Survivor Series Resurrected

Despite Vince McMahon announcing that the Survivor Series pay per view was cancelled earlier this year, it looks as though November’s Thanksgiving tradition has been resurrected.

WWE is advertising Survivor Series taking place in November in Miami.

I know many — including Diva Dirt — have been enjoying the annual traditional elimination matches for the Divas so I’m pleased that the tradition will live on.

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  • ozzyv

    This is great news. I realize sometimes they have to freshen up things in order to keep people interested. Examples, Over The Limit, Fatal 4Way among others I’m sure. But keeping the name is remaining faithful to old school fans and besides, SURVIVOR SERIES has contributed some memorable moments including the debut of The Undertaker.

    And usually it provides some good Diva storylines and matches.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Sweet! This is great! The Survivor Series elimination matches have been great thus far, so the continuation of it will be great!

  • RedHotVixen

    Thank goodness. They were actually going to rename it War Games. Just imagine the announcers saying, Twenty years ago The Undertaker made his debute at WAR GAMES!!! Doesnt really have the same ring to it, huh? Anyway, last years Divas Survivor Series was pretty good, so I am glad they decided to keep it.

  • crazyinsane11

    Thank god! My favorite PPV is still alive!

  • Kaledrina

    ooh yaya. survivir series has always been a favourite of mine. glad it’s sticking around afterall. :)

  • madslam2009

    Good Thing to.
    I always sit down with my dad and watch Survivor Series. It’s a good father-son bonding time. He was mad when they got rid of it.

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Also One Of My Faves But NOC Is Most Likely The Bestest PPV 2 Diva Matches=)

  • Jack5326

    I’m really glad that Survivor Series is being kept along with the other classic 3 big PPVs. We are bound to get a Divas Match, even if the build-up to it is poor.

  • Jordan

    I’m so glad to hear this, I love Survivor Series, it’s the only chance to see all the Divas involved in a huge match in which it doesn’t look like a cluster.