Beth Phoenix Stays Golden

With all the Candice hubbub going on, it’s easy to forget that Beth Phoenix is actually the Women’s Champion. Her new photoshoot, “Queen of Glam”, may help refresh your memories, because in my opinion, she looks positively golden! Of all of the variations on her ring attire, this might be my favorite. That, paired with a matching headband and a wavy mass of hair makes this a look that is Glamazon enough to fit her persona, but beautiful enough to make for a fantastic photoshoot.

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  • Melanie

    Her poses and facial expressions are spot on!

  • SurpriseElement


  • Rebecca

    Its defiantly one of my favourite Beth shoots, she has everything just right. outfit, hair, make up, poses.

  • Crystal

    This is probably her best photohoot to date

  • Trisha

    For Some Reason, I Think She Looks Adorable! xD

  • MaryseFan

    I Love It!!!!!!
    Its Really Good

  • Mace

    She looks great, poses are a bit basic but her hair and outfit are great, she looks hot altho people usually think shes ugly but shes not. Well Done.