Details on Roxxi Shocker at Slammiversary

As witnessed just moments ago at TNA’s Slammiversary pay per view, Roxxi is done with the company after losing an impromptu ‘Title vs Career’ match against Madison Rayne. However, it seems there is a bigger story behind this shock departure.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer writes:

I had heard earlier that there was a ton of backstage heat over a last minute angle change that involved Roxxi, so apparently she showed up and found out she was done with the company. Roxxi was in tears when it was over, but they cut away so fast to show a video for the next match that it didn’t really mean anything on the show.

We often scold TNA for their shitty booking but that is beyond shitty — totally tactless. Poor Roxxi.

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  • DJ

    That is AWFUL! They have no respect for the women whatsoever.

  • Kaledrina

    this new tna doesn’t deserve roxxi. i wish her the best.


    That is just flat out disgusting.
    I was getting excited about TNA bringing in Mickie and the rumor that TNA are also interested in Katie Lea, however now, I’m scared for their career’s

  • ebmich

    What’s the old saying “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”?

    How many times has Roxxi voluntarily came back to the company?

  • ohiofan1

    Roxxi should just never go back to Tna. Every time she does, she gets fired from the company. Tna really just doesn’t really give a damn about their knockouts except the TBP and Angelina Love. They don’t care about anyone else.

  • Cryssi

    I can’t remember the last time wrestling has pissed me off so much

  • mpezza

    They need to stop fucking around with her. :/

  • TRiSHA

    Roxxi, forget about TNA. She start having
    trouble in TNA when she got into a flight
    backstage than after that she kept coming
    back and leaving coming back and leaving.

    I want to know more about her leaving TNA,
    what really happen between her and TNA.

    But Roxxi is a beautiful girl, and I wish her the best.

  • ebmich

    “They need to stop fucking around with her.”

    Shouldn’t that be the other way around? I am sure someone backstage likes her, but if I got fired from a job, I wouldn’t try to go back there… Then again, I am too proud sometimes. >_<

  • TRiSHA

    I think they do care about their women’s
    more than WWE. But I just think they
    don’t like or care about Roxxi.

  • Toby

    I swear is TNA purposely trying to piss their fans off? FUCK TNA!

  • Looking Glass

    “I think they do care about their women’s more than WWE. But I just think they don’t like or care about Roxxi.”

    Really? WWE at least have contracts to make you feel safe in your own job, Roxxi was obviously still working on an open contract, hoping to get a written one, now it turns out she’s been cut loose? WWE would never pull a stunt like this, the only instance they have open contracts is for guest stars and visiting opponents. TNA’s ethics have stooped so low, as much as I like Roxxi, I hope she realises enough is enough. Mind you, I’m surprised they didn’t give this storyline to ODB afterall.

    WWE at least acknowledges Divas have fans, they try and do it in the wrong way by ‘rewarding’ us with lame gimmick matches and competitions, but at least they don’t just use the women as an when they want them. 9/10 times you’ll see most of the Divas in the same week, TNA just picks and chooses then cuts loose as it suits them.

  • Shanti

    ebmich: How many times have you seen other wrestlers get fired by a company and then go back? This is a business. Sure, Roxxi has went back to TNA after get released by a couple of times, but that in no way justifies this act of complete unprofessionalism display by the company.

  • Looking Glass

    Oh god, if Taz called Madison a ‘Career Killer’ surely that’s just code for “We’re going for a female Randy Orton gimmick’ so in short, Roxxi was released to give Madison a ‘fresh’ and ‘original’ gimmick, ‘never done before by the WWE’ because this time its a woman doing it. I figure somehow if it is a gimmick change, it’ll still give Madison no personality whatsoever.

  • Jamal

    “How many times has Roxxi voluntarily came back to the company?”

    Considering there aren’t exactly a lot of options for women wrestlers to get exposure, she can’t be blamed.

    If this is true, it’s both tacky and deplorable.

  • Hunt-A1


  • TRiSHA

    Like I said, WWE don’t care about the divas.

  • madslam2009

    I’M DONE

  • FCW Divas

    I find this very very direspectful, from TNA and rude, Roxxi, every time TNA called to have her come back, she agreed and came back, and this is how TNA repays her by telling her when she arrives for a match, before a live PPV event, very tacky and once again direspectful, Dixie Carter and them are more worried about this surpise they have, then the actual wrestlers they already had and isnt it sad that TNA always need to have surprises at there PPVS to make fans interested,

  • Cod3Cody

    To be honest, how many more title vs career matches is TNA going to have, its getting OLD!
    I have said it many times before and I will say it once again, TNA doesn’t give a rats ass about the womens division…if its completely gone soon, I will not be surprised.
    I just wonder who’s next in line to be fired, I mean especially since TNA is supposedly suppose to have a huge release wave coming soon.
    Can anyone confirm if this is a story line or not, because it just doesn’t seem likely for TNA to get rid of another knockout and especially not Roxxi since she has been heavy used in the past month or so…..

  • Looking Glass

    WWE don’t care about Divas, but TNA obviously do by purposely re-writing a storyline to get rid of one of their workers? Regardless of gender, race or age that is just low and tacky.

    I guess the nice surprise only applies to friends of Hoganhoff and co.

  • ebmich

    “WWE would never pull a stunt like this, the only instance they have open contracts is for guest stars and visiting opponents.”

    Wendi Richter begs to differ… Kinda. At least Wendi was a big deal to her company.

    And Shanti, since we are talking business, them losing Roxxi isn’t a big deal. Just like every other time she came in, she had a good start, only to fade a few weeks later and get released. I really doubt a good chunk of people watch iMPACT! every time she’s been in TNA JUST for her. I really doubt a good chunk of people ordered PPV’s or merchandise JUST for her. What this a low brow move ethically? I dunno. I didn’t know pro wrestling companies had to give notices to wrestlers they are going to get rid of. At least someone had the guts to tell her she was gone to her face instead of calling her on her day off.

    I wonder what the details of her contract was.. If she had one. TNA has such an open door policy.

  • theregoeskitty

    to Roxxi TNA is probably just a check, i think if she ever makes an appearance again we should remember this, so what next TNA? sojo bolt?

  • theregoeskitty

    oh wait i hadn’t read the update, that just makes them seem like bastards

  • Looking Glass

    EBMIch: Actually Richter was on contract with WWE the whole time, she refused to sign a new one after the Original screwjob and it expired and she left. Plus at the time, you’re talking about Richter or Moolah, Moolah was as big, if not bigger than Richter in terms of wrestling.