Hall of Fame Hopefuls: Four Women WWE Should Induct

Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is one of the most prestigious honors a wrestler can achieve and in this business there is no bigger Hall of Fame than that of the WWE’s. Over the years, many amazing superstars of the sport have enjoyed their night including three of wrestling’s most talented women. The Fabulous Moolah, Sherri Martel, and Mae Young have all enjoyed getting immortalized in the WWE Hall of Fame and this year, Wendi Ritcher will have the same privilege. Ritcher’s accomplishments certainly speak for themselves and every Diva fan will enjoy watching on Saturday as Wendi Ritcher takes her rightful place among wrestling’s elite. Wendi Ritcher isn’t the only one with the credentials to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. We’ve seen many women come and go over the years and quite a few have made enough of an impact to be considered Hall of Fame worthy. This column is going to take a look at who could potentially be the next four women to enter into the WWE Hall of Fame. Three of these should be a given, one is a bit of a long shot. All of them have reasons as to why they could be considered Hall of Fame material.

Joanie “Chyna” Laurer’s chances of getting into the WWE Hall of Fame range slightly higher than unlikely. With Vince McMahon proving he can bury the hatchet with people he’s had problems with in the past, Chyna could very well end up in the Hall of Fame someday. She was one of the biggest Superstars, male or female, of the Attitude Era, and she was the true definition of sexy, smart, and powerful. Chyna was one of the first WWE Divas to grace to pages of Playboy and she was also the first Diva to break down the gender barriers in World Wrestling Entertainment. She debuted for the company in February of 1997 after being pursued by both WCW and WWE. Chyna started off as a mere valet/bodyguard to Hunter Hearst Helmsley and eventually became a part of Degeneration X. When her DX days were over, Chyna emerged as a singles star and became the first woman to ever compete in the Royal Rumble, hold the Intercontinential Championship, and qualify for the King of the Ring tournament. She had memorable and feuds with Chris Jericho, the late Eddie Guererro, and Ivory. During her time in World Wrestling Entertainment, Chyna was embraced by fans, male and female, and looked to as a role model for her ability to never back down from a fight or challenge. She was also a one-time Women’s Champion.

Chyna departed the WWE for personal, real-life reasons, and those reasons are the ones that could stop her from achieving Hall of Fame status. Her post-WWE career has been less than memorable and it’s fair to say it’s sort of been a trainwreck. She’s had numerous substance abuse problems, a failed relationship with another trainwreck, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, and a sex tape that the majority of us wish we could erase from our memories. It’s a miracle that Joanie Laurer hasn’t become another sad wrestling statistic and so many people hope to see this woman pull herself together. It’s never too late for a person to get their life back on track and for all we know Chyna could be doing just that. What matters to this article is that if any Diva or woman in wrestling deserves Hall of Fame status, it’s Chyna. She opened doors for women in the mainstream wrestling world that had never before been open. If not for Chyna and her determination to work her hardest to become a success, us fans may never have gotten to see Beth Phoenix compete in this year’s Royal Rumble. Chyna’s truly a trailblazer for the sport and it’s interesting to ponder of what could have been had she not left the WWE under such messy circumstances. Who knows how many more accolades we could have added to her Hall of Fame worthy career.

It’s probably pointless to even mention this next person because if anyone is a lock for the WWE Hall of Fame, it’s her. Does the phrase “seven-time Women’s Champion” ring a bell? Trish Stratus was the first of her kind and a true inspiration to so many young girls out there who aspire to become professional wrestlers. She was proof that attractive young women could get into that ring, take a beating, and still come out on top. Everytime she stepped into the ring you took notice of you. Her beauty was one thing, but Trish’s work ethic is why fans really took a liking to her. She began her career as a fitness model and that is what got her into wrestling. She started off not knowing a whole lot about the business but it clearly interested her enough because she turned herself into the most decorated Women’s Champion of all time. Trish was the WWE’s golden girl.

Throughout the course of her amazing career, Trish feuded with everyone. You name them, Trish more than likely had some type of confrontation with them. She basically worked with everyone who was hot at one time or another. Some of Trish’s more memorable angles include her amazing feud with Lita and their Monday Night Raw main event match, and the infamous segment backstage with Triple H where he taught her a few moves and pissed off Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley in process. Trish had great matches with Jazz, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Mickie James, Melina and who can forget her shocking heel turn back at WrestleMania where she put Chris Jericho in his place and aligned herself with Captain Charisma? They shared a steamy, kinky kiss that is forever etched in the minds of the fans and is one of the greatest Diva ‘Mania moments in history. Love her, or hate her, Trish Stratus is a women’s wrestling icon. She was by no means an amazing wrestler, but she made the most of what she had and went above and beyond the call of duty on so many occasions that it’s hard to count. When Trish Stratus retired, a gap was left in the WWE women’s division and it shows no signs of getting fixed anytime soon.

