The Post-Raw and Impact Show (April 19, 2010): Missing Divas & Knockouts, Lockdown, Extreme Rules, and the WWE Draft

Tonight on the Post-Raw and Impact show, we made lemonade out of the lemons we were given. A lack of Divas on Raw (even of the SmackDown variety) and a short Knockouts match didn’t give us much to discuss, but we managed to put together quite a discussion, ranging from the lack of consistency in Diva booking, to psycho Tara at Lockdown, what we’d love to see this Sunday at the Extreme Rules PPV, and what we hope to see come out of next week’s WWE Draft.

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  • Resi

    RAW = Epic Fail while TNA soars to excellence! The only RAW segment i felt was worth watching was Triple H’s interaction with the Straight Edge Society, besides that, it was just awful. Cheap cop out satelitte promos and everything involving MacGruber was terrible.

  • suebenden8

    Great show (: I am actually not surpisied that there was no diva action on raw tonight. I am kind of glad that the smackdown divas did not wrestle tonight. I really did not want to see them in a gimmick match and only on tv for a minute. But they still could have done SOMETHING.

    WIth tna impact. I am not sure why they booked this tag team match. How does Daffney and ODB have anything to do with what has been going on lately? It would have made alot more sense to have Tara or Angelina Love invovled. It was just strange and weird. And on top of that, short. We went from a great match yesterday at lockdown to this. Doesn’t make any sense. But nothing about the wwe or tna makes sense to normal people.

  • xxChristinaxx

    I agree they should have done something with the divas tonight. I also agree that Tara should go back to her psycho dayz.

    I really want Kelly Kelly to stay on RAW, but I think Nattie, Serena, Tiffany, and Mickie would go to RAW. I think on SM should be: Katie, Gail Kim, Maryse, and Alicia. But I really think Michelle would go to RAW, so that mean Eve would go to SM.

    Off topic did anyone read the new Melina’s blog on WWE? She talking about all the divas.

  • appleman58

    wwe mean girls maryse alicia and rosa with rosa as the jobber of the group

  • Bryan

    The show was great, I agree that they should make the Bellas heel & team with Maryse & make another mean girls gimmick since their hasn’t been much Diva tag teams in the past or these days,So seeing that would be really refreshing to see & i also agree with the fact that Raw does need a lot of help from the Draft so maybe Michelle will move to Raw Alongside Layla to help out the division but that won’t change anything without the writers actually caring for the Divas & maybe doing the effort to make them seem memorable to the general WWE fan.

    As far as TNA goes, Like most, I thought that Tara & Angelina should of been at this weeks Impact since they had a great thing going for them from Lockdown, but they blew it by just putting a random tag match that was pretty meaningless. Hopefully TNA continues the Tara & Angelina feud because they have been teasing Tara going Psycho so it should be interesting since that is what a lot of fans want to see. :D

  • Zephyr5326

    I just hope to god now that the RAW crew don’t get back in time, otherwise that would kill any chance of us seeing the Smackdown! Divas this week, unless they were relegated to Superstars. Beth vs Michelle is hopefully going to be added at the tapings tonight, and they need just a little bit more of momentum, plus I want to see them over John Cena and Boretista. Then hopefully David’s predictions will be right once again with them wrestling in a topless match at Extreme Rules! Only joking, (but seriously that would be hot!)

    Impact! dropped a whole bag of balls tonight, TNA bookers are just total doyles by the looks of things, or maybe they’ve been eating what RAW’s bookers have been eating!

  • MickieFan226

    I was a little upset that the Divas weren’t on the show tonight. Being that pretty much EVERYTHING was dragged out on Raw, you think they would actually put the SD Divas out there and give them some good amount of time, right? Oh well, I guess we have to see what happens with the tapings tonight.

    I know some Wrestling Report Sites are saying that Raw will be on SmackDown this week, and if that’s the case, what’s going to happen with the SD Divas? No action at all? That wouldn’t be good.

  • Gail Kim #1

    CANNOT wait for the draft, sick of the current arrangements for the Divas.
    My God Gail Kim needs to go back to SmackDown!

    The show sucked. (As in RAW not the post RAW show, lol)
    I mean they HAD the RAW Divas back in the country, meaning GK, Jillian, Katie Lea etc etc!!!

  • DaWayne999

    I also heard that if the raw crew gets back that they will be on smackdown. I honestly hope they do cause then we could have something like Beth and Eve vs Michelle and maryse, or beth eve and mickie vs michelle maryse and layla. Im fine with either one.

  • Lady Sheamus

    After starting off funny/interesting RAW dropped off (and so did I, to sleep even though it was morning and I’d gotten a night’s worth) and became boring. A lot of people were praising TNA so I now regret switching over. The only funny part with the guest hosts to me was when R-Truth got blown up (how will they explain that later :P). Maybe the delay in returning to the U.S. was just the excuse WWE needed to not show Diva action – or it could be any # of things. But HHH did act like he was the only one there when he wasn’t. Oh, now that would be interesting to have RAW on Smackdown.

  • Lady Sheamus

    And I meant praising TNA on other sites. That Knockouts tag match was ridiculous-fast/strangely booked, though.

  • RadicalRhys297

    Awesome podast, you’ve finally got better mics! =D I can hear everyone’s voices better and it sounds more smoother than normal. Great podcast overall, love reading them. =)

  • RadicalRhys297

    i meant listening, lol xD

  • theregoeskitty

    i kinda wonder if ODB actually is like her character she’s been doing that gimmick since her OVW days


    You guys always strike valid points that I agree with. David is hilarous! Haha. Loved this post show guys. It’s always fun when you go off in random tangents & express your disappointmens with both divisions as well. It’s very healthy to vent about our disappointments :D.

  • Mikas

    “i kinda wonder if ODB actually is like her character she’s been doing that gimmick since her OVW days”

    Check out “ODB vs Angel Williams” on youtube, that shows ODB’s old style that she used during her indy days in the midwest (2003-2006). Great match to see, Angelina had no tattoos and a well trained body. You can also find a match of ODB vs Lucy Furr (Daffney) from the WEW promotion, that must’ve been around the time ODB’s modern character was formed.

  • Mr. Glamazon

    Thanks for the comments all…I love hearing what you have to say. This site has amazing readers.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Wow, amazing show. It was most definitely my favorite so far.

    All of the points made were extremely valid, and it was utterly hilarious. I like having all of you on one show, but once in a while it’d be nice to just have one or two guest, because you guys do unfortunately tend to interrupt each other when there are more than three people on.

    And, OMG, Erin’s a twin?! O.o Whoa……awesome, dude.