John Morrison Praises Melina

SmackDown Superstar, John Morrison put over his former MNM cohort, Melina in a live chat with When asked about his favourite Diva, he said:

Melina is potentially the strongest character on the roster, with even more passion and emotion than a lot of the guys. A lot of the Divas can do some pretty impressive moves, but when I watch them I don’t feel anything, I don’t empathize with a lot of them. I don’t think they understand what they’re doing. But when I watch Melina, I get excited, or I feel sad, or I want to cheer. And I think that’s the key to sports entertainment.

High praise indeed! I definitely agree with him about the Divas doing ‘impressive’ [read: flashy] moves but not feeling anything. We often criticise Divas for their flashy moves even though they show little grasp of the basics — it’s like they are trying to wow the crowd by stringing together a series of exciting moves yet in the long run, it doesn’t tell a story in a match. There’s no emotional connection whereas I think girls like Melina add a fire and intensity to their matches that compel the viewer.

Go JoMo, I like his candor.

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  • divafan23

    True about the flashy/impressive moves part, but there are other divas who can “tell a story” in the match, like Michelle, Beth, etc.
    Nice comment from John, though. Are they still together?

  • shannymac

    Aww…that’s so sweet. Though there are other Divas that can tell a story as well as Melina, I agree with what he said about er intensity. She is one of the few wrestlers who can really make you believe in what they’re doing.

  • Looking Glass

    Aren’t Melina and Morrison a couple in real life? This article isn’t exactly a surprise, it’s not like he’s going to rip her to shreads or deem her lackluster in ability. Nonetheless I agree, though I’d much prefer to see her as a heel again (Proper MNM styled) when she seemed to be at her best character-wise. I saw an old video of her the other day and thought how weird it was not seeing her and to be quite honest, Raw needs her right now.

  • molly4ever

    not surprised here.

  • RKOyou

    I would say good things about melina also if I was dating her, it’s just being bias imo. I do like Melina, she’s really good but she’s not the only one who can tell a story

    mickie can tell a story, so can Beth

  • She-Wolf

    I agree with him, Melina should be remembered as one of the greats in my opinion,

    As a side anecdote, are Melina & JoMo the SEXIEST couple in the world or what?!?!
    I actually really want to have sex with both of them >_< Tehe! xoxox

  • Toby

    I haven’t been to impressed with Melina that much since summer of 2009 to be honest. Whatever character she had was lost very quickly in my opinion, she became so stale. She got me really excited back when she was heel though. Of cousre Morrison’s gonna put her over, they freaking dated before.

  • jdcabltv

    but his statement just proves the fact that WWE doesnt care about the DIVAS, it is all about what HE likes and what HIS character is doing…I dont see him moving up in the rankings…he isnt doing anything for me either, so go wrestling just flat out sucks these days…no characterizations from anyone, they bring out the old guys to ‘bring back the old days” that should have died with their characters. You cant tell me that WM is going to be good, look at the last few WM events…the same people..the same matches..the same outcomes…yaawwwnnnn…

  • seasons-of-love

    He’s totally right, regardless of whether they’re an item. For me, Melina’s the only one who can fully get a story across in her matches. I love Mickie to bits, but she’s only really had *major* moments with Melina and Trish. Her Beth matches were very hit-and-miss, and none of the others have been particularly memorable. Meanwhile, Melina’s had her matches with Trish, her matches with Mickie, her I Quit vs. Beth, her NOC match with McCool…and that’s not all. She’s also able to make her little matches with the not-so-impressive divas interesting. Look at her early matches with Christy Hemme, and her one match with Maryse…that was more structured and interesting than any Maryse match I’ve seen, despite its flaws.

    He’s right about the character thing too. Melina shone back in 2005/6, more so than the men in MNM, more so than Batista, and (dare I say it), more so than Foley in their segments together. She proved she can be an excellent face character as well when she was at war with Beth before her first injury. They just haven’t utilized her as a character since, which is a real shame.

    And Melina and Nitro have always been incredibly complimentary of each other, even when they weren’t dating. You can tell that there’s genuinely a lot of mutual respect, admiration and loyalty there.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Just because they might still be going out (Which I believe they are for thoe wondering) it doesn’t mean that what JoMo said isn’t true. None of the current divas have shown more passion for this business than Melina. Every time she goes out there she wears her heart on her sleeve in one way or another. Every time she wrestles you can feel the intensity on the screen. with every move, every word, every action she does Melina bring it. And remember her infamous Internet Confessions blog back in 08? Yeah, nuff’ said. ;)

  • bxradimus

    I’ve never really been too impressed by Melina, but she does try at least.

  • redsoul

    of course he praised Melina,she´s his girlfriend,lol…..
    but i think he was too radical in his opinion,because there´re other talented Divas that perform well,including with Melina herself,but JoMo choosed not to say that.