Since retirement, Trish has gotten married, opened a yoga studio, and become involved in a countless number of charities and organizations helping people. She’s more than just a wrestler and a model, Trish is a humanitarian and an amazing role model for anyone. That alone makes her a lock for the WWE Hall of Fame and you can make a fair argument that no one is more deserving than she is.

Someone who isn’t such a safe bet for the WWE Hall of Fame and may never even get consideration is the original Queen of Extreme, Beulah McGillicutty. Most fans may know her as Tommy Dreamer’s wife, but when Beulah first broke into the wrestling business, she was just as inexperienced as a lot of the women today. What set Beulah apart from other women is the ground breaking angles she was part of. ECW was known for being rough, dirty, and extreme and she certainly fit in with that crowd. She shined a beautiful light on the little bingo hall promotion and the die hard ECW fans loved her for it. Beulah’s most memorable moments involve her debut alongside Raven and her developing relationship with Tommy Dreamer. Beulah had a pregnancy angle before pregnancy angles were cool in wrestling and she also got involved in a controversial lesbian angle with Kimona that culminated in both of them kissing Tommy Dreamer at the same time.

Beulah’s defining moment came against another non-wrestler in a match that Paul Heyman has gone on record in saying is one of the best ECW matches of all time. Beulah took on referee/manager Bill Alfonso in one bloody match-up! It’s groundbreaking in the sense that two non-wrestlers threw caution to the win and just went at in one of the best intergender matches ever. It’s a must watch on YouTube for any women’s wrestling fan and for those fans of Beulah who believe she deserves a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. You can’t say she’s not worthy because she’s never been involved with World Wrestling Entertainment. Beulah has in fact been on WWE programming, twice, after becoming a mother to twin daughters. Both times took place at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view and each involved yet another memorable moment for Beulah. From her catfight with long-time rival Francine, to getting speared by Edge and pinned provocatively, Beulah was the it girl for ECW and she was about as extreme it gets. She took nasty bumps, asserted her authority in matches, and made damn sure people knew exactly who she was. Beulah is Hall of Fame worthy and hopefully people will see that one of these days.

This last one woman is someone who should already be in the Hall of Fame. Miss Elizabeth was the original Diva of the WWE and she defined the terms “class’, “beauty”, and “grace”. The 80s were a rough time in wrestling. The sport was really taking off and was starting to fill up with crazy, charismatic characters. Miss Elizabeth stuck out like a sore thumb but no one seemed to mind. She was breathtaking and brought a sense of calmness to the calamity that seemed to follow her love, “Macho Man” Randy Savage where ever he went. Miss Elizabeth was one of the first well known women in wrestling and one of the first successful female managers. She guided Savage to the WWE Championship and who can can forget the image of seeing Elizabeth sitting on top of Savage’s shoulders, holding the championship belt as Wrestlemania IV ended? Miss Elizabeth was “it girl” of the 80’s and early 90’s, and by all accounts she is the true queen of professional wrestling.

Miss Elizabeth stayed involved in wrestling for many years. But the latter years are more sad than anything. The greatest woman to ever grace the sport sadly passed away in 2003, which makes her nothing more than another wrestling statistic. Out of all the pro-wrestling deaths, this has to be one of the saddest. Miss Elizabeth’s fall from grace isn’t what she should be remembered for. She should be remembered for the success she helped Savage achieve, her beautiful SummerSlam wedding, and all the angles she participated in over the years. Not only did Elizabeth work with Savage, but she also rubbed shoulders with a countless number of Hall of Famers and amazing performers. The names don’t need to be listed because we all know how special that era of wrestling was. Miss Elizabeth remains an important part of the sport today because all you have to do is type her name into YouTube and countless tribute videos come up and many people are begging for her induction into the Hall of Fame.

