Exclusive: Alissa Flash on TNA Departure, Zipper Gimmick, SHIMMER Title & More

As professional wrestling’s Future Legend, Melissa Anderson has wowed crowds in ChickFight, SHIMMER, NCW Femme Fatales and in other promotions worldwide. In TNA, we came to know and love her as the mysterious Raisha Saeed before catching another side of her as Alissa Flash. As Saeed, Melissa managed Awesome Kong to two Knockouts Title reigns and in just a few short months as Flash, Melissa gave us great matches with the likes of Sarita and Hamada before she disappeared from television in late 2009.

When we broke the news of Alissa’s TNA departure in January, fans were incredibly upset to see the talented Knockout leave the company. But now, Melissa is ready to speak for the first time on why she left and discusses some of the highlights of her TNA run. We also get her thoughts on returning to SHIMMER in April, Wrestlicious and WWE. Plus what was with the zipper going up and down?

Being a Future Legend is a 24/7 lifestyle so unfortunately, Melissa could only spare a quick chat this time. But never fear, we hope to have more with Melissa in the near future, so stay tuned!

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Melissa will be attending the prestigious Cauliflower Alley Club reunion in April. For more information please visit www.caulifloweralleyclub.org.

Follow Melissa on Twitter: @FutureLegendCF

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  • theregoeskitty

    loved the interview, and I’m glad to finally know what the zipper thing was about haha

  • KOClaire

    I’m so glad to hear she’d go back to TNA or even go into WWE if she felt like the time was right, I hope we do see her again some time in the future because she’s such a great wrestler and entertainer.
    I agree with you Melanie btw, the segment on the bleachers with Hamada was great, one of the best backstage beatdowns I’ve ever seen in TNA.

  • https://twitter.com/anniluci Ana_Nattie_rules

    WWE should really hire her. And I hope she gets the title. I liked her opinion about Wrestlicious and i thought she is a very nice person.

    Its good to see that she’s open minded about both TNA and WWE. That’s really wise from her and someone like Melissa would do wonders for WWE. They are in need for good wrestlers who can carry over the newbies, especially on RAW. The only thing that made me sad in her TNA run was the fact that she wasn’t well used.

  • molly4ever

    I think she is an amazing wrestler and a amazing person. And yay she would like to wrestle for WWE.

  • NT86

    Enjoyable interview! You managed to get a lot into 12-13 minutes. She seems quite happy with her current situation. Though her TNA run is over for now, it’s good that promotions like SHIMMER have become accessible by way DVD so that we can see the likes of Melissa compete at a top level without the restraints of television. Hope she does do a few ROH matches with Del Rey.

  • Zephyr5326

    Never mind the ‘Zipper’ gimmick, looks like she’s got Zack Ryder’s ‘You Know It’ gimmick because Melissa loves saying that lol! Awesome interview though in all seriousness, yet I knew she wouldn’t say anything regarding Kong (good try though Melanie) and why should she, the interview was about her lol. Can’t wait to here more, I’d love to see Melissa in WWE or TNA (again) or possible doing a column on DD, that would be amazing, even though she never mentioned it, but we can all dream haha.

  • JohnHype

    I hope the SHIMMER Office heard that!

  • Weirddork

    I loved the interview :]
    and i do hope she goes to wwe soon.

  • bortman

    you….. know….. lol :D

    would like to see her @ WWE actually. gail vs melissa perhaps.

    • http://www.diva-dirt.com Melanie

      Thanks guys! Know it was a short chat but we’re going to hopefully have lots more with Melissa here at DD so it’s not a one-and-done deal.

  • Kaledrina

    it probably is a bit selfish of me, but i would actually be against melissa going to wwe. a watered down moveset and having to wrestle people who can’t keep up with her wouldn’t be too great. plus, she wouldn’t be as involved with diva dirt as she has been ;)

  • xmelissaa

    Great interview. Melissa (great name, btw… :D) comes across as being really down to earth, and it’s good to hear she’s not against being involved in some of the ‘major’ companies again.

