Wrestlicious Exclusive: Owner JV Rich Talks About ‘TakeDown’ Premiere

Wrestlicious premieres it’s new flagship show, TakeDown next Monday night across North America after nearly two years of planning and preparation. As Monday night draws nearer, Diva Dirt has been given exclusive access to the stars of Wrestlicious including founder and owner JV Rich.

Winning millions in the Powerball at just 19 years old, JV coupled his passion for wrestling and love of hot women into Wrestlicious. So, with his very own wrestling show about to premiere, we got all the scoop from JV:

Just days away from the series premiere of Wrestlicious TakeDown, are you feeling nervous at all?
Much more excited than nervous. I am confident we have a great show.

As has been mentioned in the media, you are of course a Powerball winner and invested some of your millions into this project. Would you say it’s been money well spent?
I think it has. Time will tell of course. It certainly has been an awesome learning experience. Best case, we have a huge hit. Worst case, I have a tax write off. By the way, if I could, I would like to clear up the misconception that I put millions of dollars into this project. For the record, I put considerably less than 10% of my after-tax lottery winnings into Wrestlicious. And our team brought it in on budget.

It’s been nearly a year since Wrestlicious was announced, what has the process been like in the last year getting from that original promo clip to the television series?
To be honest, easier than I thought. We did have a small delay that moved us from late-Fall 2009 to Winter 2010, but besides that everything pretty much moved along according to our plan. I can’t say it enough, everyone has worked extremely hard to make TakeDown happen.

What can we expect from the first show when we tune in on Monday night?
A fun sexy show, that everybody but the most serious, die-hard wrestling fans will enjoy. You’re going to be introduced to some great, entertaining characters including Cousin Cassie, Felony, Toni The Top, Tyler Texas, Autumn Frost, Kandi Kisses and Bandita in that first episode. And the wrestling will be stronger than most people think it will. It will be very, very character driven. In fact two thirds of the show will be sketches and other character development stuff, with about one third being in-ring wrestling. Even the commentary will be as much about describing the characters as describing the action. Remember, TakeDown is an action-comedy show, The Man Show meets Hee Haw meets female wrestling. This is the premise it was sold as, an action-comedy with wrestling as the vehicle. And that’s how we’re delivering it

As an on air personality on the show, what can we expect from JV Rich?
A guy fresh off acting lessons, so be gentle! On camera, I’m just trying to live my new life and am thrown into the Wrestlicious chaos. There is also an issue that I want to clear up here. I never demanded or even suggested that I appear in the show. Our team thought it would be a good idea to have a on-air personality that reflected our target demo. They actually had to talk me into it. And they brought it up after the show was financed. [Laughs]

I’m sure you’re fond of all of the Wrestlicious girls but do you have any particular favourites or standouts?
Cousin Cassie really impressed me. All the girls have been great, but she gives 110% all the time. She really is that character, sweet and down-home.

You have an extremely experienced team working on Wrestlicious with you including Johnny C [GLOW] and Jimmy Hart [WWE Hall of Famer], what has been your backstage input in the product?
Jimmy, Steve Blance and Johnny run everything by me for my input and approval. But most of the time, I just nod. [Laughs] You’re right, those guys really know what they are doing. I’ve learned alot from just being around them.

You’re a wrestling fan just like the rest of us, was there anything you saw in other products and thought, “I can do this better” with Wrestlicious?
Not really. I just thought wrestling could use a modern day GLOW. I have seen the tapes and loved that show.

We’ve seen a lot of the crazy characters in the promo videos but our readers love their women’s wrestling. Just how good is the wrestling would you say? Better than TNA or WWE?
I would say that most of it is on a par with those companies. Remember we have 17 of the PWI top 50 female wrestlers in the world on our roster. That’s one third!

Wrestling fans have always associated Mondays with wrestling, Wrestlicious is in prime real estate on Mondays at 11pm following Raw. Was that a conscious decision by Wrestlicious’ producers?
We sold the show to the networks and they placed it there. But we’re thrilled with the time slot, of course. America One has us programmed Saturdays at 11:30pm ET, which is also a great time slot for our product. Most of our syndication partners are running the show at 4pm ET on Sundays, with a 12:30am encore. That 4pm time slot should help us get some kids into our fan base, which was a huge part of GLOW’s success.

And of course, TNA is now moving to Monday nights giving wrestling fans 5 hours of first-run content on Mondays alone. How do you think that will affect or help Wrestlicious?
It should help drive viewers to us after those shows air.

