WWE Superstars Spoilers: March 18th, 2010

Spoilers for this Thursday’s edition of WWE Superstars are in. Click ‘show’ to view them:

* The Bella Twins b. Jillian & Katie Lea. (Source: WrestlingNewsWorld.com)
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  • Goodnightddtmnm

    Is there ever a freaking dull moment were jillian and katie lea could win a match… I kan never understand this freaking company how could u make ur superstars loose so much… This is really annoying…. IDC Im gonna say katie & Jillian won screw the bellas…

  • PedroPedroso17

    Baby I swear it’s Deja Vu!

  • Bdawg0701


  • TrishMelinaFan

    Whatevs, the Bellas suck, ok, not completely, but they do sort of bore me in the ring.

    Besides, we all know Katie and Jillian are 1 million times better than the Bellas!!

  • Sexualseduction08

    Havent i seen this before

  • Matt

    Why don’t they keep a recording of this one on hand and just show it every couple of months as necessary already?

  • sugarrush28

    I’m not going to judge until I see it. I thought their last outing was pretty good and worth watching. I do wish the WWE would throw Jillian a bone once in awhile though. Katie did atleast get a win this year.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    sugarrush-When was that?

  • Mikas

    “I kan never understand this freaking company how could u make ur superstars loose so much”

    Whats there to NOT understand? Every wrestling promotion needs a few jobbers to make people look good. Jillian and Katie are there to job, just like TNA has (had) Sojo, Melissa and Daffney. In the past we had Molly, Jacqueline and Victoria to make rookies look goed. WWE tried to give Jillian and Katie a push after they made their debut, but the crowd didnt care, so the push was over and now they are stuck jobbing.

  • Alana.G

    lol who let the Bellas get another in ring wrestling allowance for the yea? Don’t spoil them to much WWE.

  • sugarrush28

    TrishMelinafan it was on a Superstars episode when Katie teamed with Alicia against Kelly and Eve.

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    im ok with the bellas winning even though jillian & katie would really win but i love the bellas so im happy they won :D

    but WWE is starting to bore me with the same matches over and over we seen maryse vs kelly like 4 times alreadyy

    at least it could of been alicia & rosa vs The Bellas we never seen tht or Jillian & Alicia vs The Bellas just change bit!

  • Looking Glass

    I don’t mind the Bellas winning etc. though I do prefer Katie Lea and Jillian, but at least it silences my rant that the Bellas don’t do anything, they’ve done more already than the whole of last year and they’re getting more of a spark, for example Brie’s attack on Maryse in the tournament. However, I just hope this wasn’t a switcheroo, because I got bored of that after the Bashams, I don’t need a female equivalent.

    Plus, the problem with the match is it never springs from anywhere for the Divas, it’s such random booking- I assume because its filmed with Raw, so it doesn’t double up- but it’d be nice to see a match that made sense, like segments on Superstars rather than just the same old routine. I agree though I’d like to see Rosa back in the ring as much as people hate her.

  • KatieLeaMinion


    i’m tired of this lame crowd reaction excuse…they also push divas like Eve who gets more less reactions then they get.

    And also it is something the WWE writers can build up with storylines. This argument is just lame.

  • Mikas

    KatieLeaMinion: “And also it is something the WWE writers can build up with storylines. This argument is just lame.”

    It might be lame, but it’s reality. Sometimes WWE tries to push the none-models, but when they see they dont get a good reaction they quickly drop the storyline. As a big Katie Lea fan i naturally hope Katie Lea gets more opportunities to show what she can do, but thats not how WWE works.

  • Looking Glass

    Mikas I agree with you partially on your comment, but there’s aspects I disagree with. WWE is always pitching storylines etc. whether its main or mini feuds, therefore your argument about Katie Lea and Jillian failing to impress after their debut is void, Katie Lea gained massive heat in her feud with Mickie and Jillian was adored/hated during her face and heel stints leading up to her singing gimmick which went stale.

    The reason why they’re jobbing is because writers are too busy pushing the same old to risk breaking the status quo or repackaging stars like Jillian and Katie Lea which could be risky and expensive. I agree everywhere needs ‘enchancement talent’ as WWE would prefer to call it, but I disagree with your reasons why they’re selected as jobberettes.

    Plus, Molly jobber? Jacqueline? They weren’t consistant jobbers with long losing streaks, but I agree they were the likes of those who made their opponents look good regardless of the outcome.

    I miss Sojourner and Alissa :(

  • KatieLeaMinion


    But they also push superstars and divas without reactions. Eve gets nothing. Sheamus had no real reactions. The crowd is still dead when McIntyre comes.

    and so on

    this can’t be the real reason. If they WANT to build them up, they can.

    And in Katie Lea’s case, she never got a chance to connect with the fans. They threw her in a title match, without building her up, and then made her a jobber. “Great” work by WWE :/

  • Mikas

    “But they also push superstars and divas without reactions. Eve gets nothing. Sheamus had no real reactions. The crowd is still dead when McIntyre comes.”

    They use different standards for wrestlers. Eve, Kelly Kelly and Maryse etc are all very young, at the start of their career, so if they dont get a reaction WWE is much more patient than someone like Jillian or Katie who are in their late 20s and who dont have the standard model look. Also WWE expects more from the veterans. If Maryse messes up they usually ignore it, but if Gail or Jillian make a mistake their pushes are instantly cancelled (see: Gail’s infamous match against Mickie James).

    And Sheamus gets no reaction? Maybe in the first few weeks of his title reign, but right now he gets tons of heat. Drew McIntyre is also starting to get some heat lately, not much yet though, but the crowd doesnt really know him yet (fault of the writers).

  • Looking Glass

    Gail’s push was cancelled when she went to Raw, plus wasn’t that match Mickie’s botch not Gail’s?

  • baby

    well if the crowd doesn’t care about katie what do you want the WWE to do ? good the bellas ! fresh new faces, & they actually care about improving.

  • Looking Glass

    Baby thats such a crappy comment, how can you say the Bellas care about improving as opposed to Jillian or Katie Lea? Or am I to think you now carry a crystal ball and a pack of tarot cards?

  • jcristo

    i actually like the bellas i hope the match is at least decent though i would like to see katie and jillian at least get a win to be fair sided..

  • Zephyr5326

    Probably will be a rubbish match, and we’ve seen it all before, yet the Bellas did decent in this fixture last time so they might put on a good match aswell here. Hwever like LaceyVonErichFan said it would have been just that bit more original with a heel team other than Katie and Jillian.

  • ahlanthony

    This looks soooo exciting! NOT!!!!

  • dan333

    Haven’t we seen this match already? It seems whenever The Bellas are not being escorts for the Guest Hosts then they are either doing a stupid backstage segment or having a match