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Mickie James pitched to WWE to have an all-female branded show and was told it will never happen

Mickie James was one of several wrestlers who were released the week after WrestleMania. James has done two stints with WWE and her second one was not on the level of how a legend of the industry should be treated.

On her podcast that she co-hosts with Lisa Marie Varon and SoCal Val, James opened up about her struggles during this second run with the company. She talks about creatively how many things she pitched and how she was pigeonholed to do exactly what they wanted her to do. This also includes them wanting her to not be in the ring but as a trainer/coach.

One of her ideas was to have an all-female branded show. She was told by one individual she approached about it that it will never happen, ever, and that women’s wrestling doesn’t sell.

“There was like this moment wherein all of this I go well what if we do an all-female branded product? What if we just do an all-female branded show there are different shows and stuff that we could do within it. And if I could help lead up and head up that and we have an awesome team of women that we could really lean on create. We have the talent. We have all these people. We have the tools. We have the facilities. We have everything we need and it could be all of these little things that would really really help a lot of these girls who aren’t getting the television time.”

“And I shit you not, this one person said, because I feel like I have talked about this several times to different people in different roles and just to feel it out, and finally over the weekend while I am sitting back there evaluating where I am gonna fit in, he says to me ‘they’re never going to do it, ever, women’s wrestling really doesn’t make money, the women’s Evolution pay-per-view is the lowest-rated pay-per-view ever in the history of WWE pay-per-views. I get what you’re trying to do but I don’t understand why you’re fighting so hard for it. You should just play the cards that you’re dealt and see if there’s a way to incorporate that in a different show rather than fighting for it to be its own show.'”

James goes on to discuss many other ideas or opportunities that were missed out on if they would have worked with her. One of the biggest storylines that fans wanted to see was the one with her and Chelsea Green in relation to how James had a rivalry with Trish Stratus. She confirms that she initially though to have that storyline feud be between her and Liv Morgan a while back.

She also discussed how it would have been cool to tie Trish’s record of most championships at the time and then have Charlotte Flair exceed it and then the two of them would use that as a storyline in and of itself.

In the GAW TV episode, James also goes over the recent issue related to receiving her belongings back in a trash bag. She confirms that it was done the same way 10 years ago and didn’t expect her making light of it on social media to blow up the way that it did.

Below is the tweet that James sent out a few days ago to put the incident to rest.

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