D3 Returns Tomorrow: Your Ideas & Questions for the Team

We are bringing back our audio show, D3 which will air three times a week — Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays — here on Diva Dirt in the mornings. The show begins back tomorrow and will continue through the summer.

For those who haven’t heard the show before, it was an [almost] daily show that covered the latest news and featured topical discussion. Both myself and Erin will be back to host the new show, plus we will be introducing a third host to the team in keeping with the show’s theme around the number three. Former TNA correspondent, Tiffany makes her official Diva Dirt return tomorrow and will be our new co-host on D3.

We want to make this show interactive and get your input as much as possible. Got an idea for a segment on the show? Got something you’d like to see us talk about on a weekly basis? Let us know in the comments.

Also, we’ll be bringing back the D3 Mailbag. Leave your questions for Erin, Melanie and Tiffany in the comments.

Check back tomorrow morning for the first episode of D3 season two!

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