Eve Torres Becomes Divas Champion

Congratulations to Eve Torres on becoming the new WWE Divas Champion on an edition of Raw taped in London, England earlier tonight.

Eve’s title win makes some history as she becomes the first Diva Search winner to win a championship.

Torres defeated Maryse, a two time Divas Champ, for the belt.

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  • http://idolforums.com/index.php?showuser=127769 Bryan

    Hopefully she gets build upped nicely so she looks strong in the upcoming weeks, Congratulations Eve, And isn’t she the first Diva Search Winner to be a champion in WWE.

  • redsandman99

    Congtratulations Eve! She may not be the best wrestler in the world and it may be too soon for a championship reign, but I’m happy for her anyway.

  • Joshualc77

    Congrats Eve!! :)
    Im very happy for Eve imo she deserved to be a Champ! & it was boring to me to keep seeing Maryse as champ…but I love Both of them!! lol

  • Bobby Lea Burchill

    I’m really happy for her. You could tell she was excited when she won and I hope she gets a good solid reign. She is what kept me interested in the match, and good luck Eve. Congrats on making history for your hard work =]

  • JuicyJuiceBox

    Forget being booked strongly as champion, let’s just hope she’s champion long enough to begin with for credibility to be built. Here’s to beliEVEing this won’t be yet another case of a title flip-flop (cheesy yes, but I had to do it haha).

  • Kelsey

    Congratulations Eve! :D So happy for her. A lot of people sure aren’t happy about her being champion but i am. I just really hope that she gets a proper reign and is build up correctly and not just have a short reign but you never know since WWE loves short title reigns.

  • http://www.stratusfacts.com C-Ray

    You did it, Eve. You are now in the books forever. Now the hard part begins…showing the world that you DESERVE the title. Showing the world that you DESERVE to be the head Diva of Raw. It will take time. We shall soon see if you can live up to it.

    But tonight, I will celebrate. Tonight, I will be uber-happy for you. DON’T MAKE ME REGRET IT!!! :)

  • iiZDARWiiN

    Congrat finaly a new face to hold that title!!! i was gettin tired of Maryse as much as i love her… Eve is the first Diva Search WINNER to win a championship way to go girl… now someone knock Michelle McCool oout dont like her as champion!!

  • stchick

    Happy, but let’s hope that they give her a cedent feud with better opponents, now time will tell if she lives up to the hype now

  • MickieFan226

    Congtratulations Eve! It’s nice to see new blood win a Championship in WWE, for the Divas at least. I hope she has a nice decent reign. Maybe she can feud with Alicia Fox? :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/RingVixens Teri

    Alright match, but damn.. am i ever happy to see the title change hands!

  • Jamal

    Congrats to Eve. She honestly can’t be any worse than Maryse was. At least we’ll see her do at least more than three moves and no more hair flinging (thank God!). LOL

  • Jim Molloy


  • http://www.myspace.com/babygrl6393 suebenden8

    I guess I should congradulate Eve for winning the belt from Maryse. I may not be happy about it. But what can you do? I never cared for the diva belt anyways. Maybe that big ass purple butterfly has something to do with it.

  • Dr.LL

    This honour belonged to Layla
    i will say congratulations. but i am far from happy that she won, considering she is far from ready

  • ScottL

    That this was a championship match on national TV is disgraceful.
    Sorry, Eve. I’m sure you are a nice person. But I’m going to a happy place and imagine that I saw Gail beat Jillian for the belt. Ya know, real wrestlers.

  • RedHotVixen

    Over 300 comments about her title win and most of them are negative. But when the time comes to congratulate her, only a hand-ful of people bother to give her kudos? Sad. Congrats Eve! Finally the strap is taken off someone who doesnt even fight for it. Just goes to show what happens when you beliEVE!! LOL. I trully am happy for her. Crossing my fingers for an A. Fox vs Eve feud.

  • http://maryse-unlimited.net/ litaluva06

    she is the 1st diva search WINNER, NOT CONTESTANT to win a title.
    ohh well, she better get her shit together. she has a good move-set
    just botches that dropkick a bit too much. congrats i suppose an good
    luck, your gonna need it if Natalya comes to RAW!

  • SoRandy4Rosa

    this sucks!! am I the only one NOT happy about this title change??

    Maryse is such a better champion, shes got so much charisma and people actually respond to her. She got tons of heat when she came out and Eve had (once again) hardly any reaction at all. Eve seems like a super sweet person who has worked very hard but I don’t think this was the right decision to put the belt on her, not yet anyways.

  • Ayzali

    People may like it or not but there’s not much we can do so I’m on board with accepting it. Congrat’s!!! I’m actually very happy for her. It doesnt bother me one bit. I just hope they have more plans for building her character. There wasn’t much build up to the change or the match in general. So work on her persona give her the mic and make her and everyone else care! If ppl are on her side I believe she’ll use that to motivate her to truly improve!

  • DAFereldan91

    Eve’s winning the title is a big disgrace and humiliation to all the divas,especially Melina,Mickie,Beth,Gail,Jillian and Natalya who worked their arse off in multiple title matches for months.Yeah,some of you might say she has improved a lot and blah blah blah,but I don’t give a damn.To me,her wrestling skill is very poor and she will be a really bad champion,even worse than Maryse.Maryse may have not proven that she is credible champion,but at least she did a lot of work before she made her first reign as a Divas Champ.First title match and she won it all?Curse her.

  • GlamazonKimFan

    YESSSSSSS!!! So glad Eve wone the title, she has improved so much, im really happy they are repackaging her as the up and coming diva who is training hard to improve just like they did with Candice bk in 2007. I really hope this leads to big things for Eve and she gets treated as a top babyface!! Excited to see what this means for the draft now, possibly Maryse back on Smackdown or Eve and Michelle swapping brands and taking the belts with them again???????

  • Roqqsz

    Well congrats. She’s the first Diva Search winner to get a title, I for one am very proud of her, and you read what she said those 3 years she’s been there she’s been eyeing the title. She’s wanted this, and you can tell she has passion for this.