Awesome Kong Tops PWI Female 50

The unstoppable former TNA Knockouts Champion, Awesome Kong has been revealed as the Diva/Knockout to top the first ever PWI Female 50. As we reported last week, Pro Wrestling Insider, a prestigious wrestling magazine chose to launch the ‘Female 50′ as a companion to the popular ‘PWI 500′ which is dedicated to male wrestlers.

Following Kong is the current WWE Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix. First ever Divas Champion, Michelle McCool debuts at #9 and current Knockout Champion, Taylor Wilde is in at #13.

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It should be noted that PWI has opted to exclude Mexican and Japanese women’s wrestlers from the rankings – sans Sarah Stock. Regarding this. PWI wrote: “That isn’t intended to be a slight against international competitors. More so than with the male counterparts, women’s wrestling varies tremendously between the North American style, the Japanese joshi puroresu styles and the Mexican lucha libre style. With few notable exceptions (such as Sumie Sakai and Gail Kim), a wrestler who excels in one style may fare much more poorly in a different style. Besides, we wanted to shine the spotlight primarily on the U.S. and Canadians competitors first. If reader response to this special section is strong, perhaps we will consider ranking more women, including international competitors, in the future.”

On how they ranked the wrestlers, PWI wrote: “To determine this list and compile the rankings, we examined a variety of criteria. While placing special emphasis on a wrestler’s accomplishments over the past calender year, we also took note of each women’s career accomplishments as well. For example, a veteran like Malia Hosaka may not have wrestled as many matches or as many high-profile bouts as Cherry over the past 12 months, but based on her accomplishments throughout her 20-plus year career, we felt she deserved inclusion.”

PWI also went over possible controversy in regards to ranking the likes of Maria and Velvet Sky ahead of more “scientifically skilled technicians” such as Lexie Fyfe and Cindy Rogers. Prominence and marketability factored into the rankings as it’s not only based on technical ability and accomplishments. PWI wrote: “We evaluated each woman on championships held, quality of opposition faced, overall athletic ability, prominence, and marketability. To some critics, those last two criteria may be controversial. After all, some may argue that wrestlers like Maria Kanellis and Velvet Sky have no business being ranked ahead of more scientifically skilled technicians like Cindy Rogers and Lexie Fyfe. We would argue that marketability and prominence are an important aspect of pro wrestling, and that the success of these Divas and Knockouts have had on such a major stage has to be taken into consideration.”

PWI Female 50
1. Awesome Kong
2. Beth Phoenix
3. Gail Kim
4. Mickie James
5. MsChif
6. Sarah Del Ray
7. Roxxi Laveaux
8. Melina
9. Michelle McCool
10. Candice Michelle

Rest after the cut:

11. Mercedes Martinez
12. Victoria
13. Taylor Wilde
14. ODB
15. Daizee Haze
16. Angelina Love
17. Jacqueline
18. April Hunter
19. Natalya
20. Sumie Sakai
21. Allison Danger
22. Traci Brooks
23. Velvet Sky
24. Sarah Stock
25. Moose Knuckles
26. Katie Lea Burchill
27. Cherry
28. Cheerleader Melisa (a.k.a. Raisha Saeed)
29. Maria Kanellis
30. Amber O’Neal
31. Lexie Fyfe
32. Kelly Kelly
33. Cindy Rogers
34. Jillian Hall
35. Malia Hosaka
36. Christie Ricci
37. Becky Bayless
38. Alere Little Feather
39. Layla El
40. Kelly Couture
41. Jamie D (a.k.a. Sirelda)
42. Christy Hemme
43. Milena Roucka
44. Annie Social
45. Lufisto
46. Rhaka Khan
47. Danyah
48. Jennifer Blake
49. Daffney
50. Portia Perez

Rankings by affiliation

World Wrestling Entertainment
1. Beth Phoenix (2)
2. Mickie James (4)
3. Melina (8)
4. Michelle McCool (9)
5. Candice Michelle (10)
6. Victoria (12)
7. Natalya (19)
8. Katie Lea Burchill (26)
9. Maria Kanellis (29)
10. Kelly Kelly (32)
11. Jillian Hall (34)
12. Layla El (39)
13. Milena Roucka (43)

1. Awesome Kong (1)
2. Roxxi Laveaux (7)
3. Taylor Wilde (13)
4. ODB (14)
5. Angelina Love (16)
6. Jacqueline (17)
7. Traci Brooks (22)
8. Velvet Sky (23)
9. Moose Knuckles (25)
10. Cheerleader Melisa (a.k.a. Raisha Saeed (28)
11. Christy Hemme (42)
12. Rhaka Khan (46)

Top Non-Affiliated Women’s Wrestlers
1. Gail Kim (3)
2. MsChif (5)
3. Sarah Del Ray (6)
4. Mercedes Martinez (11)
5. Daizee Haze (15)
6. April Hunter (18)
7. Sumie Sakai (20)
8. Allison Danger (21)
9. Sarah Stock (24)
10. Cherry (27)
11. Amber O’Neal (30)
12. Lexie Fyfe (31)
13. Cindy Rogers (32)
14. Malia Hosaka (35)
15. Christie Ricci (36)
16. Becky Bayless (37)
17. Alere Little Feather
18. Kelly Couture (40)
19. Jamie D (a.k.a. Sirelda) (41)
20. Annie Social (44)
21. Lufisto (45)
22. Danyah (47)
23. Jennifer Blake (48)
24. Daffney (49)
25. Portia Perez (50)

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  • Crystal

    *sighs* Victoria should be in the top 10 not Candice

  • Erin

    Pretty good for the WWE to have 5 Divas in the top 10. I can’t say I disagree too much, although I could probably nitpick a few things.

