Vickie Guerrero Comments on Eddie Tribute at WrestleMania

Many fans noticed Vickie Guerrero‘s tribute to her late husband, Eddie at WrestleMania 26, from the flames on her tights to her salute from the top turnbuckle. In a rare out of character moment for the Official SmackDown Consultant, posted an article about Vickie’s tribute. Excerpt below:

From the top rope Vickie put her hand to her heart, kissed it and looked to the sky – a poignant moment honoring her late husband.

“I definitely wanted to do something for Eddie,” she explained. “I started thinking about it during training, when I was learning to get on the ropes. The really great thing is the same ring I was training in in El Paso, Texas, is the same ring Eddie grew up with in his backyard.”

It was definitely a sweet moment that touched many. Who’d have thought that Eddie’s widow would carry on the legacy at a WrestleMania? Go Vickie!

Read the full piece here.

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