On a personal note, everytime I write about Elizabeth I get teary eyed. She’s my personal wrestling idol and the whole reason I started following it as close as I do. Her death hit me very hard and it still bugs me to this day. There are rumors flying around that next year the Hall of Fame ceremony will have a WCW feel to it since WrestleMania is being held in Atlanta, and if that’s true, then I have to ask the WWE to please put your personal feelings aside for Randy Savage and induct him into the Hall of Fame. Miss Elizabeth is never going to get her spot unless Vince McMahon and co. can come to some agreement with Savage, and it’s so unfair to leave this amazing woman out on a stupid, personal, and ridiculous technicality like that. Sunny likes to run her mouth and claim she was the original Diva, but that’s wrong. If not for Miss Elizabeth, attractive women may never have broken into the business. Miss Elizabeth paved the way for women like Sunny and Sable, and she certainly paved the way for the Divas we watch on our television today. Miss Elizabeth is one of a kind. There will never be another woman like her in the business and I know that when she finally does go into the Hall of Fame, I’ll cry like a baby.

Well that basically wraps this up. This article would be way too long if I listed every Diva diva that deserve the recognition and why, but there are certainly other worthy ladies out there. Lita, Lilian Garcia, Molly Holly, Victoria, and Francine are just a few of the names we could talk about. Several current Divas are definitely future Hall of Famers: Mickie James, Melina, Beth Phoenix.

I would love to hear who else should be considered for the honor, so sound off in comments.

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  • charlierogue26

    The first woman that pops into my head is Molly Holly

    She is the best wrestler the WWE has ever had and also the most criminally underused. She left on good terms AND under her own choice, which never seems to happen EVER.

    If I was WWE I’d try to get her. Or re-sign her I’d be pleased with whichever. ;)

  • NT86

    If Chyna can get her life back on track and mend relations with the McMahon’s then being inducted will be a shoe-in for her. For what it’s worth her achievements in WWE alone should warrant a spot. In 1999 when the women’s division was being passed around in all kinds of pudding and gravy, Chyna broke the mould and wrestled the men and won the IC title. She was also VERY popular and for a time broke barriers in wrestling, which seemed almost paradoxical with the presentation of the women’s division at the time as a T&A show.

    Trish and Lita stand the best chance of being inducted, especially Trish. Their main events, their feuds, their involvement in storylines with women and men made them WWE’s two golden picks for Divas.

  • molly4ever

    Trish will be inducted sooner or later. there are many women who deserve to be in there though and I hope Molly gets inducted first.

  • Bobby Lea Burchill

    Great article and choices to Cryssi (I assume these were your choices since you posted it :P) I love that you didn’t go with the typical choices, and instead, added 2 surprises in Beulah and Miss Elizabeth. I’ve been waiting forever to see Elizabeth inducted, and I really feel like each year is closer and closer to it coming true so I really hope the WCW feel HOF will come true next year.

    Beulah was the most surprising choice, but definitely not in a bad way. I’ve never gotten to see much of her, but the match with Bill Alphonso and the catfight at ECW 2005 and 2006 is enough for me to know that she was a huge asset to the business. Anyone who has not seen the Alphonso match needs to go see it immediately if you doubt her being selected.

    Trish and Chyna I agree with fully. Trish was one of a kind, and no matter how hard WWE tries to create a duplicate, they never will. Candice was on her way to it, but sadly, injuries prevented it from coming true. Chyna is someone I could see in about five years if she can truely clean herself up, which I hope she can.

    Some choices I would include would also be the obvious selections of Lita, Torrie Wilson, and Molly Holly, but alongside them, I’d really love to see Ivory and Jacqueline make it one day for their many years of service. Sable is another, as well as (I know it will never happen) but Jazz, Nidia, and Dawn Marie too. Heck, Stacy Keibler did a lot to get fans into matches as well, and just because she wasn’t a wrestler, doesn’t stop anyone from success.

    Down the road in a lonnngggggggg time, I’d also love to see Melina, Michelle McCool, Mickie James, and Beth Phoenix =]

  • http://www.bebo.com/Official-Divas gavin harvey

    id like sunny or sable or terri runnels

  • steve jabroni

    yay beulah respect! she looked so sweet with her girls at Tommy’s farewell.

  • B Fizzle

    Nice to see the often forgotten Beulah getting some love. Its a long shot, but never say never. As for Trish, Chyna and Miss Elizabeth, I believe its only a matter of time.

  • Macho Madness

    I agree with all of these. It was be just plain messed up if they didn’t induct Chyna, but then again Randy Savage has yet to be inducted. I hope Stephanie will get over it, and let Chyna be in the HOF.

    Miss Elizabeth really deserves it, and funny enough the moment at Wrestlemania 4 that you guys were describing is my Avatar/Icon.

    I think Beulah is the least likely to get an induction unless they do a ECW themed HOF one year, which isnt far fetched with the rumors that next years HOF will be WCW themed. Beulah was awsome in ECW!!!!

    My personal two that I really really really want to see in there is Chyna and Miss Elizabeth.

