Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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NWA Powerrr returns with a bang, new faces and Kamille’s time to shine

NWA’s weekly television show, Powerrr, returned to action last week and saw fresh faces added to the much-refreshed roster.

The return show on March 23rd featured the debut of Velvet Sky on the commentary team. The former TNA Knockouts Champion joined Joe Galli and Tim Storm at the desk to provide commentary throughout the show.

The number one contender for the NWA Women’s World Championship, Kamille was in action against NWA newcomer Alex Gracia. And Melina returned to offer Thunder Rosa her managerial services.

Kamille dominated from the start and continued to throw around the tenacious Gracia with ease throughout the match. Gracia took all of the offence receiving brutal blows and huge power moves that left her bloodied and beaten while Kamille looked like a star.

Thunder Rosa came out for an interview and stated that she would be NWA Women’s World Champion again. Her former stablemate, Melina, came out and said she was proud of everything Rosa has achieved and offered an olive branch to fix their broken relationship. Rosa thanked Melina but declined her offer.

This most recent episode on March 30th featured Thunder Rosa teaming with Alex Gracia to take the debuting Skye Blue and JENNACIDE in tag team action.

Melina was on commentary for the match and continued to state that she wanted to help Rosa regain the NWA women’s title.

The match was a really good back and forth affair, with Skye Blue particularly standing out. But the action was cut short when Kamille speared Rosa, causing the DQ finish.

After the match, both Melina and JENNACIDE got in Kamille’s face. Hopefully, this confrontation leads to Kamille vs JENNACIDE, which would make a brilliant clash.

Last year NWA were creating an excellent women’s division. The pandemic forced them to abandon ship on several exciting angles. The promotion is now working on doing the same with new faces, fresh angles and intriguing matchups.

What do you make of NWA’s return, Kamille’s push and the rest of the goings-on? Let us know in the comments below. As always, stay tuned to Diva Dirt for all of your news, reviews and updates from the world of women’s wrestling.

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