exposed metal, knocking her cold in the process. To add insult to injury, Baker synched in the Lockjaw caused the referee to end the match.

The match was a brilliant and passionate affair with both wrestlers showcasing their intensity and chemistry to the highest degree. Although the screwy finish will undoubtedly lead to a rematch, which will be excellent, it unfortunately let the match down.

Huge match announcement featuring Jade Cargill and Red Velvet.

AEW announced that Jade Cargill will team up with Shaq to face Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet on March 3rd. The build to this feud has been clumsily put together, but it is a huge opportunity for both Cargill and Velvet

Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament participants announced.

AEW made another big announcement on the night. AEW released the names of those participating in the first-ever Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament. The brackets are fantastic and feature names from Tokyo Joshi Pro, ChokoPro, Marvelous and SEAdLINNNG.

Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford‘s wedding took place, with the “Sinister Minister” James Mitchell overseeing proceedings. Ford looked fantastic but was soon left with cake on her face as the ceremony ended in chaos as Orange Cassidy crashed the wedding with help from Chucky T. Although it dragged a little, this was good fun and a typical wrestling wedding with ruined cake, fights and tears.

This was a good show with some great moments for the women’s division. Baker and Thunder Rosa best the hell out of each other in one of AEW’s best women’s matches. The announcement of the participants for the women’s tournament makes it a must-watch spectacle and the Jade Cargill’s first match is something that holds great intrigue.

What did you make of the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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