Impact Feedback: March 15th, 2010

Tonight’s Impact isn’t live, but it’s still another head-to-head battle with Raw. Tune in at 9/8ct on Spike TV, and read spoilers for the show here.

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  • appleman58

    i wonder how the wwe star feel knowing if they have done anything of notice in wwe they can be a atar in tna

  • Lady Sheamus

    I resent seeing the Nasty Boys, Hogan/Bischoff, and Co. on the screen whenever they show them! :( But I was glad to see Brother Runt! Hope the Angelina match is good – and a decent length!

  • Kaledrina

    oh, crap. just remembered it’s on an hour earlier (for me) than usual. oopsie.

  • sugarrush28

    I love Daffney and i’m glad she’s getting her time to shine

  • Lady Sheamus

    Glad to see Daff and she looks great in green. Can’t say I like her helping TBP – I’d rather she be focused on Tara, because if this is a lead-in to turning Daffney into a TBP clone I’ll be super-mad! But I realize she was likely only trying to draw Tara out. Still, though…scary thought.

  • B Fizzle

    Eh, sounded better on paper.

  • Sexualseduction08

    ah i was hoping for a match between daffney and angelina

  • Macho Madness

    utterly disgusted with TNA tonight. How do they honestly think that show could compete with RAW? Only good thing will probably be AJ vs Hardy.

    As much as I love TNA, and don’t like WWE that much these days, impact has sucked so bad so far.

    TNA needs to be young, hip, fresh, fun, exciting…not Hogan and friends

    I’m not a TNA hater, I love TNA…I just don’t know what they are thinking and am pretty pissed because I know they can be better then this.

    I wish I could go a just overview their script and point out what needs to be redone/fixed. They really need a fresh mind in there.

  • Looking Glass

    I don’t hate TNA either, but it seems they’ve taken 1 step forward in making the show look professional, graphics etc. and less like some cell phone recorded hobo fight and then 100 steps back by making it hip op than the hip and fresh Macho Madness is talking about. I mean seeing old stars is great once in a while, hence why so many will tune in to see Steve Austin again, but seriously one every week with a MAJOR company announcement? It loses its luster, not to mention the fact that the booking is hideous, random and kills the effects of those they’ve pushed up until the Hogan era.

    As for Lady Sheamus thinking Daffney might be given a makeover, didn’t they say it was for one night only? It is sort of given, seeing as you know they’re using Daffney for their own dirty work. Plus, I need a week of from Tara, yeah she’s wonderful etc. but there’s too much of a good thing sometimes and it seems like the Knockouts division has just been Tara and TBP for too long now.

  • Lady Sheamus

    @Macho Madness – I feel the same way.

    I hate the ramp to the ring (and I won’t go into the ring itself). I just feel so irritated to think that if they hadn’t done all that talking we could have seen some more matches. I wish they did have a X-Division/Knockouts show separately. And this Abyss/Hogan thing – Abyss is too good to be some Hogan-protege or whatever he’s supposed to be. Smfh! This Flair/AJ Styles thing is EFFING ridiculous! The reason I say so is because they don’t NEED Hogan/Flair – they’re already freakin’ WELL established! Hope this match is good, at least.

    @Looking Glass – I didn’t say they would DO that, I said I hope they wouldn’t do something like that – it seems like they’re flipping a lot of people recently so I’m acknowledging that it would be a scary thought. Wish TNA would show Hamada and Saritaylor, ODB, etc. I could go without seeing Tara/TBP for a while, too, just if it meant seeing some of the other Knockouts.

  • Looking Glass

    Daffney being beautified may benefit both storylines but in the long run it’d murder Daffney as a character, a bit like Jillian’s gimmick, it was funny to begin with but when they die down, no one can be bothered to adjust anything and they just fade away. I can’t believe how far ODB’s fallen, I mean to me she feels like the new original Knockouts despite the fact Angelina and Velvet etc. arrived on the same night, but regardless they built her up loads and she’s just jobbed out now, she’s rarely booked and whenever Sarita and Taylor show up it just feels like they’ve stopped by or were in the neighborhood – like an uncle or aunt you might see once or twice a year.

    Also, Hamada who? lol. Oh right yeah her.

    Its weird isn’t it how it seems the ‘better looking’ (I’m not saying any of the others aren’t good looking) girls with alright-good wrestling skills are dominating the screens whilst more masculine figures like ODB and Hamada have been sidelined. I know people will say Daffney’s not necessarily model type, but she’s got WCW routes…that’s all you need in TNA these days.

  • Lady Sheamus

    @Looking Glass – I noticed that too! That they want to use the “sexiest (and most recognizable) Knockouts” the most. :(

  • Lady Sheamus

    and to continue my point, it perplexes me that people would rather be bored watching bad~mediocre matches so long as the wrestlers are “hot” as opposed to matches that are good/intense/actual matches, etc. I think all the Knockouts are hot, each in their own way, but what I care about is that they can actually wrestle. TNA has too much talent to waste by having only one show. If they ever do decide to make another one, it should be focused on the Knockouts and X-Division ONLY! No Hogan and his cronies!

  • Mikas

    Tara vs Daffney announced for the PPV. I kinda feel that they are rushing things. It only started a few weeks ago, so you can’t even call it a feud yet. I’m afraid Daffney is just getting pinned again and then they move on to the next storyline. But i hope i’m wrong and we will see Daffney as next Knockout champion.

    But personally i think it would’ve made more sense to get closure to the Angelina-vs-TBP feud first so they could’ve build Daffney/Tara a little bit further in the meantime.

  • Looking Glass

    I guess, we can finally call TNA hypocrites then? I’ll probably get someone pick me up on that now :P But with Sarita and Taylor, I seriously think they don’t know what to do with them other than make them back up contenders for the KO Tag titles. Either that or they don’t like their Knockouts having too complex move-sets like they and Hamada both do. It wouldn’t suprise me if TNA’s Knockout policy went like that these days.

  • Mikas

    “TNA has too much talent to waste by having only one show. If they ever do decide to make another one, it should be focused on the Knockouts and X-Division ONLY! No Hogan and his cronies!”

    They definately need a second show. But if you focus it only on the knockouts and the x-division you have a risk that a lot of viewers dont watch it. It’s the same with WCW Thunder in the past. It had lots of Cruiserweight action, and they even tried to create a womens division with Madusa and Akira Hokuta. But that show didnt really go anywhere. It’s like ECW recently. Take away the big stars and the casual wrestling fan stops caring.

  • The Crying Light

    What Hogan and friends are doing to TNA is pathetic. Seriously. I agree with majority of the sentiments here. Those old men need to face the reality: their era is over and they are over staying their welcome. It’s nice to have them every once in a while the same way it’s nice to reminisce with old songs. But if you have them regularly like this, not only do they lose their appeal and unveil their inadequacies… they also spoil the product they’re supposed to be giving way to. I wouldn’t be surprised if their antics ruin TNA the way they ruined WCW. Heck, in some twisted part of my brain, I wouldn’t even be surprised if the WWE sent the old boys to ruin TNA.

  • Lady Sheamus

    @ Mikas – Even as I say that about the X-Division/Knockouts show, there are some who primarily/only watch Impact for them I also agree that casual wrestling fans’ll need some more “big names” in order to be drawn in. It’s fine with me IF Hogan/Bischoff (oh, how I hate typing those names) and Co. WERE NOT on there. Some Kurt Angle, some Samoa Joe and AJ Styles, etc (e.g. TNA talent) – so long as the X-Division and the Knockouts get the primary shine. :) Would be sweet!

    @ The Crying Light – Many people expect as much, that WWE is somehow involved.