  • Mikas

    Beulah is a very odd choice. She was a valet, and if they induct a valet it’s going to be Elizabeth. I also think that Francine had a much bigger impact on the old ECW, although both were the 2 main women on ECW in 1995-2000.

    Also…this will be the first year that WWE inducts people who aren’t WWE Legends, like Antonio Inoki. So there are some names that were very important for womens wrestling:

    – Crush Gals (Chigusa Nagayo & Lioness Asuka). It’s hard to imagine for americans, but these 2 were more populair than Hulk Hogan in asia during the Rock&Wrestling era! They did appear on WWF briefly, so are excellent candidates for the HOF.

    – Manami Toyota, Bull Nakano, Aja Kong, Akira Hokuta: All 4 had a huge impact on womens wrestling, it’s hard to imagine a HOF without these 4.

  • http://diva-dirt xaviloks

    i think torrie wilson , sable , franciene”queen of extream” , lita ,trish…

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Wow! This was a great article! I seriously love Cryssi’s style. Trish is a given. Chyna I would hope is inducted, but only if she cleans her act up. Miss Elizabeth and Beulah I can’t jusge because I grew up with Trish-Lita-Victoria, not Sunny-Sable-Jacqueline.

    Before any of the women fromt he current 2000 era are inducted, I would like to see Luna Vachon, who was criminally forgotten, be inducted. I’ve read about her work and seen it, and I really feel bad she was never a champion. She totally deserved it.

    When the first woman of the 2000’s is inducted, it BETTER be Molly…

  • JJ

    Obviously Trish, Chyna and Miss. Elizabeth deserve to be in. Beulah, I’m not convinced on her deserving togo in. If Tommy Dreamer goes in, then she can.

    Three HUGE omissions from this article are Lita, Sunny and Sable. While I’m no fan of Sunny she deserves credit for her WWF run in the 90’s. She was a very successful manager, and hot (helping to make her the most downloaded woman for a while).
    However, while Sunny was hot, Sable was the first true Diva. Hell, the “Sexy, Smart, Powerful” line fits her more than any other woman today (other than Beth). The fact that she was one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster (which included Stone Cold, The Rock etc) was quite a feat. She helped bring back Women’s Wrestling to the big stage, and was the first woman to pose for Playboy.
    As for Lita, she brought a whole new level to Women’s Wrestling. Again, she became one of the most popular wrestlers in her DEBUT YEAR. The year Trish goes in, Lita should be going in as well (it would only be fitting).

    I think Cyndi Lauper is a shoe-in for the Celebrity wing as well.

    After Elizabeth (who I see getting inducted the next few years) I think it will be a while before we next see a woman in Hall of Fame, and I see no real problem with that. As I see it, this will be the order:
    2011: Miss Elizabeth
    2010-2015: Cyndi Lauper (Celebrity Wing)
    2015-2020: Sunny, then
    2015-2020: Chyna, then
    2015-2020: Sable.
    2020-2025: Lita & Trish

    I could easily see Molly, Jacqueline and Ivory getting inductions when they’re older (out of respect), but I wouldn’t expect that for a looong time.

  • http://twitter.com/rodneyclint rodneyclint

    I’d say the only clear cut women who are going to makie it eventually are Trish, Lita, and Miss Elizabeth. The rest are up in the air and could go either way. Chyna was amazing and deserves it, but that doesn’t mean it will happen. Same goes for Molly. We Diva fans can appreciate what she did and how good she was, but would the casual fan remember her? She didn’t make that big of an impact when you really think about it, Torrie Wilson actually made a bigger “splash” than Molly did simply because she was a fan favorite for pretty much all her career. Sable is another pioneer who could possibly get looked over, as could Sunny.

  • vonVile

    Nice article, but the title of the piece doesn’t 100% match the Divas listed. In what I mean by that is when using the word “Should” makes it sound as though all that are listed wouldn’t have a chance in hell of making it into the HOF. The only true person on the list that was heavily spotlighted was Beulah. All the rest I could see have more than 75% chance of making it in, its just when.

    For me the top 4 would be:

    1. Madusa/Alundra Blaze: Her throwing the WWF Women’s title in the trash on WCW Nitro doesn’t make her chances look good.

    2. LuFisto: I don’t think the WWE would have the balls to show a video package for her.

    3. Ivory: Her career goes all the way back to GLOW. She’s just F’N awesome.

    4. Francine: She was ECW’s “Queen Of Extreme”, not Beulah. Beulah was “The Girl Next Door/Farmer’s Daughter”. What makes Francine great is that she’s the only woman to graduate from ECW’s wrestling school and when injured always showed up at the next ECW event. One time she showed up on crutches with two black eyes. That’s dedication!

