Salinas Gone From TNA

Another Knockout bites the dust. Salinas has left TNA Wrestling after some scheduling conflicts. Salinas, better known as Shelly Martinez, was offered a role in an Italian movie which she chose to take part in. Shelly offered to give up the role if TNA gave her a pay rise, which didn’t happen thus Shelly is gone from the company.

The storyline is that Jacqueline attacked her backstage at last night’s No Surrender pay per view, this will serve as her exit. It should be noted that Shelly’s contract was set to expire in October, anyway, along with many of the other Knockouts. Two Knockouts gone in as many months. What do you think?

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  • marco

    so they released her??? well we can expect a pot-shot and maybe even ariel to SD if she choses to wrestle again after that Italian movie

  • Mace

    wow is the knockout division falling apart? i hope not.

  • MH

    I like her, but not a big loss. She was good eyecandy and a pretty good manager, but her wrestling skills held her back. I DON’T see her going back to the WWE. She got fired because of an arguement with Batista and he has a more pull than what he should. She’ll be fine with acting, modeling (especially modeling), and occasional Indy shows.

  • Erin

    Damn.. a mere movie role in exchange for your career? That doesn’t seem like a smart move on her part, but we only know half the story.

  • SurpriseElement

    If Shelley could actually wrestle, this would be a serious loss, but her main role when she did get around to wrestling matches was to put over heels anyway. And Roxxi has been filling that role lately, and is a much better wrestler.

    Although, it’d be cool to see her back in the WWE. Wait a sec, Batista is still there, isn’t he?

    Never mind V__V

  • Tasha

    What did she have with batista?

  • SurpriseElement

    The supposed reason for Shelley being released was that backstage, The Animal was badmouthing the Divas, and that Shelley stood up in their defense. Big Dave took offense and told road agents and eventually word got the Johnny Ace and Vince, and she was released.

    Again, not entirely sure, but there is a pic of her holding a Batista action figure and flipping it off. So, there may be some truth to it.

  • Anthony

    this isn’t going to be a big loss to the company. she really didn’t do much for them. I also heard she just won a woman’s title on the indy circuit i think she will be fine

  • Ryan

    I saw her becoming a big star in TNA soon. Oh well. :/

  • Michelle

    Sounds like she’s a little bitter at not getting a pay rise, too. In a report I read, they asked her to appear at the PPV and then the Impact tapings to send her character off in a proper fashion, but she got haughty and said she wouldn’t. Bad move career-wise imo. It’s not like this stupid film is going to win her an Oscar or regular pay check, is it?

  • Luis

    thats so shocking she was gaetting good and everything
    well everything happens for a reason i guess

  • Lumby

    i’ll bet this is gonna be a softcore porn type movie, if not it’s gonna be some silly “thriller” with tons of horrible acting…good riddance she sucked anyway