    Gail Kim > Melina

    Morrison obviously putting over his girlfriend, what else would he say? Oh Beth, Oh Gail, Oh Natalya.. No..

    I don’t believe what some of the wrestlers say, because ask MVP, ask Swagger, ask Kozlov, ask Bourne, ask Primo, ask Carlito because they’d most likely say Gail Kim.

  • seasons-of-love

    And? He’s entitled to his opinion, and a bunch of people agree with him. By a lot of accounts Melina seems to be the one of most passionate wrestlers (male or female) on the roster, and she merits that praise. Gail’s fun to watch and all, but some of us like to see a little fire and charisma mixed in with the wrestling. Melina brings that to the table; she always has.

  • Looking Glass

    God what is it with people and ‘passion’? Am I the only one who hasn’t come equipped with a Passion-O-Meter in which I can see who has more than anyone else, that whole argument is just subjective and some rose-tinted way of trying to make it seem more true. You can see how hard someone works-yes, but you can’t fully see how much passion they have. I swear everyone thinks just because Melina’s won titles, she must have more passion to achieve. Lacking charisma, doesn’t necessarily mean you lack passion, it just means you can’t convey yourself as much or connect with the audience. Hamada NEVER speaks but she works hard, does that mean because she doesn’t show charisma on the mic, she has no passion for the job? Same with Kong and Sarita.

    I swear when it comes to Melina she’s just one of those people at Trish/Lita status where no one can say a bad word about her, I loved her in her early days, but these days she’s repetitive and diluted. If this article was Tyson Kidd or D.H. Smith praising Natalya everyone would send the ‘bias police’ out, yet somehow Melina can’t have a bad word said against her because she’s so ‘passionate’.

    I’m waiting for the juvenile ‘hater’ phrase to be slapped on me now :P

  • Steven

    “God what is it with people and ‘passion’? Am I the only one who hasn’t come equipped with a Passion-O-Meter in which I can see who has more than anyone else”

    Lol. That made me giggle. Honestly, I’e never been the biggest Melina fan (not that I don’t like her, I’ve just always been sorta indifferent), but I have to admit that I can see what JoMo is getting at. Melina has a way of making fans emotionally invested in her matches, something a lot of current Divas can’t do, no matter how good they get in the ring.

  • rodneyclint

    People, c’mon, he is not just praising her because they are dating. That is incredibly rude to say, like Melina is not good enough to warrant that kind of praise unless she is boning the person being questioned. Melina does have a strong passion for this business and she works hard and is one of the few girls who came in with a nice background in wrestling who still improved leaps and bounds. Take Mickie for example, yeah she was already good when she got here but she didn’t do much to improve. Her performance at Wrestlemania 22 with Trish is still the standout of her career. She is now very stale and hasn’t added many new moves to her repertoire since she debuted. If you look at Melina then and her now, she has added many new moves and new layers to her character. She goes out of her way to make memorable matches and is always taking her body to it’s limit. I have so much respect for her and am happy whenever anyone praises her (or any Divas) like this, saying she is just as committed as some of the guys.

  • womensdivaschamp

    OK JoMo is just saying that because he went out with her before. its obvious LOL
    I mean Melina is allright but i wouldnt tell a story about her.
    But i can! say some about Trish Stratus and Mickie James.

  • xmelissaa

    I agree with him, and other divas like Mickie, Beth, Michelle are good at that too.
    I might stop this comment here and just stare at JoMo’s picture for a while…

  • Jack5326

    This is like HHH praising Stephanie, no surprises here, yet it’s still awesome to hear. I agree with most of what he said, but I believe there are other Divas just as good at storytelling as Melina.

  • seasons-of-love

    “OK JoMo is just saying that because he went out with her before. its obvious LOL”

    And I guess when Foley spend about a third of his book praising her, and when Bret and the others took the time to compliment her and call her brilliant, they were just doing that because she slept with them or something, yeah? Gee, it’s not as though there’s a possibility that she could genuinely be a great wrestler and character in their eyes…

    And yes, Melina fans do get defensive, but that just demonstrates her ability to connect with her audience and the passion of her fans, which shows that she’s doing her job right. :)

  • xDynasty

    Morrison can never be impartial here (whether they’re an item or not). Frankly, when I watch Melina, I get the same feeling like when I watch any other diva. She used to be exciting (when she was a heel), but now, eh, she might have improved in the ring, but like he said, many girls do some impressive moves, but the crowd’s still not interested.
    Vickie Guerrero is not a wrestler or diva or whatever, but she’s the one who actually gets emotions from the fans (whether it is hatred or not). Melina has the skills and passion, yes, but you can never be good enough (especially when the whole world praises you). I don’t find her quite comfortable with being a good girl, but I guess it’s just me.