Diva Draft 2010: Layla to Raw

Welcome to the third annual edition of our Diva Draft feature here at Diva Dirt! If you haven’t been with us over the last couple of years, the premise is simple — each year, I make six predictions/suggestions over six consecutive days in the lead up to the WWE Draft which this year falls on Monday, April 26th. In previous years, I have successfully managed to predict some of the movies; in 2008, I predicted both draft picks and in 2009, four of my six predictions came true with a fifth later being realised in the Diva Trade of October 2009. So, let’s hope this year will be just as fruitful. Check back for all six of my picks over the coming week!

Note: Due to Katie Lea’s release, this year’s Diva Draft has been cut down to just five predictions/suggestions as Katie was one of my six original picks.


You didn’t think I’d ship Michelle over to Raw on her own, did you? Layla has the unique distinction of being highlighted in my Diva Draft feature every single year. I don’t know what it is but each year, I seem to have Lay-DD. (Get it?)

Anyway, this past year since moving to SmackDown, Layla has come into her own and become the amazing Diva I always knew she could be. I have believed in Layla since I saw her on the Diva Search all those years ago. This girl is breathtakingly beautiful, has lots of charisma and personality and I always felt that she could go in the ring if given the oppportunity. Look at her now — she’s had some fantastic matches with the likes of Melina, Mickie James and Beth Phoenix on SmackDown and has even hitched her wagon to arguably, the top Diva in the WWE right now, Michelle McCool.

Team Lay-Cool has allowed Layla to shine like never before and along with Michelle, she has been the most consistently used Diva in 2010 thus far. Pay per view matches? Check. Long segments on SmackDown? Check. Moving the act over to Raw seems to be the next best bet. They’ve proven to be effective characters and we all know that Raw is pretty much SNL these days with more emphasis on character than wrestling. I feel that Michelle and Layla on Raw could actually help the women’s division over on Raw given that they are characters with the moves to back it up.

I don’t know about you, but I really like seeing Layla and Michelle as a team and the longer Layla’s wagon is hitched to Michelle, the less chance there is of her getting lost in the shuffle as jobber heel #2445543. I’d like to see this act continue for a little while longer, on Raw, before the two perhaps split up and even feud over the Divas Title — assuming Michelle were to win it from Eve eventually.

Layla has so much to offer and has upped her game ten-fold in the last year. As mentioned at the beginning, every year we’ve done this feature, I’ve always had Layla as one of my picks and every year so far, she has moved. I hope we can make it three for three [with Michelle in tow].

Check back tomorrow for the final pick

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  • BrittanyD

    I would be REALLY happy with this IF and only IF Michelle goes too.

    I could see Michelle on Raw and Layla staying on Smackdown and elevating herself to McCool’s current role. Or you take them both to Raw and have Lay-Cool there.

    I don’t want Layla moved to Raw and not Michelle.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/jordanmvsx Jordan

    I can see Layla being moved to RAW, but the only thing is I can still see them getting maybe a 2-3 minute segment, I just don’t see the writers being more effective, and that’s what sucks.

    Where ever they go, I want Layla & Michelle to stay together because they really complement each other and we haven’t seen a real good diva stable in a while.

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?id=1316433062&ref=profile ICROFT

    This is the only one i dont agree with, I think Lay-cool will break up at a extreme rules, and then Michelle will go to raw and layla can remain on Smackdown

  • Zephyr5326

    This pick is hard for me to agree with because I’m torn between where I’d like to see Laycool go next. I love them as a team, yet I want them to split and fued at the same time. I’d love them both to shine on RAW aswell, yet would Layla be able to do that because of the Guest Host BS? The Divas only get 2 minutes anyway, so I doubt RAW would be the ideal place to hold a secondary Diva fued in Layla vs Michelle. Well, it doesn’t have to be secondary (and if on RAW it wouldn’t be), it would be over the Divas Titles.

    I agree with the ideas behind this and if it happened, I’d be happy, yet I’d be happy if it didn’t aswell.

  • BrittanyD

    A Layla vs. Michelle feud should happen eventually but further down the line, and Layla should turn face as a result of that feud. Hey perhaps even give her a run with a title (talking months, not right now). She should definetly be rewarded for the improvements she’s made as of late, which is why I hope if she does go it is with Michelle and she isn’t put as jobber material on Raw.

  • Gail Kim #1

    I agree!

    Tomorrow, I predict that you’ll predict Jillian or Kelly Kelly > SmackDown! (maybe Maryse, but doubt it)


    Savannah to RAW as ring announcer mix up!

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    i dont want Lay-Cool to be together layla has to worry on getting a shot at one of the titles and not being freakin mccools partner, Michelle to RAW and Layla Stay On SD.

    The only divas i hope get drafted are Kelly,Jillian and Maryse To SD.
    MIchelle and Natalya To RAW.

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    alsoo the divas division is so effed up right now the only one;s tht could be revolved around titles are Beth,Michelle,Gail and Maryse, Melina Is Gone Till Late May.
    its hard to tell what the WWE is going to do. if kelly goes to smackdown they might end up giving her the Womens title at the end of the year which is pretty bad. but they always have tht Big Blockbuster trade with 15 wrestlers/divas during the summer

  • SoRandy4Rosa

    oh god please let this be wrong!! im going to a SD! house show in my home town in May and I really want to see Michelle AND Layla live!!


    Melanie, I sure hope your right about this. I have money riding on your predictions! LOL J/K. Seriously though, who’s going to claim the spot of top heel on SD! then? Foxy, Maryse or Rosa XD. Haha, scratch Rosa. I see Alicia Fox & Gail Kim really breaking out this year. The time is more than right! :).

