Diva Draft 2010: Alicia Fox to SmackDown + Final Thoughts

Welcome to the third annual edition of our Diva Draft feature here at Diva Dirt! If you haven’t been with us over the last couple of years, the premise is simple — each year, I make six predictions/suggestions over six consecutive days in the lead up to the WWE Draft which this year falls on Monday, April 26th. In previous years, I have successfully managed to predict some of the movies; in 2008, I predicted both draft picks and in 2009, four of my six predictions came true with a fifth later being realised in the Diva Trade of October 2009. So, let’s hope this year will be just as fruitful. Check back for all six of my picks over the coming week!

Note: Due to Katie Lea’s release, this year’s Diva Draft has been cut down to just five predictions/suggestions as Katie was one of my six original picks.


In my fifth and final Draft pick for Diva Draft 2010, I nominate Alicia Fox to move to SmackDown. Yes, for the second year in a row, I want to see Ms Fierce move to pastures blue — last year, I had pegged Fox to move from ECW to SmackDown, which came true. Will it come true again?

Alicia Fox is a Diva on the rise, a Diva with all the tools for success — she just needs an opportunity to shine. She is easily, to me, the most exciting young Diva on the roster today. She has already shown that she can go in the ring with the best of them (Mickie James, Melina) and she has a sexy, unique look. During her last stay on SmackDown, she also began to develop some great personality which — to the shock of no one — disappeared when she was moved to the personality vacuum that is Raw in July. Even then, there were glimmers of attitude from Alicia, particularly in her two week feud with Mickie James. That feud resulted in an awesome match, often underrated, between the pair at Hell in a Cell.

Moving Fox back to SmackDown can only help her reach her potential. Should Lay-Cool move to Raw, as I predicted/suggested, then this young talent will only further get lost in the shuffle. As bold as it may sound, I’d really love to see Alicia move over to SmackDown, replacing McCool as the top heel and have a prolonged feud with Beth Phoenix. You can’t create stars without giving them opportunities (Eve is an example), I believe that Alicia deserves an opportunity to work a long programme with an experienced Diva that can help put her over that much more. Already, she’s got most of the tools she needs to succeed but they just need to be honed and crafted to perfection. Enter Beth.

Should Lay-Cool move over to Raw, you could even have Vickie Guerrero hang back and stay on SmackDown (after all she is the Official Consultant) and maybe become manager to Alicia. The rub that would give to Fox would help put her over even more.

Here is a Diva that could potentially be the future of the Divas division. Let’s hope she can break out!

Final Thoughts
So there we have it, Diva Draft 2010 is all done. Following McCool’s title loss last night at Extreme Rules, it’s looking more and more likely that she will move over to Raw and I’m hoping she takes Layla (and possibly Vickie) with her. This would perhaps the biggest move that could take place in the Draft and would perhaps be the only move to be made on the live broadcast tonight.

Over on Raw, I’d like to see the heel side lead by Michelle McCool and Layla, flagged perhaps by Maryse and Jillian with Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly and The Bella Twins on the face side. Of course when Melina returns, you have her steady hand also on the babyface side. It looks a possibility that The Hart Dynasty may move to Raw so there’s even a babyface Natalya to work that division.

SmackDown for me would be lead by Beth Phoenix with Gail Kim and Tiffany beneath her. As for the heel side, Alicia Fox would be my ideal pick to lead the heels followed by Rosa Mendes & Serena hopefully getting more active. I had pegged Katie Lea for a switch to SmackDown to be part of the heel side but obviously, that is now not going to happen. I could see Maryse moved over to SmackDown in place of McCool which I think would make an interesting dynamic also: Beth and Gail as top faces with Maryse and Alicia as top heels.

Either way, I should hope they beef up the SmackDown side a little more especially with the release of Mickie James.

Join us tonight for the WWE Draft live blog from 7.45pm ET/12.45am UK.

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  • RedHotVixen

    Yes. Yes! A MILLION TIMES YES! YES!! YES!!! Sorry. Got a little…carried away there. Anyway, 110% agree with you about the Foxy One. She is totally lost on RAW. If Lay-Cool move to RAW, Foxy and Maryse could be a force to be reconed with on Smackdown.

  • Kaledrina

    would love to see alicia back on smackdown, perhaps even with jillian or maryse as an occasional tag partner.

    to be honest, much like eve, i don’t think alicia should’ve left smackdown to begin with – it’s like the past six or eight months have been nothing more than a few steps back for the both of them. she definitely has the potential to reach top heel status. hell, top face even. it’s just a case of wwe putting their faith in her.

  • MikeChrisH

    YES YES YES YES YES!!!! PLEASE!!! I really hope LayCool actually go to RAW and Alicia gets chance to feud with Beth and get the title in a few months.

    I also hope Jillian goes to SD too to be Alicia’s tag partner or something. Hell I’d take Jillian being the top heel as well though.

    They’re really wasting Alicia (and Jillian) away on RAW.

  • MikeChrisH

    Maryse, yes. Please send Maryse there as well, with the Miz. I just hope they wouldn’t push Maryse over Alicia again though.

  • BrittanyD

    I would like this.

    Alicia is one of those “oh she still works there?” kinda girls but she does have talent. Smackdown would give her more time.

    Either move her or release her in my opinion, because she is worthless on Raw.

  • Kaledrina

    “They’re really wasting Alicia (and Jillian) away on RAW.”

    i so hope they get to be together wherever the end up, they’ve had a couple of nice moments interacting with each other.

    thinking about it.. alicia hasn’t been on raw the last month, has she? i guess a move could be imminent.