Finally before we wrap up, can you give us a Wrestlicious rap?
# I’m JV Rich, I own the show / I’ve got the ring, I’ve got the bling and I’ve got the dough / This new show has fulfilled all my wishes / So Diva Dirt, thanks for helping Wrestlicious! #

Wrestlicious TakeDown premieres on Monday, March 1st at 11pm ET on Mav TV in America and Bite TV in Canada. Episodes will also air on America One on Saturdays at 11.30pm ET. For syndication, check your local listings. Full length episodes of Wrestlicious will appear at www.bite.ca/wrestling the day after transmission.

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  • Inferno

    Hey melanie, do you think you could get us diva fans and official roster from wrestlicious, since you are in contact with them!!!! it would be greatly appricated

    cause i want to know if Lana Star is still on it or not, cause if she is not i prob wont watch the show haha

  • BobAnthony

    Mel thanks for the exclusive with JV. He comes off like a cool dude.

  • Glen

    Thanks for the interview. Im really excited for this show and I am actually happy that its not trying to be anything that its not, I like that. I think we need a show that isnt as serious. It sounds like its going to be great.

  • badromance

    “And of course, TNA is now moving to Monday nights giving wrestling fans 5 hours of first-run content on Mondays alone. How do you think that will affect or help Wrestlicious?”

    6 hours…

  • Mikas

    Inferno – She is one of 4 WOW wrestlers that i recognized in the promos. I think she plays “Malibu McKenzie” or something like that.

    Here is a partial roster list (not confirmed, it has 15 of the 17 PWI ranked ladies on it):
    PWI 14. Mercedes Martinez
    PWI 16. Daizee Haze
    PWI 18. Daffney
    PWI 19. Madison Rayne
    PWI 21. Nikki Roxx
    PWI 24. Sojo Bolt
    PWI 26. Rain
    PWI 27. Amber O’Neal
    PWI 35. Portia Perez
    PWI 36. Danyah
    PWI 38. Jennifer Blake
    PWI 39. Nichole Matthews
    PWI 40. Serena Deeb
    PWI 43. Lexie Fyfe
    PWI 49. Jessie McKay
    +Christi Ricci
    +Cat Power
    +Becky Bayless
    +Lacey von Erich
    +Lena Yada
    +Lizzy Valentine
    +Lorelei Lei

  • jdcabltv

    hmmmmm…that is either bacon…or i smell a train wreck coming…LOL wink, good luck w/wrestlicious…surprised it isnt listed for LA…go figure..lol

  • Inferno

    thanx Mikas, however, i wish diva-dirt would find out the roster or wrestlicious.com would add a roster section on there website so us fans would know some of the characters before we see them.

  • Lady Sheamus

    That was nice of him to give an interview, and I think that it was good that he was quite clear about what to expect, lest people start to complain about the ratio of wrestling to “character development”. If the segments are as entertaining as the wrestling then that’s fine with me, in particular BECAUSE he told everyone from the get-go.

    Thanks for the list, Mikas! So glad there’s a lot of wrestlers I really like. :)

    6 hours is not too long to me considering the channel flipping or Tivo/DVR.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=726354725 Evan

    :D I know I’m gonna love Wrestlicious

  • Macho Madness

    he is only 19!!?

    wow! that is crazy!

  • vonVile

    Lana Star of WOW fame is on the far right in the picture. I also hear that Loca also from WOW is in it.

    Melanie, could you post an article listing all the syndicated stations?

  • Mikas

    “lest people start to complain about the ratio of wrestling to “character development”.”

    RAW and Impact usually have 20 minutes of wrestling in 2 hours. So if this show reaches 20 minutes (1/3) in 1 hour, that would actually be very impressive. So there isnt really much reason to complain.

  • https://twitter.com/anniluci Ana_Nattie_rules

    They apparently foccus most of the show on the entertainment, but I’m okay with it, if the few matches they have are good, which I think it will be. At least Im almost sure it would last more than the average WWE 3 minutes.

  • http://chris-sabin.com SuperGrrl

    So excited for this! I was a big GLOW fan back in the day lol

  • Lady Sheamus

    @Mikas – You know what I mean, though – that people will say things like “Well, this isn’t any better than [insert wrestling promotion here]“, because some people cannot NOT make a comparison whatever some new thing comes out. I realize that some “mainstream” (haha) wrestling as it is today is very heavy on the promos etc. and lighter on the matches. Some people always need a reason to complain so that’s what I mean.

  • Stphdonaldson

    I don’t think Sojo nor Nikki Roxx are signed ?

