FCW Watch: AJ Lee vs Naomi Night (‘Queen of FCW’ Crown)

It’s time for some FCW love once again! This week, we’re catching up with an episode from two weeks ago [whoops] when AJ Lee defended the Queen of FCW crown in a match against the fairly new, Naomi Night. The brash new Diva and former Orlando Magic dancer has been on quite a roll in FCW of late and it seemed like a matter of time before she’d lock horns with the more experienced Queen of FC-Dub. How did she do? Let’s find out…

The early half of the match was controlled by Lee very well, despite only being in FCW for a short time, her experience on the independents certainly helps. She has a great ring presence and looked very natural in carrying her opponent and making them both look great. Going back to her early FCW matches, I think she’s found her feet in the WWE style and is much more confident in the ring these days and has much more fire whenever we see her, not dissimilar from a certain three-time Women’s Champ.

In the second act shall we call it, most of Night’s work in this match saw her keeping Lee grounded with some safe, if a little bland, submission moves. Though it’s perhaps best not to get too technical as she’s still green but I’m not sure, I feel we’ve seen more out of her and she could’ve put more in.

Once Lee took back control for the third act, she again looked great. As JR would call them, she had very ‘educated feet’ and hit some lovely kicks and front dropkicks. Her finisher, the standing sliced bread, is definitely unique and fun to watch — love the originality there [well, as original as wrestling can be]. Let’s hope she hangs onto that one.

All in all, the match was very much about AJ Lee and I guess since her crown was on the line, that makes sense. She did a great job and looked awesome in the ring. I hope she finds herself on the main roster soon.

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  • https://twitter.com/anniluci Ana_Nattie_rules

    I love AJ. She needs to get promoted soon, but i think that will happen in the next season of NXT.

  • Kaledrina

    ^ i really do hope the next season of nxt is about the divas. not only is it great exposure for the “newbies” but it’d give wwe the opportunity to give the already known divas time to establish different personalities – assuming the divas will be the mentors. unfortunately i don’t see it happening.

    i wonder if any more releases are due soon with it being wrestlemania time? i get the feeling they’ll have to cut a couple of girls before anybody new is called up.

  • https://twitter.com/anniluci Ana_Nattie_rules

    Kaledrina: Yeah, I fear it to. And the worst part is that they’ll probably release Katie Lea. Besides her, the only ones I see being released are the Bellas or Rosa Mendes. Jillian is not in this list because she’s on the company for awhile and can be considered a “veteran”.

  • Andre

    This was a decent match solid work by both ladies, AJ is pretty much ready for the big leagues, she’s a good worker and can only get better as time goes on, She has a nice look and decent move set. I liked the enzuigiri by Naomi, looked wicked and AJ sold it well. I’m troubled by Naomi’s attire and overall look, I love braids on African American women when done right, but the micro braids don’t frame her face properly at all, thicker braids would work. I’m also upset that her last name is still “Night” being that she’s dark skinned that’s wrong on so many levels.

    There’s also a promo on youtube from this same show that was cut by Tiffany and Serena which is worth a look.

  • Andre

    wanted to add that i for one don’t mind rest holds and an emphasis on basic moves, as real wrestling skill is somewhat of a lost art nowadays, I’d like to see more girls stick to and learn how to work a match with rest holds, basics, grapples, smooth transitions, catch as catch can. Instead of focusing on moves that make people in attendance yell and jump up whoop and holler, flashiness will only take you so far.


    These two are the future for sure! They both put on an awesome match & i loved that flying kick from Naomi. In this match I think they both put in the same amount of work so I’m a bit confused about the ”AJ carrying Naomi” statement if you could please explain Melanie :). Other than that great match. Can anyone else sense when AJ is called up in the near-future she’ll be thrusted into a fued with LayCool & they’ll totally tease her about her height? Just seems like something they’d do. Haha look towards the future i guess! ;)

  • B Fizzle

    I love Naomi Night, she cracks me up and I like her music.

    @ Andre – Yeah, I thought the promo between Tiffany and Serena was really good.

  • dan333

    This is the first time that I have seen AJ Lee, and I have to say she is better then 3/4 of the divas in WWE.

    I think AJ Lee looks like Melina and I wouldn’t be shocked if someday down the line AJ comes into WWE playing as Melina’s kayfabe sister.

  • Joshualc77

    Hey does anyone know who the new blonde diva(Jamie Keyes) is on the FCW Roster??

  • astrozombie50

    I’m almost positive that AJ will be an instant fan favorite if and when she gets called up. She’s got an interesting look and she’d do a wonderful job in playing the underdog role.

  • jcristo

    Naomi’s Jumping Enzugiri kick is NASTY everytime she executes it! And the longer WWE keeps her in FCW the better she will get just like Alicia.

    I LOVE AJ LEE! I loved that variation of the standing sliced bread and her dropkicks and clothelines are so clean.

    The crowd however SUCKED! Would it kill them to cheer at all the match was not bad at all…

  • DivasAreBetter

    @iLUVMARYSE Definitely a NO-NO. Layla is not that tall to diss AJ’s height. LOL

    I like the match, both girls did their own job. It is really good to see AJ in the ring.

  • Diva

    Great match for FCW…Better than the latest Raw’s ones…I hope to see these the Divas on Nxt!!!