D3 Monday: Looking Back at Tara’s TNA Career & What’s Next for Lisa Marie Varon

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On D3 Monday this week: We’ve dedicated our show today to Tara, who last night ended her year-long TNA career after losing to Madison Rayne. We discuss her TNA run and what we think could be next for the woman behind Victoria and Tara.

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  • RadicalRhys297

    Nice D3 I don’t think VICTORIA should return on screen as she is quote RETIRED unquote, but then again what IS retirement in professional wrestling these days? Look at Foley, look at Flair. xP However if they have no choice to bring her back in maybe they could do that. Have her on SmackDown, her fued with Lay-Cool for McCool causing her to ‘retire’ and all that. =-P

    But if anything, I like your suggestion for hiring her to train up the fresh sticks known as the WWE divas, they could actually learn something from Lisa.

  • MickieFan226

    Aw it’s nice to have Erin back. I missed hearing her on the audios lately.

    As for Lisa going back to WWE, as you guys said, there is a great role for her right now on SmackDown but come November/December when Beth returns, what is there left for her to do? I would hate for her to return, get a big push for the Women’s Championship, lose all of her title matches, then become a jobber once again.

    That has to be in the back of her mind if she is thinking of resign with WWE.

    Whatever Lisa decides to do, she has all of our support. I wish her the best!

  • MickieFan226

    resigning* with WWE, sorry :)

  • Looking Glass

    Nice themed show, also great to hear Erin back, I’ve missed hearing from her in the past few shows. I think the problem with Tara for me is that when she was in WWE doing all these things, she was exciting and fresh and even when she was on SD jobbing, she had gotten so much more exposure than she did towards the end of her days on Raw. Then she moved to TNA, which I’ve always been against and then slagged it off and although its typical TNA to get its former stars to bash it, I just hate how it was a turn on the company that made her. Plus, the thing I hated about her jump to TNA was the you knew she’d go straight to the top, rather than work her way up, now its not Tara’s fault but in any case I hate it when a workers role is sacrificed (in this case Sarita and Sojourner’s) in favour of a WWE star because they’re known. All this made me lose faith in her, I saw it as ruining her legacy rather than continuing it as TNA just made her a dilluted version of Victoria (same spider gimmick, just a face aligment)

    There’s only so many times you can say goodbye, espeically as a Diva. I love Victoria, but I’d hate to see her return to the WWE, because if you look at it the Diva tenure isn’t a long one and rather than see her perform as an active member or the roster or make guest spots wouldn’t be fair or right. Also, if you look at WWE, how often do they have semi-active talents when you compare it to TNA who draws Roxxi and co. in when they’re needed? Victoria’s best bet would be to become a trainer at FCW, because even if she did return to Raw or SmackDown, how long can she go for? Surely it’s better to improve the future than to take a backseat in the present? Victoria’s great, but AJ Lee and the others in FCW are the future, they should be the concern.

  • Jennifer L134

    She could have a lot to offer SHIMMER’s up and comers, plus it would give her a chance to really showcase her skills. I’m on the fence about a WWE return…if they’re just going to job her out, no way. But I don’t think she’ll go back. No matter what, I hope she finds happiness.