    But I’m glad to watch because I love LENA YADA !!! But the bad thing is Wrestlicious said she won’t be on till the 2nd Season and I’m not even sure when that’s supposed to be starting ? But I also love Erica D’Erico (Socialte Sierra Sheraton), Daizee Haze (Marley Sebastion), Lexie Fyfe (Fern from the Lunch Ladies), Jennifer Blake (Autumn Frost), Serena Deeb (Bookworm Paige Webb), Amber O’neal (Southern Belle Charlotte), Lacey (White Magic) , Rain (Felony), Mercedes Martinez (Maria Torro), and Lorelei Lee (Tyler Texas). They also annouced that they have a GIANT on the show like Figi or Big Bad Mama or Matilda used to be to GLOW or what Kong is to TNA…..who know’s it could be Kong since they were taped a while ago ? But I’m really excited to see the Skits and Wrestling.

  • Stphdonaldson


    Tyler Texas (Lorelei Lee)
    “Bookworm” Paige Webb (Serena Deeb)
    “Greek Goddess” Alexandra The Great (Miss Danyah)
    “Biker Chick” Kick-Flip Kitty (Model turned Wrestler)
    “Biker Chick” Kick-Start Katie (Model Turned Wrestler)
    Vampira (Daffney)
    Amber Lively (Madison Rayne
    Lacey Von Erich (As herself)
    “Showgirl” Vegas (Model turned wrestler)
    Ninja Yada (Lena Yada)
    Fern of the Lunch Ladies (Lexie Fyfe)
    Gert of the Lunch Ladies (Fantasia)
    “The Socialite” Sierra Sheraton (Erica D’Erico)
    “Ice Princess” Autumn Frost (Jennifer Blake)
    “Southern Belle” Charlotte (Amber O’Neal)
    Toni “The Top” Allegro (Nikki Tsugranes)
    Cousin Cassie (Model turned wrestler)
    Bootcamp Bailey (Model Turned wrestler)
    “The Spicy” Bandita (Manager of Maria Toro/Part-time wrestler [Model turned Wrestler] )
    Maria Torro (Mercedes Martinez)
    Shuana Na (Kristin Flake)
    Glory (Christie Ricci)
    Malibu Mackenzie (Lana Kinnear)
    Hope of “The School Girls” (Portia Perez)
    Faith of “The School Girls” (Nicole Matthews)
    Super Nova (Nikki Tsugranes)
    White Magic (1st one is Lacey, 2nd one Maria Santella)
    Maui (Maria Santella)
    Brooke Lynn (Becky Bayless)
    Jimmy’s Angels (Loca from WOW, Delta Lotta Pain from WOW, Lotus from WOW)
    Marley Sebastian (Daizee Haze)
    Lil Slamm (Model Turned wrestler)
    Candi Kisses (Lizzy Valentine)
    “80’s Rocker’s” Hell’s Belle’s (Models turned Wrestlers)
    Rhonda and Wanda “The BeBops” Shauna Na’s Managers and Partners (Models Turned wrestlers)
    The Naughty Girls Smashley and ??? ( [Parody of The Nasty Boys] Smashley is Brooke Carter, and I don’t know who her Partner is)
    Draculetta (Model Turned Wrestler)

    Tracy Taylor
    Bobbi Billard
    Hollywood (From GLOW)
    Little Egypt (From GLOW)
    Jessie McKay

    Sources: Wrestlicious’ Official Facebook and Youtube.

  • Stphdonaldson

    Lol, and NVM to the Sojo comment.

  • Jamal

    This should be awesome! I used to love the old GLOW which was total camp. And I am thankful that Wrestlicious is bringing in so many good workers and giving them jobs. There are so many talented women on the indys, busting their butts night after night, that it will be good to have some of them benefit from the exposure that a show like this can bring them.

  • Blacklighter05

    So is Diva Dirt gonna be doing recaps like they do with WWE and TNA?

  • Mikas

    Stphdonaldson wrote:
    “They also annouced that they have a GIANT on the show like Figi or Big Bad Mama or Matilda used to be to GLOW or what Kong is to TNA”

    It could be “Isis the Amazon”, she is 6’9″, you wont find any bigger giants in North America in womens wrestling. You hear her name a lot on indy forums nowadays, so she would be a good choice for Wrestlicious.

  • Inferno

    Ya it could be Isis the Amazon or maybe Primetime Amy Lee, are really the only big women wrestlers that are not signed to TNA or WWE (even thought they dont have one)

  • Stphdonaldson

    Oh yeah Isis, I seen her in a match live last April she’s pretty good, and Amy Lee would be a good choice as well. I also know theres a women that’s like Kong sized (though she can’t wrestle) and her name is Calypso, and SHIMMER also has a really tall talent named Melanie Cruise…so It could be any one of them.