Scrapped Knockouts Match Airs on International Impact (Full Match Report)

Diva Dirt reader, David Myles wrote in to tell us that a match scrapped from this past Thursday’s episode of Impact has aired internationally, particularly in Australia and the UK.

The match pit #1 Contender Roxxi and newcomer Rosie Lottalove against The Beautiful People’s Lacey Von Erich and Velvet Sky on the go-home show before tonight’s Slammiversary pay per view.

The Motor City Machine Guns came down on commetary, Roxxi’s music played and her and Rosie made their way to the ring in a pretty funny entrance. (Roxxi again wearing the brown outfit). The guns are horrified they have to be on commetary watching Rosie just to get on TV, but they call her ‘hot’ nonetheless. They replay the events from last week with Madison and Rosie. The opponents Velvet and Lacey enter (sans Madison Rayne), and the Guns compare entrances of Rosie and TBP. A few fat jokes and we get to the match.

Rosie starts off against Velvet, Velvet mocks Rosie by shaking her ‘thang’, to which Rosie shakes her own. Velvet charges and gets knocked down by Rosie before tagging in Lacey, who also mocks Rosie by walking in with her arms outstretched (a la trish mocking ‘fat’ lita), before shoving Rosie, who doesn’t move, Rosie shoves Lacey back and sends her into next week.

Lacey composes herself before attempting to bodyslam Rosie (yep…) even with Velvet’s encouragement she fails to lift Rosie, and Rosie easily slams Lacey before tagging in Roxxi who hits a sloppy dropkick on LVE, before Lacey tags in Velvet. Velvet charges and is dropped with a drop toe hold, she grabs Vel Vel with an arm wrench before allowing Rosie to tag herself in (after being slightly out of reach and missing the first tag attempt ~lulz) Rosie hits a standing axe-handle to Velvet before continuing to work over the arm. Roxxi (for some reason) is trying to get into the ring or around to Lacey, but anyway, manages to accidently distract the referee, allowing Velvet to pull Rosie’s hair and get her in position for LVE to hit her across the back of the leg with the infrequently seen ‘ugly stick’. Rosie sells it like she had been shot in the leg, and Lacey tags in and hits a double team ‘wish bone’ on Rosie, Lacey works over the leg before tagging Velvet back in.

Read the rest:

They hit a weird move, like the Bella Twins double team move (grab the leg, roll through, only the Beautiful People roll through and Rosie doesn’t move) instead Velvet rolls through and cheap shots Roxxi, before attempting a pin for a 1 count. Rosie does a nice summersault across the ring to get the hot (more like lukewarm) tag to Roxxi (pretty funny joke by the guns about it being the biggest roll they’ve ever seen).

Roxxi comes in fired up and takes down Lacey with a clothesline and a boot to the face, finding a 2 count on the pin after Velvet breaks it up. Rosie throws Velvet out of the ring with ease, sold really well by Velvet, (I thought she really did land face first for a second). Meanwhile Roxxi hits the voodoo drop on Lacey for the win!

Madison runs in and hits Roxxi in the back with the title belt, however Rosie clotheslines the hell out of Madison. While checking on Roxxi, Velvet jumps on Rosie’s back and starts choking her, Rosie throws her off with a snapmare like move and sets Velvet up for the Bonsai Drop, Lacey and Madison however, manage to push her off the ropes and crashing down to the outside. This leaves the 3 Beautiful People to beatdown Roxxi. Rosie attempts to enter the ring but is hit with a double dropkick by Velvet and Lacey. Madison seems to be trying to rip Roxxi’s nose off, she has her fingers up Roxxi’s nose, wrenching her head back, while Rosie is beaten down more by LVE and Vel Vel, TBP then pose in the ring to end the segment.

They then cut backstage to Matt Morgan, Eric Bischoff and Brooke Adams (to give you a rough idea of where the knockouts match is in my broadcast).

As Cryssi would do:

The Good: Rosie getting a chance to show the world what she’s got, also a little storyline progression with Roxxi VS TBP, however the 3 on 1 beatdowns are getting a bit old

The Bad: There wasn’t any ‘botches’ per sé but Lacey Von Erich’s presence in the ring, IMO was the ‘bad’ this week

The Ugly: The MMG’s fat jokes, although I chuckled at a few of them, the match was pretty much an excuse for the Guns to insult Rosie and her weight and fantasize over TBP.

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  • theregoeskitty

    i hope someone posts it, it sounds like a good match
    the only time velvet does something that sound impressive and it doesn’t get aired lol

  • Lady Sheamus

    I wanna see! (Wow, the MCMG insulting somebody? They need to sit their little behinds down somewhere! :P )

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Oooh, I hope someone posts it! It sounds decent, and I’m really starting to like Rosie a lot! :)

  • ohiofan1

    You think somebody posted the match on youtube?

  • Kaledrina

    hmm.. maybe i should go back to watching it on tv lol.

    so i take it the reason for it being cut was time constraints? with there being like twice as many commercials in american than over here, it could easily have fitted in.

    or it was supposed to be cut but uk/australia had already had the unedited version? a bit like when tara’s nipslip was edited out on usa tv but not over here..?

    off to youtube i go!

  • Kaledrina

    okay, so aside from the video quality, it appears to be quite a good segment. the after-match beatdown looks real good, it’s a shame you can’t really hear the crowd on that video as it’d help gauge how responsive people are to rosie. i’m liking her character a lot more than her wrestling ability, though. it’s like.. if she was on raw, she’d be great but ‘cos she’s on impact, where there have been so many GREAT wrestlers both now and in the past year alone.. she looks not as good as she could??

    i do have to say, concerning lacey, she seemed to have taken the voodoo drop pretty good and thinking about it, velvet comes across as being worse than her for me, simply because velvet is practically a veteran whereas lacey has only had less than a year of proper intensive training.

