Shad Gaspard Puts Over Divas, Says Eve Torres is ‘Hottest’

Cryme Tyme star Shad Gaspard had an abundance of compliments for our Divas, specifically Eve Torres and Lilian Garcia in a new interview with SLAM! Sports. He says:

“The hottest Diva right now in my opinion is Eve Torres. I also think Beth Phoenix is a gorgeous women, an Amazon — she is the perfect combination of sleek smooth muscles and intelligence. She’s not a prissy girl. She is all woman.”

Shad says he has a lot of love for one Diva in particular — former Raw ring announcer Lilian Garcia who recently left the company to start the next chapter of her life.

“Lilian has always been a good friend to me ever since I first came to WWE,” said Shad. “She always gave me great advice and would notice things I didn’t notice myself.”

“The first time she watched me walking out she came up to me afterward and said I looked like a little kid, so she told me to stand tall, puff my chest out, and I thought that was really nice of her.”

“She didn’t have to say anything to me at all. Lilian is a great person, a classy lady and I wish her the best of luck in her future.”

Nice to see one of the guys speak so highly of the Divas. Eve is definitely gorgeous, her eyes in particular are a huge selling point. Though perhaps I’m biased, but I think Layla is the perfect combination of sex appeal and beauty. She’s smokin’ hot!

Do you agree with Shad? Is Eve the hottest Diva in WWE right now?

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  • xmelissaa

    Lilian’s always seemed like a lovely person, so Shad’s comments are no surprise to me.
    I think all the divas are beautiful, but each have their different features. My ‘hottest’ divas would be Layla, Eve, Maria, and oddly enough for some people, my hottest is Natalya. I think she’s stunning, and that she comes across so well in her photoshoots.

  • baby

    I love Shad !

  • dan333

    I agree with him. I think Eve is the hottest diva in WWE at the moment.

  • KK4Ever

    I have to agree with Shad, Eve is stunning. But I mostly agree with his comments about Beth Phoenix, who in my opinion is not given enough credit for her beauty. She has an amazing body and the most striking face, her eyes and smile especially. People nowadays seem to think you have to be brunette and slim to be a “gorgeous diva” but that is not true.

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    I don’t think that Eve is the hottest, but I think she’s the most pretty, along with the Bellas. Being Hot and Pretty are different things, but luckily she has both.

    I actually agree with the Beth thing and in my opinion she is the hottest one. Just see her photoshoots. She reminds me of a greek Goddess, with beauty, intelligence and strenght. Natalya is also amazing, with that beautiful smile of her. Layla is gorgeous. But anyways most Divas are pretty and hot, so Im not going to comment on every single one of them.

  • randallsnow19

    I don’t think she is the hottest diva right now but she is close to the top of the list!!

  • mr_socko

    as a gay man, i think eve is absolutely the hottest diva. by some way. she’s stunning and has a fantastic figure. i don’t think any other diva comes close but i’d probably put kelly kelly second.

  • Kate

    I agree with him, Eve is absolutely beautiful (even without makeup). Not many women can pull that off. I would put Layla up there too though shes gorgeous. Not really a fan of anyone elses looks lol.

  • .MCH

    Eve looks like a tranny IMO. Her face is just weird and it’s a huge turnoff.

  • beau

    All of the divas are attractive, but no one compares to Alicia Fox. She far surpasses the rest. I would put Rosa next, back during the diva search days or during her stint in OVW. She was smoking hot with the black hair, and, regardless of her hair color or what kind of weave she has, she oozes sex appeal.

  • I <3 Maryse

    Eve is cute, but I wouldn’t say hot. I think Maryse, Michelle, and Maria are the hottest/prettiest. I’m glad he thinks that though :)

  • noahwamp

    I think that Michelle is a beautiful woman. Rosa has an exotic sexy look. Katie Lea & Savannah are also pretty.

  • Silver-Bout

    Awwh now that was nice of Shad! Kinda expected it tho? I mean wasn’t Eve running around with Cryme Thyme for a good few months?

    In my opinion Eve isn’t the hottest? She’s up there but not the hottest I dont think. For me Rosa is the best looking, but only with black hair! God shes a total 10 with dark hair so Maryse then? and Layla would be 3rd and then Eve and Melina somewhere up there too :D

  • cmd918

    its easy the diva so nice they named her twiced KELLY KELLY and MARYSE

  • Silver-Bout

    oh and Maria but all the Diva’s are realy good looking

  • mr_socko

    it’s funny how we can all have such different opinions on this. i find it hard to see how anyone can not think that eve is the most gorgeous!

    and as much as i love maryse, i think the more natural looking divas are prettier.

    I’d have to say though, that the hottest ever was definately Sable!

  • nachos

    Kelly has the ideal combo of youth, hottness, likeability, and all american look to appeal to middle america. Eve is just missing something to get fans into her. Too pretentious, and just dosent have that same damsel in distress appeal.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Eve is pretty damn hot! XD

    I agree with Melanie,though.Something about Layla is just so alluring….

    But,of course,I like me some latin spice!This is where Melina comes in,people…..

  • Jack5326

    Eve is hot, yet I’m not sure whether she’s the hottest, I’d probably say Beth, Maryse and Layla are hotter. Good comments from Shad, I always liked Lillian too so it’s good to see she’s not a bitch outside the ring LOL.

  • Jamal

    Vickie’s the hottest diva by far!

  • baby

    Laylas the hottest !

  • Glen

    Kelly Kelly is the most beautiful diva, I also find Melina to be interesting in a good way. I think Eve is very pretty. No offence to any Layla lovers, I just don’t see it but hey beauty IS in the eye of the beholder!

  • candice7000

    i do agree eve is the hottest. maryse is the sexiest. kelly and maria are tied for the prettiest. melina and mickie are the most beautiful. alicia is the cuttiest. and gail kim are is babest. layla is the most stunning. and michelle is the just simply flawless.

  • Lady Sheamus from Tokyo

    Agreed that “hot” “beautiful” “pretty” “sexy” etc. all have different and distinct meanings. Eve has the best body but she is rather bland personality. I agree that KK is the prettiest, in a generic All-American way that people seem to love/identify best (though not me :P – boring!); that’s not to take away from her because she is definitely the top. Nothing against her but Melina is more handsome than beautiful (in the old way that women were called handsome). I think Alicia Fox has the potential to be red-hot if she could put it on properly. She has that particular spice that could make it work. Anybody has to have both the body and the cerebral skills to be hot. So A.Fox, get to work!

  • johnny

    I think the best looking are Eve,Layla and Alicia