Welcome to the third annual edition of our Diva Draft feature here at Diva Dirt! If you haven’t been with us over the last couple of years, the premise is simple — each year, I make six predictions/suggestions over six consecutive days in the lead up to the WWE Draft which this year falls on Monday, April 26th. In previous years, I have successfully managed to predict some of the movies; in 2008, I predicted both draft picks and in 2009, four of my six predictions came true with a fifth later being realised in the Diva Trade of October 2009. So, let’s hope this year will be just as fruitful. Check back for all six of my picks over the coming week!


The current reigning Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool has spent her entire career as part of the SmackDown part and has been a big hand in helping develop the now extremely strong women’s division on the blue brand. As one of the pioneering Divas of said women’s division, Michelle has spent most of the past two years feuding with the likes of Victoria, Natalya, Maryse, Maria, Melina, Mickie James and currently Beth Phoenix. Michelle is a woman that is on top of her game and putting her on Raw could be just what Michelle needs to truly make her mark in WWE history.

Already, she has made history as the first ever Divas Champion, the first woman to hold both belts yadda yadda yadda, but she’s never been on Raw where some of the most historic Divas like Trish Stratus and Lita left their mark. Michelle is one of those few talents that has accomplished so much on her native brand that you need to shift her over to the [so called] ‘A show’ at some point, ala Rey Mysterio. This is the show that WWE considers the home of its big Superstars and Divas and it seems as though Michelle is ready to make the move.

As a viewer, Michelle’s presence on Raw could be a big plus. In my opinion, she is one of the most consistent workers on the Divas roster, turning in great matches — particularly on pay per view — which like Raw, are live. Her presence on Raw could help us get out of the rut of having inexperienced Divas in two minute matches for fear of them messing up a move live on television.

Whether or not she brings her Women’s Championship with her is another question, though I would suggest it’s too soon since last year’s title switch to now switch them back. I’d have McCool drop the belt to Beth Phoenix at Sunday’s Extreme Rules before moving over to Raw where she could begin challenging Eve Torres for the Divas Championship. We know she has great chemistry with Maryse also which should create an interesting dynamic — perhaps you could have all three Divas feuding for the belt. And the allure of revisiting the Michelle-Melina feud upon the latter’s return in the summer is just too hard to resist.

It seems like it is Michelle’s time to make the move to Raw and see how the other half live. But will she bring her Team Lay-Cool partner with her? Will Layla be one of my other five picks? Find out soon!

Check back tomorrow for pick #2