  • Crystal

    and Why is Natalya 19?! and KLayla’s 39!That;s ridiculous

  • Mike

    Candice made top 10? WOOT. ^_^

    Good list. I’m guessing this was based on who’s used more, etc rather then who’s the better talent.

  • Anthony

    i can’t believe candice is in the top 10 and victoria and natalya arent…and where the hell is maryse!? haha

  • stephens61086

    Ok Why is Maria higher than Jillian, Kelly and Layla?? Why is Layla the bottom diva (not inc Roucka), Maria has been wrestling longer than Layla and Kelly but her matches are awful compared to some of the entertaining bouts we used to see on Ecw. Poor Jillian :(

  • Mike

    This isn’t based off of talent. This is based off of who’s accomplished more and who’d been used more and used best.

  • Melanie

    Obviously some people didn’t read the post before looking at the list. Or they did and just felt they would complain anyway. Erin and I know just how hard it is to put a list like this together with the Perfect 10, you can’t please everyone. List looks fine to me, though I would put Michelle at #7 myself.

  • Jane

    Pretty awesome that they included girls like Kelly Couture who. :) Congrats to all the girls that made the cut.

  • Mike

    Michelle is about right. I’m shocked Candice got such a high spot after being inactive for almost a year. Her push last year has helped her leaps and bounds.

  • Cameron

    I don’t see why Cherry is so high on the list. She never really made a bang anywhere this year. It was kinda a bad year for her. But keep your head up high girl.

  • Cameron

    I agree with Melanie too, Michelle should be #7. I also think Melina should be #5

  • Mike

    Off topic, but aren’t you guys gonna post SVR09 divas coverage, Beth, Kelly, and Candice have already been on the countdown along with a Maria video. :D

  • Michelle

    Good list, I agree mostly with it although I’d swap some select people with more talented workers lower down the list.

  • Melanie

    Mike – Neither Erin or I, shock horror being women and all lol, aren’t gamers so I’m thinking no. Plus it seems like people who want to know are finding out anyway (like you), so it doesn’t really serve a purpose for us to cover it again.

  • stephens61086

    Where is Maryse thats a good point!?! Is this list from Sept 07 to Sept 08? If so Candice didnt wrestle or do much and is ranked quite high for being missing. I also notice that Salinas didnt make it either….On a separate note Poor Ashley Massaro not making it lol

  • Jane

    ummm over the last year Maryse hasnt done that much, she only recently started a credible feud,and is just started to get more recognized as a good heel, so i fail to see why she would be included.

  • John Snapp

    The PWI is a joke, and so is this dumb list.

  • SE

    You have to take into account visibility as well. Some fo the WWE Divas are high because of the high visibility of the company they work for. Are there better wrestlers ranked lower than some of the Divas? Yes, but the fact is they don’t have the recognizability that some do. It’s more of a combination of factors rather than out and out wrestling skill, which is why both Michelle’s round out the top ten. Their skill may not be top notch, but factor in the company they work for, and their marketability as well.

  • marco

    that was a little to obvious right?
    im just so fucking angry that McWhoreFacedSlutBagBitch got ahead of daizee haze >:(!

  • Crystal

    Congratulations to Awesome Kong though

  • Katy

    Great list. I agree with pretty much everything.

    Why is so many people asking for Maryse? She only got her break two months ago.

  • stephens61086

    Maryse starting gettin more ring time when Cherry did so dont understand why Cherry is quite high up when Maryse aint even on it! Totally agree with the Top 9 tho!

  • Artie

    Maria’s on there but not MARYSE???????

  • christi

    congrats to kong

    i was concerned about how they were deciding on this list, so i understand the whole list, and even though i dont like her, Michelle has done alot in a year, and she is the first Divas champion.

    so happy to see Layla on the list!!!! mostly has to do with being the only other wrestling diva on ECW

    maryse isnt on the list because she really only started wrestling a few months ago and didnt get big attention until recently

    i hope they do Japanese and Lucha Libre versions..the fact is if they had made women from all over, the international girls would probably take up the entire list!!! especially the girls in Japan!!! i think people forget how different the wrestling is in the 3 places when it comes to women. of the girls in the WWE i think only Beth, Nattie, Victoria, Melina and maybe Mickie could make it in Japan…theyre lethal!!!