Possible Spoiler for Tonight’s Live Impact

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TNA is expected to crown new Knockouts Tag Team Champions tonight after one half of the champions, Awesome Kong came to terms with TNA management on her release from the company. It is likely that tonight will be Kong’s last appearance for TNA. The Beautiful People are said to be front runners to win the belts on the live episode of Impact.
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  • mickiezDragon

    Not meaning to be critical here, but, should this be considered a “spoiler”? A “tag team” usually consists of at least 2 people…

    Seriously though, it will be a pleasant change from the Diva’s action, or lack thereof. on RAW…

  • http://ultra-fox.com/ Erwin

    Why do I have a feeling Raw Divas might bring the action tonight lol ?

    But anyways I figured they would but hopefully its not TBP but whatever.

  • theregoeskitty

    i did expect this to be tonights match
    :( gonna miss Kong
    what the hell happened to Saritaylor? it feels like both knockouts have been MIA for a long time

  • Inferno

    I also read that ex porn star, turned wrestler Trina Michaels is also backstage at TNA, it is unkown if she will be appearing or having a try out or if she is just visiting friends. Since she is good friends with Mick Foley, and he wanted to bring her in this summer.

  • TheHartDynasty

    Really, who seriously cares TNA is gonna be slashed by wwe tonight and in the future and to give the titles to The Beautiful People will be no shock, ever since Hulk Hogan and Eric Bishoff have come into the picture of TNA, TNA has become a crap fest. TNA will be pushed back to Thursday nights after the ratings come in and show that wwe is going to be kicking there butts. Also if Awsome Kong is leaving the company the most dominate Knockout and possibly wrestler in the free world i think TNA Knockout action will stand right beside Raw Diva Action as a crap fest.

  • charlierogue26

    I wont mind it if it’s a three way match.

    Konada vs SariTaylor vs The Beautiful People with TBP picking up a fluke win, say Sarita takes out Hamada, Velvet breaks it up and pins Hamada for the title. Then we can go on with another SariTaylor/TBP feud. And Maybe have Hamada pick up a new partner…I don’t really know who.

    I’m still pretty sad about Kong leaving though. :( I really wish it wasn’t happening. Really really wish.

  • charlierogue26

    @TheHartDynasty I agree. Ever since Bitchoff and Hogan returned I have thought the same thing. However I don’t think The Knockouts could ever put on worse matches than the Raw Diva matches. Even the Angelina-Madison two Minute match was better than the Divas Title Match between Gail and Maryse.

  • Mikas

    Not a surprise that she has to drop the title first in order to get a release. She will probably get cleanly pinned by Velvet Sky or Lacey! Which is kinda ridiculous, but understandable from TNA’s point of view.

  • Mikas

    “TNA will be pushed back to Thursday nights after the ratings come in and show that wwe is going to be kicking there butts.”

    They only need to score a 1.2+ rating in order to be “succesfull”. Although it’s a live show, so higher production costs, so let’s say 1.5+ WWE will definately crush them, especially in the wrestlemania build-up, but unlike the WWE they dont NEED to win. WWE on the other hand must score 3.5+ or else the shareholders will panic.

  • charlierogue26

    @Mikas OMG! I hope not! If she gets cleanly pinned by Velvet Sky I think I may die…o.O

  • TheHartDynasty

    charlierogue26 yeah maybe i went to far with that, Raw Divas matches are way worse and thankfully someone agrees with me. Its just fell like the whole show for me is just not as exciting as it was before they came abored. Honestly at first it felt like TNA was a show that pushed young talent and showed them as Main eventers but now it fells like there being thrown to the curb so they can show more of Hulk Hogan ( who seriously needs to go away) and Ric Flair. I fell like i am watching an AARP commericial about wreslters.

  • Macho Madness

    sad =(

    but if anyone is going to win, I’m glad it’s the beautiful people ;-) makes the most sense.

    really? you think the raw divas will bring the action with their pillow fights? please.

  • charlierogue26

    @TheHartDynasty Baha. I feel the same way!! I really wish TNA would go back to three Knockout Segments(1 Promo and 2 Matches) and forget about the old guys. I also wish TNA would step it up with their men again too. I used to watch TNA because I liked the whole product…now I can barely watch part of an episode without wanting to claw my eyes out. *Wishful Thinking* Here’s to a decent match at least. if Kong has to go out I want it to be a kick ass match! Maybe a street fight for the Tag Titles? Or a Ladder Match? Falls Count Anywhere? Please TNA do something useful! PLEASE!!

  • Cyndi

    Isn’t something big post to happen in the first five mins?

  • Holbrook

    I would actually like to see a three way tag team match between The Beautiful People, Saritaylor and Angelina Love and Tara with Love and Tara picking up the win. imo,?

  • Kaledrina

    ya know, i’d be pretty okay with velvet and madison picking up the belts. they may not bring the talent (not so much madison, she’s pretty more than okay) but they do bring the ratings. if this does happen, two things:

    where does this leave the beautiful people/ angelina feud? will she get a partner (hamada? tara if she loses the belt to daffney?) and go after the tag titles?

    and secondly, i really hope they don’t do a wwe and punish kong with a clean pinfall.

    it’s sad.. really sad, kong leaving is definitely the end of an era. gail kim was the frontline, kong was the back bone.

  • Kaledrina

    just realised, if this does go ahead, we should be getting two matches tonight! tara vs somebody definitely has to be on tonight. right? also, taylor wilde is at the impact zone, according to her twitter.. hopefully her and sarita will be back on tv soon :)

  • Macho Madness

    its going to be Lacey Von Erich and Madison Rayne representing the beautiful people tonight. Just found that out on the pre-show.

  • NT86

    Wake me when SmackDown’s on, on Friday. There’s bound to be more interesting Diva related stuff than RAW or Impact.

    The Knockouts division is done, thanks to that selfish bitch Dixie Carter. It’s easy to blame Hogan and Bischoff for severely scaling down on the women (we know, they’re sexist pigs) but Dixie sat silently while these two RUIN the entire damn product, bringing in all their cripple WCW friends with crappy storylines. 15 years on, the Nasty Boys are getting TV time AND matches. It’s crap like that which will never make TNA look like competition to WWE. But Dixie has been totally complicit to all this BS, as she’s not had the spine to stand up against them.

    I love how she said “we’re gonna make history”…. by bringing in all the has beens and never was wrestlers. She talks like she’s something important to wrestling. But in one fell swoop, Hogan and Bischoff are running her OWN company. She is naive if she didn’t think this would happen when she signed Hogan.

    And thanks to her letting Hogan bring in that worthless waste of slug Bubba the Love Sponge, the end result is losing one of the best women wrestlers. It’s amazing how it took 2 years for them to cripple this division. It gave women’s wrestling fans something to cheer about, and now Dixie’s stupid decisions have left it in a hurting state. And the better talents like Sarita, Taylor and Hamada have been on the sidelines for ages now. When the division was at its peak, virtually every Knockout got some airtime.

  • B Fizzle

    If Lacey and Madison are representing the Beautiful People tonight I find it more likely that they’ll walk away with the gold.

  • karl

    This wouldn’t surprise me at all seeing as the beautiful people are the only knockouts we really see anymore.
    If they get the belts i think they will be used more for show and braging rights and i doubt where going to see many tag title matches…..kinda the same as now really.