YouTube Classics: Trish Stratus on MTV Cribs


Delve into the archives with Diva Dirt‘s YouTube Classics and remind yourself of a time you may have forgotten or never seen before. Every now and again, we’ll bring you archive footage from a time gone by that we think deserves some spotlight!

Today on YouTube Classics: Not exactly a ‘classic’ moment but it’s something I’ve never seen before and perhaps many of you haven’t either — the 7-time Women’s Champ, Trish Stratus on MTV’s Cribs. Watch below:

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  • mpezza

    I love Cribs and I’ve never seen this, so good find! Trish has a beautiful home. :)

  • 041293

    Ms. Trish, adopt me please!

  • RadicalRhys297

    Why does 1 married couple need 8 flipping bathrooms?!? 0.o lol

  • theregoeskitty

    her house is gorgeous, the only room i wasn’t Keane on was the master bedroom she had designers do so she must be good at designing, i was so surprised to see the tons of wrestling toys and DVDs, it really proves how much she loves the business.

    so when you win a championship do they give you a replica belt? i remember Chyna had the intercontinental title on her wall

    DivaDirt have you guys ever thought of doing a segment where you highlight old matches from youtube and review them? i think that would be copol

  • theregoeskitty

    *cool* lol

  • Lady Sheamus

    I didn’t even know that she was married. Great house and well-decorated, very simply. Trish needs a show on HGTV given her ability to decorate on a small budget. $500 – very good! Cool collection of wrestling figures. :P Weirdest version of Cribs I’ve seen just because of the goofiness of Trish. Good stuff.

    I always say that when I design my house I’m getting Japanese toilets; all those functions are useful! (Can’t believe they banned her mag cover, though, considering. Weird.)

  • xAzureSkye

    Yeah, I agree with ”theregoeskitty”, you should post a match that happened say 3 years ago today, that would be cool, here’s one for you already, tomorrow Mickie James vs Jazz would have happened 4 years ago tomorrow!!

  • Bryan

    Oh my how i miss Trish so dearlly on WWE :(, her home is really nice, And the fact about how goofy she was duringit was really fun. Hopefll she could at last return for 1 year in the WWE to mentor the Current Dvas.

  • ilovelita

    Trish can you give me copies of every single WWE video games and movies that you had on your shelf? And maybe also all the Diva action figures too. Just copies, not yours. And how did you get all of them?

  • Alex

    Oh my god if that was my house i would never leave that place looks like heaven. I LOVE guest bedroom # 1

  • justbringit

    The fact that she is such a geek makes her even sexier. I’m probably as big a fan of Trish as anybody around here, but I have to admit I’m sick of just seeing this stuff on Youtube. I know she’s a much bigger celebrity in Canada, but it’s kind of a letdown that we haven’t really been able to see anything come to the states for a long time. No travel show, no SCTV, nothing. I’m starting to worry we’ll never see her much in the states again. I’d like to see the movie or the Wii game maybe give her more exposure, but I don’t even know if we’ll get those either. She talks about growing her brand all the time, but maybe she’s only talking about Canada. Too bad, she might start losing her American fans pretty soon if she can’t breakthrough more.


    Seeing her house & seeing all the things dedicated to WWE really proves why she was the greatest diva ever IMO. That is true love & dedication to the business & that’s why she got the sendoff that she did. Not saying Lita didn’t deserve the same. I can imagine someone like Melina with a similar house decked out with wrestling stuff because she obsessed with wrestling! Haha.

  • Looking Glass

    I think you’ll find that most wrestlers have some sort of room dedicated to merchandise and their wrestling accolades, I remember seeing Batista’s, which was massive and full of all the belts. I don’t think having that room means that they deserve anything more than anyone else :s Or have anymore respect for the business than anyone else.

    I love her guest room and kitchen! It’s really nice to see this, I mean I didn’t think they focused on wrestlers that often, let alone Divas.

  • ozzyv

    I saw two different versions(maybe 3) of this. I think two different houses though one could have been WWE Cribs. Trish took the seventh Womens Championship with her after she was booked to go over Lita at Unforgiven. They showed it on Canada’s Diary of Trish Stratus. Her then fianceé asked her something like, “You got it?” Trish, “Its in the bag!” So I don’t think that’s a replica title.

    I’m guessing the Wii game will be available here in the States too. I’ve seen games for Daisy Fuentes pilates I think..she’s a latin singer or why not Trish?

  • DarknessRuler

    Bathroom #8?? or is was it something else??? Hmmmm

  • TrishMelinaFan

    See? This is why Trish Stratus is my favorite, she’s magnificently awesome!

  • DivaDerby

    Trish & Melina are true wrestling fans, and it shows in the ring. They are passionate about what they do, and its why I hope they become legends. Hopefully they are the Moolah & Mae of the future… well, sort of, lol.