SmackDown Discussion Post: March 26th, 2010

As viewers in the US and Canada are able to see this week’s pre-WrestleMania SmackDown before fans internationally the Redux will be delayed until this week’s Divas match appears online.

However for those watching on TV, be sure to discuss the Beth Phoenix vs Vickie Guerrero match in the comments!

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  • gavin harvey

    am watching smackdown on justin tv the divas match is next ill let ya know how it is

  • gavin harvey

    the match was ok i liked it
    smackdown writers are so much better than the raw writers the divas on smackdown is where to be just draft them all there lol

    they still havent sed on the broadcast the match at mania maybe that will happen later
    but im off to bed i only stayed up to watch divas match

  • TorrieFan12

    see how beth hit and reverse any move of vickie’s team was awesome and when the B/faces come out taht was great, i’ give this match a 20/10 because it was awesome

  • Johnyfaction3

    Hahaha that was hilarious! That segment was funny. The push that Beth is receiving is very good…The fans are supporting her, and Vickie massive heat helps her too. The match was good what else could you expect. They say that Vickie’s firtst match and is not..I think. Didn’t she face Santina last year few times and Cherry in 2008. A random comment the WM theme song is Ashley’s first song. LOL!

  • I <3 Maryse

    i could have gone without seeing so much of Vickie lol. Nice match even though no one was ever tagged in until the end it was SOOOOOOO much better than the Raw match. Smackdown is obviously where to be if you’re a Diva therefore I hope Maryse gets drafted back or just all of them like gavin harvey said lol. BTW, nice job to Beth for her cheers :)

  • divafandom

    I enjoyed the match …. If the draft comes I say Kim katie and Jillian to smackdown and Mickie laycool to raw

  • TNAFan80

    DivaFanDom, Michelle McCool will not be drafted to RAW unless the Undertaker is also drafted. If the Undertaker stays on Smackdown, then so does Michelle McCool.

  • Toby

    The only bad parts of the match was Maryse tbh. She just seemed sloppy and lost the whole time. But she was the hottest tonight. Really enjoyed the match, Beth shined tonight. Nice to see the other divas come help Beth. I laughed at Vickie’s underwear with “Excuse Me” on it. The crowd loved it, Go BETH!!


    TNAfan80 — i totally agree! Michelle McCool is on Smackdown for life. Can i just say that i am SUPER STOKED for the Kristin Astara project tomorrow?! lol :)

  • Team Laycoolness!!!

    Oh how hilarious was that! poor Layla she takes all the bumps and bruises these days haha and when the match begun and she was taking her top off only to realise the others had taken their place outside and left her alone to start the match off with Beth, yet another CLASSIC Layla moment (she is a GEM) for her only to be thrown around the ring haha (I know she’s my favourite diva but I can’t help but laugh sometimes) oh and how awesome was it when Beth started clearing house! using Layla as a battering ram then beating on all those FLAWLESS heels… gotta love Layla just diving round her legs providing the setup for a beautiful McCool kick to the skull! Team Laycool’s signalling to Vickie for the frogsplash was an ACE bonus hahaha XD and the save was wicked good to see Mickie back in action… and yet again it was Layla left alone to be thrown out by Gail and Mickie (I really feel for her… but it does provide some great comedy moments) Beth’s disrobing of Vickie was sooo funny the crowd loved it and Vickies reaction was brilliant! (I loved how all the heel divas screamed at some point in this match) and congratulations to Beth for getting a HUGE cheer at the end (it was great to see her laughing and connecting with the crowd) what a great week for smackdown and a BONZER lead up to the match it wrestlemania… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let all the divas get involved give them all some ring time, don’t let this be yet another rushed botched spill over mess!!! a good 15 mins at least… take notes from TNA on this one! so like they say this week was just… SIMPLY FLAWLESS!!! XD

  • litafan2000

    Beth reminded me of a modern day Chyna when she was wrestling tonight.

  • Kaledrina

    it was rumoured last year that undertaker was moving to raw and with shawn michaels likely leaving, they’ll need another main eventer. perhaps he’ll be drafted this year? i’d love for mccool to be moved to raw, mainly because the writers seem to get behind her (for obvious reasons?) which in turn gets the writers behind the diva division.

  • RKOyou

    undertaker will most likely stay on smackdown for the rest of his career because SD is the wrestling show and Raw is more the entertainment show. undertaker has also said before that he perfers smackdown because it has better quality in terms of wrestling, match time, and build up. Layla will stay on smackdown and so will mickie, she was sent there for a reason because they were unhappy with her and I don’t think it’s passed yet.