Introducing the Untitled Allison Danger Show: Episode 1

Allison Danger has arrived at Diva Dirt! The SHIMMER co-founder and 10 year wrestling veteran has joined Diva Dirt to bring our readers her very own podcast. The currently untitled show will complement our already established show with Kristin Astara, ‘Kristin & Friends’, and will be available for stream and download every other week.

The Untitled Allison Danger Show features gossip and opinion from the world of women’s wrestling, plus regular features such as ‘Douchecanoe of the Week’ and ‘Promotion of the Week’. Each week, Allison is joined by her co-hosts — SHIMMER’s backstage interviewer extraordinaire, Amber Gertner and Diva Dirt‘s very own Steven.

This week: On the first episode, Danger and co. discuss the Kong/Bubba situation, Tara leaving TNA, Mickie James & Katie Lea’s releases from WWE, plus much more!

To listen to the show directly on the website, just click on the play button below. You can also download the show in MP3 format straight to your computer by right-clicking here and choosing ‘Save Target As’. File size: 10.5mb.


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Allison wants your help to name her show! Vote for your favourite name from the list below. The new name will be unveiled on episode two on May 15th.

Be sure to follow Allison on Twitter at @allisondanger. You can also follow Amber and Steven on Twitter at @AmberGertner and @HarderTheyFall.

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    Danger Zone is the best one. Got Danger? reminds to much of Got Milk? so is definitly a no no. Unfortunately I kinda can’t hear this right now, but tomorrow i’ll make my weird review ( I say weird because I usually comment while listening so sometimes the whole post doesn’t make a lot of sense)

    I’m happy with this iniciative, though. It isn’t every day that a wrestler is willing to give the fans they’re opinions and thats what I like most here at DD.

  • BC757

    Voted for Got Danger? Great Show loved the Douchcanchoe of the Week, i like that its not as girly as Kristin’s show no offence to her show

  • PedroPedroso17

    Best piece of audio evaaaa!! Honestly, this is so good. And I swear to god Allisons voice sounds better then Whitneys singing pre-crack.

  • BobAnthony

    Alison, go for The Danger Zone!


  • RadicalRhys297

    Best, audio, ever… xP I voted for The Danger Zone, sounds sexy. =-P

    DOUCHECANOE!! I remember that, tis awesome. xD

  • Bobby Lea Burchill

    Good fuck almighty, this show is epic. Danger can keep my attention on anything and Amber Gertner is a perfect choice for co-host since she’s got experience working the mic. Steven also fit in great as the linkmaster and knowledgable one of the batch. Never let this show stop going because I can guarentee the comments are gonna explode to anyone who listens to it. A+

    Also, the danger zone = best. That is all.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Awesomeness!!!! his was great1 And man I love Allison Dnager. She’s utterly hilarious, and really, really cool. So how many podcasts is that now, 3? 4? Diva Dirt rocks, and to have podcasts from two veterans in the wrestling business is amazing!

    Danger Zone owns all.

  • molly4ever

    wow this show is awesome. i hope its weekly

  • Mikas

    Great show! Allison Danger and Amber both have the perfect voice for a show like this.

    And definately “Danger Zone” for the name.

  • RadicalRhys297

    Oh also, make this a weekly or monthly show, we NEED more of The Danger Zone! >=P

  • Bryan

    I really liked this new segment on Diva Dirt, & I definitely think Melanie should keep this podcast on the site, It would really help a lot of visitors who are not that familiar with the indie scene in Women’s Wrestling. And i thought Allison was very fun to listen too & she could be a nice addition to the ‘Kristin & Friends’ podcast that is already here, Its just surreal to see how many Women’s Wrestlers have been checking this site out.
    And i really think ‘The Danger Zone’ would really fit the podcast. Againg great show Allison & Steven. :)

  • TRiSHA

    Team Kong.

    I agree with her saying that she haven’t been impressed by Jillian work in the WWE because I haven’t either.

    I want to see Batista go 2. But I somehwhat believe that story because I really think Batista is really an ass, he did something like that with Shelly M.

    LOL@ she saying talking about dead people what about Bret Micheals.

    Allsion is so funny. I really hope this would happen everyweek.

    The name I would go for is “Thoughts from the Danger Zone”.

  • essence814

    The Danger Zone!

    Hilarious! I <3 the show!

  • madslam2009

    Is The ass Hulk Hogan listeiningto this
    Or is Dixie because if she just listened, She realized her mistake

  • madslam2009

    Oh and i forgot

    TEAM KONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Evergrey06

    Loved it, Danger is always great to listen to. I eagerly await the next show.

  • MikeChrisH

    I actually think the show should be called the Untitled Allison Danger Show. lol It sounds corky and I like it.

    Anyways, great show!

  • gavin harvey

    the Danger Zone is best

    i really enjoyed this
    allison seems so down to earth

    diva dirt should keep this going
    they had me laughing alot too
    i relly enjoyed it ;)

  • Looking Glass

    I love it! I love Kristin & Friends and I love how this show goes with it, but it doesn’t copy it, they co-exist perfectly with Allison and Kristin’s personlaities. I quite like it as it is as the Untitled Allison Danger show, I mean it’s quirky and it just sort works as it is :) I like how Amber’s involved to stop it becoming too alike Kristin & Friends. I would love for one day to see Allison on Kristin and Friends or Krstin on the U.A.D. Show. ‘Douchecanoe’! I think I actually used that the other day kudos to Allison and talking Lost is to me what it is for the girls on this site when Kristin and Co. talk make-up.

    Great addition to the site, so glad to hear more from Allison, I loved her first interview here and wanted to hear more form her, she has such a great personality and it’s come true. I love the audio shows round here, so just keep up the great work everyone :)

  • DjayDay

    i just tweeted this to Dixie carter:

    @TNADixie look Dixie, i love the knockouts, but you need to get “Allison Danger” in charge of booking them. YOu’d get some great ratings!

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Maybe you guys should name the show:

    Allis-In DangerZone :P

    (Get it? Alice in Wonderland? :P)

  • Toby

    Wow very entertaining show; love it.

    @TrishMelinaFan I kind of like that name lol.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Toby-lol, gracias :P

  • Jack5326

    Cool new show! I’ve not seen any of Allison’s work (hangs head in shame!) but I’ve been a fan of her vocal abilities, she makes me zone in and I’m not distracted. I love how this is an alternative to Kristin And Friends, and I learn more about the indies in this one. And no disrespect to the other Diva-Dirt team members but Steven should be exclusive to this show, with the others joining Cryssi. Steven is definitely more of an Indie correspondent anyway, so he fits great into this show, plus he’s met and interviewed Allison loads before. Obviously that’s what he was put on the show, but anyway, great first episode.

    Oh and I’d love to see a viewer questions part, that’d be awesome. :)

  • theregoeskitty

    LMAO “do you think i could ever be like Oprah…. i want to give out cars”
    “Steven your going to be like the gay best friend…minus the gay part” Alison says the most awesomest things XD

    love the show, i like the Danger zone as the name

    I’m Team kong obviously, glad bubba got fired today