D3 Returns Tomorrow: Your Ideas & Questions for the Team

We are bringing back our audio show, D3 which will air three times a week — Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays — here on Diva Dirt in the mornings. The show begins back tomorrow and will continue through the summer.

For those who haven’t heard the show before, it was an [almost] daily show that covered the latest news and featured topical discussion. Both myself and Erin will be back to host the new show, plus we will be introducing a third host to the team in keeping with the show’s theme around the number three. Former TNA correspondent, Tiffany makes her official Diva Dirt return tomorrow and will be our new co-host on D3.

We want to make this show interactive and get your input as much as possible. Got an idea for a segment on the show? Got something you’d like to see us talk about on a weekly basis? Let us know in the comments.

Also, we’ll be bringing back the D3 Mailbag. Leave your questions for Erin, Melanie and Tiffany in the comments.

Check back tomorrow morning for the first episode of D3 season two!

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  • Jack5326

    People might think this sounds sad, but I loved D3, so I’m really glad it’s back, it was one of my favourites. In terms of features, I’d love to see some form of competition with some form of shoutout being the weekly prize, and then the person who gets 3 shoutouts first or something could eventually be on D3 one time or be a guest panellist for the Diva Dirt Jury or something like that. That sums up audience interaction and means people could get an input on the site without being a proper member.

    In terms of questions, I suppose I’ll just ask Tiffany what she’s been up to since she left Diva-Dirt, but that would be addressed already anyway.

    Can’t wait for tommorow. :)

  • Jennifer L134

    Name: Jennifer (obviously lol)

    My question is for Tiffany – what’s she been up to since leaving the DD team? And being the former TNA correspondant, what does she think of the Knockouts division as of late? Very glad to see her back, her write ups were accurate and funny (although Cryssi’s done very well too!)

  • http://yahoo.com madslam2009

    Name: I prefer to be unknown and just call me Madslam2009
    My question: Tiffany, obiovously the TNA knockouts division has made a turn for the worst. What is your opinon on the current state of the Knockouts Division and can they patch it up? I would also like to here Erin’s idea since Melanie gave us her opinon alredy.

  • litafan123

    question : what was the worst botch or match you rember and what is you favourite diva finishing move of all time

  • Alex

    question for Tiffany: Are you surprised how good Maria has been doing on the celebrity apprentice? Did you think she was going to be eliminated early on in the show?

  • DjayDay

    Question for Tiffany: Why do you think that Knockouts like Hamada, ODB, Sarita, Taylor Wilde and Daffney, who are naturally pretty aren’t being utilized as proper talents? Also welcome back!

    Question for Melanie: Do you think Awesome Kong will join WWE, or be recruted?

    Question for Erin: Which Divas do you think would continue wrestling in places like SHIMMER, ROH or TNA after they would be released? Who has that true passion and skill in your eyes?

  • PedroPedroso17

    Question for Melanie: What are your thoughts on Eve becoming a champion? And who do you see as championship material from the rest of the girls that haven’t met the chance to hold either of the titles?

    And, welcome back Tiffany!! We missed you!!

  • TrishMelinaFan

    YAAAAAAAY! As extremely sad as this might sound, D3 was epic and it literally MADE my Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays! :P

    OMG, I keep forgetting to comment on Tiffany returning, and here’s an opening so, here goes:

    Welcome back, Tiffany! A flurry of newbies (I mean that in an endearing way, people) have flooded the site, so most might not be aware of you, but I STILL AM!!!!! Tiffany, your write ups were epic, and so were you!!! (Don’t worry, Cryssi, you still have my ‘fav’ spot locked in :P)

    The thing I loved the most about your write ups were that it felt like you yourself were a character, Maryse-esque if you will. The way you wrote felt condescending, but in such a likeable way, ala’ Maryse :) (Yes, that is a complement, not a bitch attack).

    Can’t wait to see you return, and I look SO forward to it!

    As for what segments you should include, I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this, but I think diva-dort should have a “Ask us” session, where the fans ask you guys for advice on any every-day or even elaborate problem, ala’ Wendy Williams (Who I love). You guys are all in your twenties, and most of the people who ask for advice would be younger, and you guys will have probably have already gone through what we are asking advice on, so…..yeah. It would be anonymous, as in we send e-mails and you guys choose the two questions that you think most need help. It could get a bit personal at times, but you’d just have to be careful and avoid any deep contreversy. I think it would be a huge success to be honest! :) Think about it :)

    Ok, question time!

    Name: Chris B.

    Question for Tiffany- Welcome back! Hope you remember MEHHHH! :P

    Anyways, what made you come back and how did it happen? :)

    Question for Erin- What is your wierdest twin-related story? (I have a friend who’s a twin and it is cooool :P)

    Question for Melanie-Since you have a degree in journalism (I think) what would be your dream job, or your ‘peak’ if you will in journalism?

    Thank you! I REALLY appreciate this and the site, especially all the hard work you put into it. Don’t doubt yourselves for ONE second, because you’ll always have fans who love and appreciate it, so thank you! *hugs*

    There’s no way to show how much I appreciate this site, but I hope this helps! :)

  • B Fizzle

    I want to start off by saying welcome back Tiffany! I concur with everyone else that her write ups were so funny, and lord knows wrestling could use her humor now more than ever.

    I hate to be general but I guess my question for Tiffany is what do you think of some thing that have happened since you were last here (Kong/Bubba, Mickie, Maria/Melina) and what do you think of WWE and TNA’s current product? Specifically RAW since you’ve made your feelings for Maryse clear in the past. :P

  • BC757

    Name:BC757 or Bryan
    i would like to see a guest host element to D3 and a spotlight on the indies and in TNA and WWE

    on Monday: indys (someone you guys could be the next best thing)
    on Wed: Raw someone who shined on raw
    on Fri: Impact and Smackdown

    Also, keep the Happy Hour i love to hear it after i get off of work and what ever happened to the orginial post impact team?

  • DarknessRuler

    Question [For Everyone] – There’s been many former Knockouts/Divas interviewed for the website. But, who would be in your Top 5 of former Divas/Knockouts that haven’t been interviewed, that you’d want to be interviewed for the website?

  • DarknessRuler

    Oh, as for an idea for the segment, how about a sort of review of the direction to a current storyline or………other lol. [Opinions on Tara’s current psycho change in TNA, Lay-Cool targeting Kelly Kelly, Maryse vs Eve feud.]

  • Dameon

    Tiffany: Due to your elaborate absence, what do you plan on doing and improving thus your return?

    Erin: Where do you think TNA will stand after Taylor and Tara’s departure? Do you think Sarita will find a new partner or will she fly solo?

    Melanie: Do you think that WWE NXT is just a bootleg version of the WWE Diva search that was canceled in 2007?

  • Lady Sheamus

    Name: Lady Sheamus

    Question (to all/anyone): Something that’s been bothering me for a while now is HHH/King making fun of Lilian Garcia on the Raw episode when the others were stranded abroad due to the volcano, playing on the backstage inside joke that they view Lillian Garcia as being horse-faced (which is utterly ridiculous). Mick Foley addressed this on his MySpace, taking up for Garcia and I was just wondering what Diva-Dirt’s thoughts on this are. ONE of the reasons it bothers me so much is because I think about how people want Kong to go to WWE, but given how ignorant WWE is, making fun of women’s weight and supposed-manliness, upon reflection I think it an even worse idea than before. I would be curious of anyone’s thoughts.

    P.S. If this has been addressed before (or if it is a topic to be avoided) then please excuse me for asking about it.