  • RedHotVixen

    Words cannot express my anger at TNA. From not broadcasting the KOs on U.S television, to having a KnockOut title match and putting it on the Internet (Seriously, WTF?!?!) they show us that these women are not a prioriety to them. Anyway, it sounded like a fun match. Just picturing Lacey trying to lift Rosie….

  • mah

    lacey having all tht ring time!!
    cant imagine how did it go?

  • ebmich

    This does seem like a long match for iMPACT! Maybe that is why it was cut out? Okay, it was probably only 3 minutes, but I’ve been watching iMPACT! since 2004. 3 minutes is long for that show. haha

    And I need to see this. For what Lacey lacks in experience, she makes up for being funny.

    And the MCMG on commentary? No thanks. I don’t get how people are so excited by those spot monkeys and they have nothing to do with the Knockouts. =/

  • ebmich

    Oh, and also, I think they are finally getting confidence in Lacey’s wrestling abilities to put her in matches more than not. Which is good because I really think that chick has all the personality tools to be a big star. She just needs the ring time.

  • madslam2009

    It sounds good but I’m going to see if someone posted it on youtube.

  • madslam2009

    Hey, It’s on youtube.
    It’s not the best quality but it’s pretty watchable.

  • TJGlee

    The match is on Youtube; however the quality of the video is really rubbish but you can still see it.
    copy this into the search box on Youtube:
    The Beautiful People vs Roxxi & Rosie Lottalove from iMPACT! – June 10th 2010

  • ebmich

    Yeah, I just watched it madslam2009.

    TNA really doesn’t know how to book their wrestlers, do they? I am not talking about “They should use [name] instead of [name]!” I am talking about why is Rosie having to make the hot tag? I know Roxxi is the next in line for Madison, but Rosie is still two Knockouts by herself. Bigger wrestlers make the save, not be saved! They still could’ve had Roxxi get the pinfall. Heck, they still could’ve done Velvet and Lacey throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Rosie to keep her out of the ring.

    Lacey and Velvet did what they could with what they had to work with.. Which I thought was pretty good. That body slam attempt was great. And I really liked Velvet pulling Rosie’s hair because she couldn’t push to the corner. haha

  • Looking Glass

    Ah that explains a lot, I wondered why there was no write up this week and why it never appeared on the results list. I had however fortunately seen it online already (wish I kept the link, all that is left is some annoying filmed footage off someone’s television – why do people do that!?)

    This match was really needed for television to push the KO narrative onwards, the only basis for this rivalry and match at Slammiversary is that Roxxi was lucky enough to get ONE pin fall over Madison and so far that’s all anyone would’ve seen, this match pushed the rivalry onwards with Roxxi and Rosie being taken out after defeating TBP. For anyone wondering how Rosie did, TNA pulled a real Lacey Von Erich on her, with most of her in-ring time being posing, with a few seconds of actual wrestling time (her usual suplex etc.)

    It wasn’t the worlds best match, but so far it just seems that Roxxi is being pushed to the side for Rosie and whilst I do like the pairing (possible new KO Tag title contenders?) it just feels like the little time they are giving to the feud, they’re brushing off on Rosie instead. I have a feeling Madison might win the title and later lose to Rosie, although in an ideal world, Angelina would be back to challenge Madison while Roxxi and Rosie can challenge TBP.

  • Mark

    Trust me guys… you didn’t miss much. TNA gets worse everytime I watch it.

  • Zino

    I saw the match on Youtube it was OK.

    I liked the roll through and cheap shot that Velvet did to Roxxi. Velvet’s selling has gotten much better. Not that I ever thought she was bad at selling but I think she has really improved in that area.

    Seriously Velvet gets way too much criticism on this site. I think she would improve even more if TNA gave her more in ring time and allowed her to wrestle more normal singles matches but they won’t.

  • xmelissaa

    It wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t bad. Tbh, other than the fat jokes, the Guns commentary made me laugh, and how they kept saying they were gonna face TBP. How those guys haven’t had a title shot yet, I have no idea.

  • Kaledrina

    “Seriously Velvet gets way too much criticism on this site. I think she would improve even more if TNA gave her more in ring time and allowed her to wrestle more normal singles matches but they won’t.”

    she may not get that many singles matches but she’s been a prominent figure in tna’s houseshows since she came to tna, so she definitely gets a fair share of ring time. i’m not dissing her, but considering that, you have to admit that her improvement over the last few years ain’t that great.

    that’s also the same reason i don’t buy into the excuses made for both eve and maryse (i remember people claiming maryse had “ring-rust” when she got back from her surgery, even though she’d been wrestling four or five times a week) with their own wrestling abilities. they’re both more often than not wrestling house shows, so much like velvet, the lack of ring-time doesn’t cut it for me. especially when house matches are more often than not twice if not three times as long as on tv.

    that being said, velvet has a job to do and she does it extremely well.

  • Macho Madness

    sounds entertaining!!

    I hope someone from the uk or austraillia posts it on youtube

  • Macho Madness

    actually, just searched for it, and it is on youtube…..really crappy quality though…oh well ill take it.

    Lacey Von Erich and Velvet Sky has to be THE hottest tag team in wrestling history.

    pretty decent match….I think Lacey got the most ring time she has since being in TNA…LVE is improving ALOT, she did pretty good…her and vel vel are starting to really work as a cohesive unit, lots of double team moves.

    they gave the ko’s alot of time for this match, with entrances it was 9 minutes and 20 seconds.

  • thatguybayne

    So, they hire a fuller figured girl only to make her the but of thier jokes? TNA, you disgust me.

  • ilovelita

    If you guys haven’t seen it there is another upload of the match which can be viewed way better than the original, just type: MCMG on commentary in KOs match.