SmackDown Spoilers: May 28th, 2010

Spoilers for this Friday’s episode of SmackDown are below:

* Layla and Michelle McCool are apparently co-holders of the Women’s Championship. They delivered a promo backstage and taunted Beth Phoenix. (Source:
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  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    Just this? Damn, they sure need AJ over there and desperately.

  • theregoeskitty

    it’s getting more obvious that SD has no where to go right now (in the writers eyes)
    if they’re not calling up AJ yet (she’s probably booked to be the FCW Divas champ)
    how about they involve Savannah, like they did with Eve, have Michelle attack her, it would probably help give her some heat, Savannah is a great worker

  • RadicalRhys297

    So all we get is a promo on how McCool is a ‘self-progessed’ Co-Womans Champ… DULL AS SHIZ!!! XoX Bring up AJ Lee already!!! >=-(

  • RedHotVixen

    Yawn. Thats it?

  • mah

    back to the slow base….we will have to wait and see where all this goin next week

  • Litaker61

    I knew not having Beth would have an impact but this is ridiculous. Its obvious the writers dont know what to do and are just stalling until they come up with something. I think LayCool need to feud its as simple as that.

  • ChrissyL

    They should have Beth try to convince Layla that she is the real Women’s Champion so she sill turn on McCool.

  • chrisP

    Before I comment, I just wanted to ask if it baffles anybody else here when people on websites or message boards say they skip the Divas segments, yet they still seem to have strong, negative feelings towards the women? I read a comment this morning from someone on another site regarding these spoilers along the lines of “No Divas match to FF through? Great!” If this person doesn’t bother to watch the Divas matches, shouldn’t he/she not care if the women are on the show or not?

    Anyways, yeah, I agree with those who have said the writers have no clue what to do now with Beth gone. I hope Kelly and/or Tiffany were involved in this segment because they need to be on the show right now, especially Tiffany as she’s still pretty new and needs the TV time.

  • vonVile

    SD! must be a repeat this week, because Lay-Cool are still trash talking about Beth Phoenix.

  • xmelissaa

    I agree with the Savannah theory. I say, have Michelle and Layla deliver some scathing promo walking around backstage, and have them try and pick on Savannah. Then, have Savannah retaliate and that’ll give them something to do. Kelly/Tiffany/Savannah vs Michelle/Layla/Rosa
    Simple, isn’t it, WWE?

  • Kaledrina

    they could easily have just gave us a random match up, like rosa vs tiffany. there doesn’t always have to be a story behind every match.

    why are they discussing beth phoenix when she’s out of action? congratulations to michelle for being co-champion, i guess!

  • Kaledrina

    question.. am i right in thinking NXT is supposed to be a traditional series in that it has a set number of episodes? (like 24, CSI, whatever), perhaps when it does wind up (if it does), we could see savannah making the move to wrestling on smackdown?

  • ozzyv

    If Savannah becomes involved, wouldn’t it make sense to replace her as announcer? If that happens, they don’t have anyone to do so yet. They were looking for a female ring announcer for a time, so I feel as though this girl is staying put for a good while. Unless they pull a fast one..but I doubt it.

    @ChrisP- I can’t stand those @holes who dismiss the women no matter what. I used to be a part of a certain message board…think Jasmine’s(from Aladdin) pet tiger..

    Most of the posters there were professional scumbags. I would get into heated debates with their famous Brian M among others. Anyway, they’re internet elitists. I don’t care for them, thankfully neither does most of the world. ;)

  • tre804

    boo…… i’d rather watch kelly chase the title or move JILLIAN to smackdown. do something cause they’re stuck with out beth

  • ozzyv

    Also, id like to see Rosa in action at some point. I realize most people dislike her, but I’m curious to see where she’s at now in her training. And I personally think she’s smokin hot and I want to see more character development for her too.

    I wouldn’t mind a Rosa vs. Michelle McCool match with Layla at ringside. They can screw her over and have Kelly run in to aid her. After she cleans house Rosa can attack Kelly for no reason other than she’s a bytch. Afterwards they can have Tiffany run in and help her..and so forth.

  • redsoul

    taunting about a person that isn´t coming back soon is really,really dumb,as the continuation of the co-champion BS.
    but if they wanna keep this pace next week they could show Beth working in the gym,in her rehab or impersonating a fitness instructor,giving orders to a unknown Diva that will keep Laycool very,very busy until her return.

  • ilovelita

    They can have Savannah can be on SmackDown! announcing for Layla vs. Tiffany match and after the match they attack her for not saying co-champions. Then the next week Lay-Cool could confront her and tell her to apologize to them but Savannah says no because she doesn’t care and Michelle McCool says that she’ll regret that. Later, it could be Rosa Mendes vs. Savannah’s debut match with Lay-Cool on her side then they help Rosa Mendes win and attack her again until a new diva comes like maybe Victoria or Gail Kim or AJ Lee.

  • Bobby Lea Burchill

    I can’t believe this is the same division who delivered the Mickie James cake promo.

  • MickieJamesFan07

    Wow! they are really going for that ‘let’s bore the crowd to tears’ angle.

  • ozzyv

    @RedSoul- I like that idea a lot. That would be something they’ve never done before with the divas. Maybe though, they should hold off on that until she’s only say..about 2 months away? They could do a backstage interview with Beth (in a city she’s more popular in) and ask her how her healing is coming along, only to be interrupted by LayCool. Them being arrogant saying they retired her and she won’t ever be the same again. They walk off and we see Beth seething as they turn the corner. She tells the interviewer she will comeback BETTER THAN EVER! As she stated in her post a couple of weeks back.

    They can start showing her rehab and amazing weight lifting abilities and so forth. It could be pretty epic if done right.

    Id really love to see that…actually id really like to see me be in charge of booking the divas :) lol

  • madslam2009

    All they have to do is this:
    Have Vickie tell Lay-Cool that there is a new diva here on Smackdown and they should “welcome” her. They walk up to April Lee and they introduce themselves and pick on her calling her “mini Lee”. WWE writers coundn’t find 2 minutes for there divas?

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    idk why everyoone is waiting for AJ to debut its obvious after NXT is over savannah will move to SD, so dont get your hope’s up or maybe tara. WWE arent ready for AJ lee and rumor is she is going to win the FCW divas champinship, so i know 100% she isnt debuting in WWE , maybe in like 4/5 months i guess.

  • Jack5326

    Boring. Get some ideas already please writers. I can think of ideas for AJ debuting, Tara returning, Lay-cool fueding or even a mix of these storylines. Just get creative! What a bland week for the Divas.

  • DarknessRuler

    Co-Champions?? BS!!

  • Toby

    OMG this sounds so amazing! I’M SO EXCITED!!! Yeah right. -.- Eh sounds like crap; nice to see Beth though. Wish we could have got some ring action though.