  • http://ultra-fox.com/ Erwin

    I love for her to get moved back to Smackdown, but I dont know if the WWE would put Vickie as her manager considering they have “history” with the whole Edge bit but who knows they dont want us to remember those things.

  • https://twitter.com/anniluci Ana_Nattie_rules

    I wouldn’t like this. Alicia would probably be, the biggest jobber heel if this happened and she seems more RAW gimmick matches to me, even though I think she’s talented.

  • Litaker61

    I think this move needs to happen. Alicia has great potential, and a feud with Beth would do wonders for her. I definitely think she has what it takes to be one of the top heels in the company but if this is to happen shes gotta move to Smackdown. Take Maryse with her and if Vickie stays on Smackdown we’ve got ourselves a new diva faction.

  • Gail Kim #1

    Sounds good! But I would replace Rosa in your other pick with Jillian, I just think it’s her time to move, I can’t see Zack Ryder on SD! But you never know!

    Great picks though Melanie!

    I just hope Gail Kim gets drafted tomorrow on the main show and she gets to walk out with her music playing and raise her hand with the ‘#1 sign’ in some super hot dress!

    Either that or Beth vs Gail Kim (First time since fatal 4 way or tag match on RAW) and Beth wins but it’s competitive and Gail gets drafted to SD!

  • Jayd211

    id love to see alicia back on smackdown she deserves it but i really hope that they dont move maryse there cuz if they do then they will push her for the womens title and i seriously couldnt take maryse serious as Women’s Champion and i couldnt take her beating beth seriously either. id love to see gai move and take a heel turn i think of the options available shes the only one i can see creditably feuding with beth over the belt right now. plus i dont think alicia should jump straight into a feud with beth cause after the months of her not having a character she needs time to build her self backup

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    this was at first a bad idea to me but then i over thought it and remembered the fatal 4 way from last year between Kelly,Alicia,Gail and Beth and remembered how alicia was acting like she isnt scared of beth so if she went to SD she could compete against beth for the title i see alicia fox being the future really soon her and eve will take over when michelle,melina and beth leave.

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Going To SD Can Help The Divas Like Kelly,Alicia,Gail, and Eve Get Way Better In There Performances I Mean Gail Is Being So Jobbbed On Raw, Kelly Just Regurly Sucks But If SD Can Help Her Like They Did For Layla.Tiffany is Doing Great Also. Eve is botching way too much.

  • Tunccy

    Im exciteddddd!

    like always im hoping for jillian to go to smackdown.

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Tonight’s Diva Match Will Most Likely Be A Tag Team Match or Maybe Start A Twist Into the feud for Michelle/Eve and have a match between the two and then have michelle get drafted to RAW.

    Michelle,Kelly,Jillian are my only picks to get drafted.
    Maryse and Natalya Might Also But Who Knows. But Those Are My 5 Predictions.

  • crazyinsane11

    Can’t wait for the draft!

    Alicia Fox = Awesome

  • Jayd211

    i think natalya is gonna go to raw but i think the is gonna win the tag belts tonite and if thats the case she’ll just go fom show to show with them so she mite not other than that i expect jillian and mayse to go to smackdown (id prefer alicia and gail) and laycool to go to raw

  • TrishMelinaFan

    I don’t think it’s about who goes where, it’s about who goes to Smackdown, because the draft isn’t going to suddenly revitalize the women’s division. Whoever goes to Smackdown lucks out big time!

  • theregoeskitty

    i hope so Alicia has vanished from our screens lately, i miss are Alicia fierce

  • http://www.tpwprowrestling.freeforums.org Juan

    I don’t think wwe has enough talented divas to hold up two strong womens divisions…so my prediction is that one show will prosper, give us entertaining segments & matches while the other will do the exact opposite….

  • Kaledrina

    “I don’t think wwe has enough talented divas to hold up two strong womens divisions…so my prediction is that one show will prosper, give us entertaining segments & matches while the other will do the exact opposite….”

    so true. and it’s not a knock on the girls themselves, they’ve all got the potential but it’s deifnitely hard when there’s a roster of so many but only 3 real divas with any personality – michelle, beth and maryse – the rest are mere support characters. you can’t build one division around three main players, let alone two divisions. =/

  • TheHartDynasty

    Predictions:Live show 3 hour event Michelle McCool will get drafted to Raw and Gail Kim or Kelly Kelly will get drafted to Smackdown.
    Final shows will be………….
    Raw New Roster: Michelle McCool, Layla, Tiffany, Natalya(The Hart Dynasty), Eve Torress, Brie and NIkki Bella, Rosa Mendez, Kelly Kelly
    Smackdown New Roster will be: Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, Maryse, Alicia Fox, Jillian, Serena(SES)
    Savanna NXT
    Melina Injured

  • TheHartDynasty

    Also with the lack of fave divas over here on Smackdown i hope AJ Lee will come up from developmental imagine the Tag team matches her and Gail can put up also I just WANT GAIL TO BE USED!!!!

  • Jack5326

    Just wanted to post my predictions here for when I prove them right later tonight lol!

    To RAW (Main Show):

    CM Punk
    John Morrison
    Michelle McCool

    To RAW (Supplemental Draft):

    DH Smith
    Luke Gallows
    Tyson Kidd

    To SD! (Main Show):

    Cody Rhodes
    John Cena
    Randy Orton

    To SD! (Supplemental Draft):

    Alicia Fox
    Chavo Guerrero
    Chris Masters
    Evan Bourne
    Gail Kim
    Kofi Kingston
    Yoshi Tatsu

    There we go, perfect. :)

  • Jayd211

    umm @ Jack u moved the WWE champion without moving the World Champion so both belts would be on smackdown