  • RKOyou

    WWE won’t hire her. She’s had a couple of try-out matches in the past and WWE just wasn’t interested. She’s been famous in the indies for YEARS and she’s been in TNA for 2 years so WWE could have always offered her a contract but they didn’t so it’s clear they don’t want her. She’s also been out of TNA for 2 months now so if WWE wanted her, they would’ve jumped on her the second she left

    I’m glad she’s open to return to TNA, I do see her returning in the future and fullfilling her destiny of becoming a future legend

  • RKOyou

    theirs no doubt in my mind that of Alissa stayed in TNA, she would get a push after Daffney. Look at Daffney, she was a jobber that was going no where and after being patient, she’s now finally getting a great push for the title and her storyline with Tara has been amazing so far. TNA knows how to treat talent but sometimes, some of those great talents need to wait a while until the time is right. Alissa may have lost majority of her matches but she was used a lot and her matches made her popular with the crowd and even announcers were putting her over.

    i’ll say it again, if she had stayed, I know honestly think she would be next in line to take on Tara

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    I Agree With RKOyou….

    If WWE wanted to hire her then they would of already not like if for example madison or velvet left TNA then most wrestling fans would know that WWE would make sure to hire them because WWE wants eye candy not amazing wrestlers like alissa.

  • ReyStyle94

    Can anyone get a ‘you know’ count? She must’ve said it like 50+ times.

    OK interview, she didn’t really say much but I guess she probably couldn’t anyway. I saw questions that were unanswered such as the “who would you like to face?” and I thought that would’ve been interesting to see who she’d like to face in the ‘E. Nonetheless, good interview but there wasn’t much we didn’t already know.

  • JaiRate86

    Great interview. I wonder if there will be a chance for her to answer our questions at some point. TNA is not the same without her!

  • delosts

    Great interview Melanie! Melissa is awesome, not surprised she wouldnt comment on the Awesome Kong/TNA thing, probably best she didnt. I could def see WWE hiring her, nothing is ever cut and dry in wrestling. i.e. no one ever thought bret would go back to wwe, or that wendi ritcher would be in the hall of fame. but it looks like melissa’s got a busy plate with Shimmer and Australia and what not. good for her.

  • ssilva872

    Pretty good interview but I SOOO agree with ReyStyle94. At once point “You know” was after ever word.

    She should take a speaking class because it really helps cut down on the # of “filler” words you use since most people don’t think about it as it is happening.

    Still I enjoyed it. Very glad to see that she is open to going to WWE or back to TNA. I would prefer WWE but they are taking a while to scoop her up. I think it would be awesome if her and Kong came as to WWE together. That would be great.

  • RKOyou

    LaceyVonErichFan- Madison can wrestler, go watch her in shimmer, she’s amazing and not eye candy. velvet is the one who can’t wrestler and is just there for her looks.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Haha.What a great interview,especially with the amount of time you guys were allowed!I really like Melissa….she just feels REAL to me.

    And it’s funny how my best friend’s name is Melissa too. :) Haha.

  • Looking Glass

    LVEFan, that’s a bit of a misguided comment. I mean did you know that Velvet tried out for a Diva Search and didn’t even make it past the opening stages? WWE had a whole room full of ‘model types’ and she didn’t even pass that grade. I think the rule with WWE is that they don’t necessarily need to talent poach from TNA as TNA are simply a ripple in the water right now, as much as I’d love to see her pop up in WWE, I just don’t think its WWE’s style to bring in a new character straight from TNA, just because they were in TNA. I mean Christian and Gail Kim were previously in WWE, Lance Hoyt has had a lot of repackaging into Vance Archer, if WWE were going to hire her they wouldn’t do it just because TNA released her 2 minutes ago.

    Nice interview, sad not all the questions were asked, it was interesting but it just felt like there was that usual pressure of being professional and open, just in case a return is on the cards in the future- regardless of how good or bad things were. All the same though, I love Melissa can’t wait to see more from her.

  • KOClaire

    @RKOYou If Velvet couldn’t wrestle I doubt she’d have won the 8 indies titles she has.
    And just btw, and I’m not saying this to be nasty so I hope you take it the right way, I just have to tell you that it’s impossible to “wrestler”, someone can be a wrestler, they can’t “wrestler”. The word is wrestle.