This week saw the much anticipated release of Maria Kanellis‘ second shoot interview, ‘YouShoot: Maria Kanellis’, via Kayfabe Commentaries. Diva Dirt received a copy earlier in the week and let me tell you — if you thought the trailer was must watch, wait till you see the whole thing!

Unlike the standard shoot interview, Kayfabe Commentaries has developed a really fun, interactive concept with YouShoot. Most, if not all, of the questions are sent in by fans and there’s even video questions too. Broken down into chapters i.e. ‘Diva Search’, ‘WWE’ and so forth, this interview is pretty easy to navigate. Personally, I’ve watched The Celebrity Apprentice and don’t need to hear anymore about it, so thanks to the nifty chaptering, if you choose, you can go ahead and skip to the next part. I like.

Then we have the games. Oh, the games! This is what got everyone talking when we posted the trailer last month. Maria takes part in a few ‘board games’, shall we say? One of them has her attempting to identify the naked bodies of other Divas who have been in Playboy. If the sight of naked ladies is enough to make you blush, you might as well skip what’s to come — ‘What a Dick’. Quite literally, a gift bag with a big dick on it. I don’t know whose. I don’t know where they managed to get it. But there you have it. The game sees Kanellis presented with a list of names, deciding whether they deserve to go into the ‘dick bag’. Not just restricting the ‘love’ for the guys, Maria also plays ‘The Ho Bag’. “Four dicks to three hos,” counts the host when all is said and done. I won’t spoil all of the fun, but here’s a blind item clue on one of the names that ends up in a bag: *h*l** M**t**e*.

There doesn’t seem to be a topic off limits: even the size of CM Punk’s penis is a discussion point. Yes, they went there! Plus, Johnny Ace seems to be a recurring theme. “‘You’re my favourite Diva’… please,” Maria taunts with her newly found feistiness.

While Kanellis is obviously the star of the show, host Sean Oliver is perhaps the most vibrant interviewer I’ve seen on a shoot interview yet. A Joel McHale for wrestling, if you will. And I love me some Joel McHale so thumbs up.

In all, this shoot is perhaps the best interview — and there’s been a lot of them [including with us] — Maria’s given in the past five months. She really bounces off well with host Sean, and the two are pretty hilarious together. Maria, again, shows tons of spark and personality. I laughed, I laughed some more… and then I got a pain in my side from laughing which wasn’t so great. There are plenty of “Did she just say that?” moments. It’s laugh-out-loud, it’s outrageous and by the time it’s over, you may just feel exhausted.

Rating: 5/5

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