Kelly Kelly Drafted to SmackDown

In the first move of the 2010 WWE Draft, Kelly Kelly was drafted to the SmackDown brand after Team Lay-Cool defeated Raw’s Eve Torres & Maryse to win a Draft pick.

As a result of her draft, Kelly became the #10 top trending topic on Twitter worldwide. Pretty cool feat in itself.

What do you think of Kelly on SmackDown? Sound off in the comments and vote below!

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  • Bobby Lea Burchill

    Kelly needed the move badly. Now I’m hoping that Gail, Alicia, Tiffany, and Natalya swap in the supplemental

  • RangerDeon

    This gives her a chance to be used more. Plus I’m sick of RAW and its stupid guest host thing where they put her in these dumb matches of segments. Hopefully she’ll get a chance to show her stuff and pretty soon get title matches and all that jazz.

  • xcc77

    Thank goodness, Kelly needed this so bad. After she showed improvement on ECW/Smackdown in 2007 I really like her. Then she was drafted to Raw and just become really boring. She is gonna be such a popular face on smackdown!

  • xkellykiller

    I know a lot of Kelly fans will think this is a downgrade because Kelly isn’t on the “A-show” anymore, but what they have to realize is Raw is only the A show for superstars NOT divas. This is the best gift the WWE could give Kelly. She’ll be so re-invented, I’m so happy for her. I can’t wait to see her on Smackdown now in full seven minute matches instead of that three minute crap.

  • MickieFan226

    I think this move is okay. Kelly will grow as a character for sure.

  • layglamacool

    Kelly Kelly was the most over face diva on raw so why move her to smackdown? I don’t see the logic in that. So i guess gail kim will be the face jobber on raw and tiffany the face jobber on smackdown. I guess beth needs a sidekick so they made it kelly kelly

  • Kaledrina

    agreed, it doesn’t make sense for wwe to move one of their two divas (the other being beth) who actually gets a DECENT reaction to the pre-taped (canned cheers) show.

    also, it just doesn’t feel right having tiffany and kelly on the same brand? they’re too same-y for me.

  • Juan

    Melina is still on RAW and didn’t they want to build EVE up, so I can kinda see why kelly was drafted…I just think her reactions will over shadows Beths

  • Litaker61

    This kinda worries me that Kelly is the top diva smackdown is going to get, I thought Maryse would be heading over but i guess not. All the same i think this move was needed and could help mould Kelly into championship material instead of a spot monkey.

  • xMissxBellax

    I’m not happy about this decision, seeing as I mostly care for and watch Smackdown’s divas, where the Divas get a real chance to shine. I feel like Kelly might slow things down or will be too much of a focus much like Maria was. Not saying Kelly hasn’t improved I just don’t think she can go eight minutes and hold my attention. Especially with all the spotlight moves.

  • ebmich

    Faces, in theory, should be likeable enough to the point that if they are getting their face kicked in, you feel sorry. Likewise, said face finally beats the bully, you feel good. Out of all the Divas, Kelly is one of the few is a natural face.

    If Michelle stays on SD, there goes attempt #157792 in trying to get her over.

  • Toby

    Hopefully she can grow as a wrestler and establish a character instead of random face #49271 on Smackdown.

  • Juan

    Hmm…maybe Kelly is another attempt of wwe to try and get mccool over (seriously how many people have they buried to put this girl over??)

  • Kaledrina

    ha, i actually forgot about melina, so yeah, i guess raw has back-up when she returns from injury. true about how kelly could overshadow beth when it comes to crowd reaction. also, this means kelly could end up being women’s champion somewhere down the line. that doesn’t sit right to me.

    ya know, if mccool stays on sd! she’ll be buring kelly. and if mccool moves to raw, she’ll be burying eve. both options are kinda crappy.

  • Kaledrina

    although on the PLUS side, michelle had a habit of bringing out the best in maria. hopefully kelly can follow suit as she’s definitely been a bit stale the past year or two.

  • xkellykiller

    @Juan, omgawd. So agreed. They’ve used Mickie, Maria, Melina, and more to get Michelle over. She just needs charisma. The crowd doesn’t care about Michelle because tbh (IMO, anyway) she isn’t the most interesting/charismatic heel to watch. I think Maryse has the “it” factor and charisma when it comes to heel. I would love if they put her on Smackdown and feuded her with Beth.

  • art1e

    I dont know what wwe wnats to do with kelly since she cant control a match & can only do afew things in-ring & shes god-awful on the mic,even thou shes over wit the crowd i dont see her lasting much longer & i think shes got much left to do in wwe….

  • spiffy

    I like the move. She should definitely get more ring time on SD. Better her than Tiffany.

  • chrisP

    With the main draft finished, is it safe to assume Eve, Beth, Maryse, and Michelle are staying put? If any of them were going to be drafted, you think they would have done it on Raw, not the supplemental draft.

  • Mikas

    “They’ve used Mickie, Maria, Melina, and more to get Michelle over.”

    You can also reverse it: “They used Michelle to get some good matches out of them”. Michelle might not be the most charasmatic diva in WWE, but for some reason she brings the best out of her opponents.

  • Mikas

    “With the main draft finished, is it safe to assume Eve, Beth, Maryse, and Michelle are staying put?”

    Pretty much yes, if any of those would’ve moved it would be on RAW, they are all bigger names than Kelly.

    The Supplemental draft is probably for Rosa, Alicia or Gail. But i dont think Gail will move, they have 3 faces on SD (4 if you count Natalya) and 2 heels (3 if you add Serena). So probably only Alicia or Rosa will be moved.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    This is a great move!!! Kelly is finally gonna’ be able to come into her own! :)

  • Voldemaart

    I think it’s ok. Maybe new brand also means new wrestling moves by Kelly.

  • daemonicwanderer317

    While it is good for Kelly, this draft isn’t great for the divas. You have Eve and Maryse still feuding, which is fine until you get to the ring. Maryse is not strong enough to let Eve do some of the things she did with Michelle, but the intensity is great. However both ladies probably need to be feuding with people better in the ring than they are so that the “diva maineventers” can all be solid in the ring.

    Beth and Michelle is going to get boring real quick. Beth has managed to give Michelle and the gang their comeuppence and after Michelle there is really no one for Beth to take on. She isn’t going to take on Kelly (they’re both faces) and she isn’t going to take on Serena right now. SD! is stuck with Beth and Michelle for a while. At least Eve could feud with Jillian for a second for a change of pace.

    PS- BRING BACK COCKY, PREENING FRENCHIE!!!! Let Maryse show she can taunt and wrestle at the same time.

  • RedHotVixen

    I am not happy. Kelly is already over with the fans. Gail deserved this much more than Kelly does. And with Lay-Cool now on RAW, the other heels, Alicia, Jillian, will be completely buried. I hope the Suplement Draft brings us better results.