Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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Franky Monet makes her NXT debut and confronts Raquel Gonzalez

Franky Monet is officially on NXT with her dog and all.

Monet (formerly Taya Valkyrie) was expected to debut on tonight’s NXT and with that debut, she went straight to the top. She had the look down and her music was fire as she made her way down to the ring to confront the new NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez who had Dakota Kai by her side.

Prior to Monet making her way out, Kai was in the ring to introduce Gonzalez as the new champion. Gonzalez starts by saying that she was supposed to make her debut the day that NXT debuted on the USA Network a year and a half ago. She says she wasn’t ready. She swore that would never happen again and when her opportunity came she wouldn’t miss it again. Now she is the NXT Women’s Champion and Kai is the only person that has recognized her dedication.

Kai chimes in about how the two dominated for the past 14-months. Gonzalez gives former champion Io Shirai her props but says that the Gonzalez era has officially begun.

Cue Franky Monet.

Monet introduces herself. La Wera Loca is now here and she says the best division on the planet has gotten a little bit shinier, a little bit boujeer, and a whole lot better. She adds that since Raquel is at the top of her division that she will be seeing a whole lot more of her.

Gonzalez responds by saying that Monet is lucky she is in a good mood tonight because if she is ever interrupted like that again she will shove Monet’s cute dog right up her culo.

Monet makes her way out of the ring to the apron and responds. She says that Gonzalez will be seeing her every single Tuesday – Champ!

As Monet leaves, Gonzalez raises her title just to hear Rhea Ripley‘s music hit!

The new RAW Women’s Champion makes her way to the ring. The last time Gonzalez saw Ripley she was defeating her in a Last Woman Standing match in January. Not knowing what to expect, they both smiled, bumped their titles together, and embraced. Then Bianca Belair‘s music hit!

The new SmackDown Women’s Champion makes her way to the ring and all three women celebrate their recent wins with a photo of the three from when they were all in NXT together.

What did you think of Franky Monet’s debut? How about the moment between all the new champs? Leave your thoughts below and check back in shortly for a Winners & Losers from this week’s NXT.

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