With all the hype surrounding former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis’ shoot interviews with Kayfabe Commentaries and Highspots, it’s easy to see how other shoots may fall by the wayside. Such is the case of WWE Alumni, Ivory and her shoot with RF Video. Ivory — real name Lisa Moretti — has a tendency to be candid, brash and downright hilarious, so I was itching to get my hands on this interview. I had a feeling that Ivory would deliver all the juicy gossip and backstage stories of the WWE. Boy, was I right.

Lisa starts off the interview by talking about her initial introduction to wrestling, including her years in GLOW and POWW, as well as her training with Mando Guerrero. Ivory gives Guerrero the utmost praise, crediting him with giving her the wrestling bug.

Ivory then moves on to her employment with WWE, her experience as one of The Godfather’s hos and a wardrobe malfunction during one of her very first appearances. She also speaks on her time in Right to Censor with Stevie Richards, The Godfather and Val Venis. While this is all interesting, business really starts to pick up when Ivory talks about her personal relationships with others, especially the Divas.

When it comes to the Divas, Ivory takes no prisoners. She pegs Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson as “not really being in it” and says they “weren’t doing it for fans, but for themselves.” She also goes on record saying she wasn’t comfortable working with Lita in the ring. Surprisingly, the Diva who really gets reamed the most is Tough Enough 2 winner, Linda ‘Shaniqua’ Miles. She even goes as far as saying she told management: “If you let that Linda win, if she’s in my locker room, I’m quitting!” Other girls she has some choice words for include: Chyna, Tori and Jacqueline, but I won’t spoil all the goods.

Don’t get the wrong idea, however. Though she has harsh words for some, Ivory also heaps praise on a select few, including: Molly Holly, Victoria, The Rock, The Undertaker and surprisingly, former SHIMMER champ, Sara Del Rey, who she met when she trained in OVW. In regards to Del Rey, Ivory says: “[Del Rey] is the talent that should be in WWE. Do all the packaging that you need to do, but what you’ve got there is a solid person, who can take the lifestyle. And she’s good!”

Ivory also touches on her WrestleMania X7 match with Chyna, Tough Enough, her views on the current product, and the Diva Search (Girls Gone Wild is mentioned… use your imagination).

While this shoot may lack the sizzle of Maria’s YouShoot interview, it more than makes up for it in substance. I liken Ivory to Diva Dirt‘s own Allison Danger, as she’s able to be brutally honest without coming off bitchy or bitter. Not to mention her ability to keep your focus throughout this nearly two hour long interview. Definitely a must-have if you’re a fan of the ‘golden era’ of the Divas division.

Rating: 4/5

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