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/art1ej art1e

    i have a feeling their gonna push layla on smackdown i really do & put michelle on raw…
    if not their both gonna stay on smackdown since they give the divas 7-10 minutes.

  • vonVile

    I want Layla to go to Raw because Michelle McCool is holding her back. The only reason McCool is entertaining is because on Layla. I love her arsenal of kick moves she has and her Lay-out finisher. It would rock if she also had Tajiri’s Buzzsaw Kicks.

    I’m still praying that somehow Layla gets inserted into the Extreme Rules PPV and comes out as Women’s champion.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/VisionOfPerfect1990 Toby

    I really hope Lay-Cool stay together for awhile longer. I’d like them to stay together till at least the summer; maybe even till the fall. With Layla as Michelle’s partner she will continue to get used. I like the idea of Michelle vs. Layla. I really see Michelle winning the Divas Title from Eve after a month or so. Then after a few months of holding it Michelle could turn on Layla leading to a face turn for Layla. So then Layla could feud with Michelle over the divas title. But sadly I don’t see them giving Layla the title, but we can only hope she wins the title eventually.

  • Dameon

    I can see LayCool staying on Smackdown due to their alliance with Vickie that they’ve been doing for a while. But, it would be nice to see Michelle move to another brand other than SD! But then again, she’s the franchise diva on SD! She’s been apart of the brand since she started out and I don’t think she’ll be moving until about a year or two. So, I think this is sort of a 50/50 moment of seeing Michelle go to RAW with Layla going with her.

  • FanOfTheSite

    I dont think Team Laycool should be moved to Raw, well I hope not. The way Raw treats the diva division is poor and bringing Laycool over would ruin what they have on Smackdown. I doubt the two of them would be allowed to do their entertaining theatrics. However, if they are moved to Raw, hopefully they are allowed to remain they way there are now and not be in those stupid diva matches set up by the hosts.

  • xxChristinaxx

    I would love to see Layla on RAW again.

  • JuicyJuiceBox

    I can see WWE shortchanging us and drafting each to different shows thereby splitting them up that way. That’s my expectation anyways.

  • dan :)

    ahhh i want …
    Raw: Michelle, Layla & Natayla
    Smackdown: Maryse, Gail and maybe Jillian

    speaking of maryse, anyone read her twitter? she just got attacked by a fan!

  • Zephyr5326

    Maryse got attacked? WTF?

    Anyway, I think Alicia Fox to Smackdown will be today’s pick. I thought Nattie would be picked for RAW too but this is only for fun I guess.

  • Dr.LL

    tbh…i am unsure, i deffo want to see LayCool remaing together.
    lets face it, this is the BEST booked diva team that weve had since the womens title came back in 98, there havent been any or many teams that are properly booked, you had mini alliances with Molly and Gail, Beth and Melina, Melina and Jillian, but non actually booked properly as a heel team, hell they even have there own team page on wikipedia *which to me is quite cool as a wiki buff lol*
    I can deffo see Michelle win the title of Eve, and i would LOVE come Summerslam time to have Michelle turn on Layla or Layla decide shes sick of Michelles shit…turning Layla face and then pushing Layla against Michelle.
    BUT of course we have the ‘lovely’ Melina, who will lets face it, not sit there and let Layla and Michelle feud, whilst shes taking a back seat, i only say this because Melina is one of those that does think she is really great and deserves the world, and dont get me wrong she is brilliant, but i really DOUBT that Melina would return from injury and not get immediately placed in the diva title feud.
    i GUESS that if Michelle won next month off Eve, Melina returns and LOSES the feud with Michelle, and then have a Layla Michelle feud….because that feud would be the breakdown of the greatest heel diva team ever, so it should be something taht could really get the crowd into, sorta like with Evoloution HHH/Randy then HHH/Batista it could work…and give Layla a few wins and she has the oppertunity to become a top diva, if Layla wins the feud, shes a top diva, if Michelle loses the feud shes a top diva, so WWE have a brilliant chance to make Layla a top diva, it wont matter to Michelle, she will be whether or not.

    sorry i do drag on :)

  • TrishMelinaFan

    I’m indifferent about this choice. I wouldn’t mind Layla being moved with Michelle or away, I just wanna’ see this girl break out already! She has all the qualities needed to be a top Diva, and I want to see her use it! Give this girl some mic time, ring time, and let her roll with it, because I’m 99.9% sure she won’t disappoint. I think 2010 is the year of the Brit’!

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Dr.LL-Haha, just checked out their Wiki page, and to me, once someone has their own wiki page, they’ve definitely made it. Haha :)

  • Dr.LL

    lol yeah ^
    well when it comes to diva teams
    i cant think of any divas in the past ten years who have their own team page
    the Bellas do….but you type in Nikki Bella, and it goes straight to the team page
    where as Layla and Michelle have their own pages AND a team page

    ^^ and i agree with you too. 2010 is the year of the Brit….Eve may be the first DS winner to win any title, but Layla cans till be the first Brit to win a title, and the first DS winner to win the womens so not all bad for her….is SHOULD be there year she has alll it takes

  • molly4ever

    The Vince’s Devils had one.

  • xmelissaa

    In some ways, I want Laycool to stay together, because that’s when Layla’s at her most used, but at the same time, I don’t want her to be Michelle’s lacky forever.

    If they are seperated, I hope Layla gets a push, and if they stay together, I’d love to see Michelle turn on Layla, and Layla turn face. :)