  • litafan2000

    Beulah? Really! Lita, Chyna and Trish are the only divas from this past generation who will make the Hall of Fame.

  • Kaledrina

    “2. LuFisto: I don’t think the WWE would have the balls to show a video package for her.” wouldn’t she have had to wrestle for wwe to be inducted??

    skimming over the already inducted hall of famers, it’s real disappointing that there’s only three women in there (unless i skimmed too fast). mae young being one of them is a bit of a blow, too, especialy when there’s the likes of miss elizabeth, alundra, even luna so far from getting added.

    i think lita, trish, sable, sunny, perhaps even torrie and chyna are all shoe-ins. it’ll just take time. i would love for some of the lesser appreciated talents such as ivory, jacqueline, tori and even the non-wrestlers in terri runnels and debra to be recognised but hall of fame status is probably too big for them.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/VisionOfPerfect1990 Toby

    Give it 5-10 years and Trish will certainly be in it. I hope Lita, Sable, and Molly Holly get in it someday.

  • baby

    i agree with litafan lol .. i would love to see lita in the hall of fame, she inspired a generation of women :)

  • Macho Madness

    other women I would like to see be inducted are…

    Sunny- The thing about Sunny is she was VERY popular at a time when wrestling wasn’t popular, unlike Sable who became was really popular when the WWF was insanely popular. Sunny is a little too high on herself, but she really was one hell of a talent. She was oozes charima, and just has that presence, that it factor. I think Sunny got the diva phenomenon up and running, and Sable took over and made it what it is today, so I personally think they share the title of “The Original WWE diva”.

    Sable- Like it said on WWE’s website, if there is one diva to define the attitude era, it’s Sable. Sable really made the divas what they are today. Her popularity renewed an interest in women’s wrestling, and brought back the women’s championship. The diva’s of today owe alot to Sable. I remeber really loving Sable’s journey to the women’s championship in 1998, and is by far my favorite.

    others I think that should be inducted are Lita, Luna, Jaqueline, Ivory, Molly Holly, Mudsua, Francine, Nancy “Women” Benoit, and The Kat(just kidding!!! lol)

  • ssilva872

    Someone is a huge Lita hater to not include her in this article..

    Beulah? WTF! She has no chance of getting anything beside pregnant again. . Writing this article will not change that.. XD

    The other three I agree with but you were sure stretching your imagination when you thought she had any shot. Made me laugh though. ;)

    • http://www.diva-dirt.com Melanie

      ssilva872 — You do realise the article is hypothetical, right? Cryssi was sharing her opinion on who she’d like to see in the Hall of Fame. It’s an opinion, not a science. Furthermore, Cryssi never denied Lita’s HOF worthiness as she was mentioned at the end of the article along with many other girls — it’s not a slight, she just chose to concentrate on four women in particular that she felt strongly about. There’s no need to be an ass because your favourite wasn’t included.

  • Rockstar

    Even though ECW wasn’t known for it’s female competitors, Beulah and Francine were HUGE in their day and would often be involved in the main-event level angles and fueds, however I really doubt the WWE would induct Beulah. I’d say the only women of more recent times that have the possiblity of being inducted would be the nominee’s for ‘Diva of the Decade’ at the RAW Anniversary a few years back (Sunny, Sable, Chyna, Trish Stratus & Lita)

  • Zephyr5326

    Glad to see Cryssi writing more things, it’s nice to see her and also David providing more stuff to Diva-Dirt. I really like this article and I definitely agree with all of her ideas, apart from Beulah as I don’t know anything about her at all. Elizabeth should be put in first; her WM catfight with Sherri was the best thing ever lol, when she jumped over the barricade in her sparkly black jumper with white stars (not exactly best dressed haha) and then she reuinted with the Macho Man. That alone should put her in the HOF. What a moment! :-D

  • Johnyfaction3

    These is cool good job!! I don’t think Beulah McGillicutty will be in the Hall of Fame anytime soon though.. She is a great choice but WWE is very close when it comes to females in the company specially with one that wasn’t really in the company.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=726354725 Evan

    I’m a huge Chyna fan so I loved the first paragraph, not the second one though. lol

    I think Trish will be inducted in the next few years, same with Elizabeth but I don’t think they’ll induct Chyna while she’s still alive..

  • ssilva872

    Sorry for stating my opinion on the article. Some can say I was being an ass but I’m just being 100% real. I think she has no chance at all of going in. If you don’t like it sorry. But like I said that is the only thing I have an issue with. The rest is true.