In Audio: Madison Rayne Interview on Busted Open Radio

Reigning Knockouts Champion, Madison Rayne joined our friends on Busted Open Radio this past Wednesday to discuss her title defense at Slammiversary this weekend as well as a host of other topics including Eric Bischoff’s comments on the Knockouts division.

The Busted Open team have kindly sent us audio from the interview to share with our readers. Check out the full interview below:


Thanks to Reby Sky and Dave Lagreca!

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  • theregoeskitty

    it sounds like it is part in character and part not, she really said some nice things about Lacey Von Erich, it was a good interview

  • A.A

    it nice to see madison got outsode of the mn girl gimmick.and also tis nice to see knockouts recognize mickie and ya she does look like her a bite .i bet mickie if she join tna she well have a great matches with both madison and angelina who is also mentoned mickie.

    guys i hope also you update mickie’s interview next week

  • A.A

    come to think of it angelina love’s visa issue had it advantage that madison rayne to get out of her shell

  • A.A

    forgot to ask who is madison husband

  • ohiofan1

    Gotta disagree with Madison saying that Ohio is the heart of Nascar. I think North Carolina would take that honor. As a fellow Ohioan, I have to say that if Ohio is the heart of something, it is College Football. Ohio State fans are so passionate about football and our dislike for Michigan, which is one of the biggest rivalries in sports. College Football really is like a religion in this state lol. I glad she told was the stroy why she was a Cubs fan in the first place because I always wonder that myself. Funny story too btw. I can’t believe she went to the Columbus Clippers game and didn’t tell anyone on her twitter. I would have totally loved to meet and chat with her. Oh well, Tna is coming to Nationwide Arena next friday for a house show, so I might get a chance to chat with her.

  • Bobby Lea Burchill

    I loved her comments on Lacey Von Erich. Excellent interview and really made me like Madison a lot more.

  • seasons-of-love

    She’s really well spoken, and she comes across as genuinely sweet. Definitely a good choice for top female from a public image prospective.

  • mode107

    Is she married? O.o or was the dude just making a joke.

  • DarkRaven

    Very sweet humble girl. She spoke well and I like how she didn’t take any cheap shots at the WWE’s divas. I really hope Mickie does go to TNA, she could be great there.