In Review: “Shoot Interview with Ivory”

With all the hype surrounding former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis’ shoot interviews with Kayfabe Commentaries and Highspots, it’s easy to see how other shoots may fall by the wayside. Such is the case of WWE Alumni, Ivory and her shoot with RF Video. Ivory — real name Lisa Moretti — has a tendency to be candid, brash and downright hilarious, so I was itching to get my hands on this interview. I had a feeling that Ivory would deliver all the juicy gossip and backstage stories of the WWE. Boy, was I right.

Lisa starts off the interview by talking about her initial introduction to wrestling, including her years in GLOW and POWW, as well as her training with Mando Guerrero. Ivory gives Guerrero the utmost praise, crediting him with giving her the wrestling bug.

Ivory then moves on to her employment with WWE, her experience as one of The Godfather’s hos and a wardrobe malfunction during one of her very first appearances. She also speaks on her time in Right to Censor with Stevie Richards, The Godfather and Val Venis. While this is all interesting, business really starts to pick up when Ivory talks about her personal relationships with others, especially the Divas.

When it comes to the Divas, Ivory takes no prisoners. She pegs Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson as “not really being in it” and says they “weren’t doing it for fans, but for themselves.” She also goes on record saying she wasn’t comfortable working with Lita in the ring. Surprisingly, the Diva who really gets reamed the most is Tough Enough 2 winner, Linda ‘Shaniqua’ Miles. She even goes as far as saying she told management: “If you let that Linda win, if she’s in my locker room, I’m quitting!” Other girls she has some choice words for include: Chyna, Tori and Jacqueline, but I won’t spoil all the goods.

Don’t get the wrong idea, however. Though she has harsh words for some, Ivory also heaps praise on a select few, including: Molly Holly, Victoria, The Rock, The Undertaker and surprisingly, former SHIMMER champ, Sara Del Rey, who she met when she trained in OVW. In regards to Del Rey, Ivory says: “[Del Rey] is the talent that should be in WWE. Do all the packaging that you need to do, but what you’ve got there is a solid person, who can take the lifestyle. And she’s good!”

Ivory also touches on her WrestleMania X7 match with Chyna, Tough Enough, her views on the current product, and the Diva Search (Girls Gone Wild is mentioned… use your imagination).

While this shoot may lack the sizzle of Maria’s YouShoot interview, it more than makes up for it in substance. I liken Ivory to Diva Dirt‘s own Allison Danger, as she’s able to be brutally honest without coming off bitchy or bitter. Not to mention her ability to keep your focus throughout this nearly two hour long interview. Definitely a must-have if you’re a fan of the ‘golden era’ of the Divas division.

Rating: 4/5

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  • PedroPedroso17

    I love Ivory, but I can’t prevent laughing at her comment regarding Shaniqua. It brings the lulz. Shaniqua has got to one of the most infamous divas in history, of course, that not being a positive thing.

    I also love that she praised Sara Del Rey, it goes to show that she actually understands what a female wrestler should be like.

  • Eric

    What I loved about this shoot was that Ivory was able to criticize say, Torrie, as a worker and still praise her as a person. She also wasn’t afraid to talk about her own weaknesses in the business.

  • Mr. Glamazon

    Thanks for the review!

  • JJ

    Would Diva Dirt be able to do recap’s of the Diva Shoot videos? I’d love to hear what Ivory (and Maria) have to say about the business, but I’m not able to buy them myself :(

  • xxQOXxx

    Ooh, this is my next shoot :)

  • Lita-Sault-666

    Hmm, Ivory didn’t like working with Lita – Well, even so, they had some good matches together :).
    Does anyone know where I can pick up this and Maria’s Youshoot from?? I have never seen them on the usual English DVD distributers (

    • Melanie

      Lita-Sault-666 — Links to buy are at the bottom of the respective reviews. All sites ship worldwide.

      JJ — No. These DVDs are a business at the end of the day, we’d be cutting into someone’s profit by recapping everything. It’d be unprofessional of us.

  • FCW Divas

    I noticed, they never mentioned Sable, and that Ivory never had choice words for her, which is something different, sine everytime you turn around Sunny has something else negative to say about Sable,

    Ivory is not the first to say they never enjoyed working with Lita, i believe Maria said something about Lita, Nidia

    Surprised to see tori name in there, not to many talk about her, I wish i could interview, Ivory , or Sunny i have so many questions and i would ask the hards ones to haha

  • Eric

    @FCW Divas Sable was discussed briefly, but Ivory barely worked with her. She did say pretty much everyone that was there before her had problems with sable.

  • litafan2000

    I believe I seen a video with Molly Holly saying she loved working with Lita, but sometimes Lita took her job way to serious, but once she came back from her injury she was a totally different person.(meaning she loosened up a little) Maria stated that Lita was helping her train and stated that Lita was a little to rough.(She never stated that she hated working with Lita)………….I wonder why Ivory didn’t like working with Lita, the to had amazing matches together. (I wonder if its because of that botched moonsault Lita hit her with back on Raw 2000.) lmao

  • Kerry

    Why are people getting upset about Ivory not ass-kissing Lita? Not everybody has to praise Lita and I don’t think her and Ivory had good matches and if they did it was purely coz of Ivory being able to carry Lita through a match.

    Ivory did not like working in-ring with Lita because Lita was not safe to work a match with, Ivory was probably worried about getting injured or the match being messed up because Lita was notorious for being unsafe and sloppy in the ring. I used to watch her matches and cringe, thinking whoever she was taking on that night would end up getting hurt.

    Ivory was such a great worker and her mic skills were awesome, I loved her promos. Would definitely think of buying this shoot interview.

  • Jamal

    “Ivory was probably worried about getting injured or the match being messed up because Lita was notorious for being unsafe and sloppy in the ring. I used to watch her matches and cringe, thinking whoever she was taking on that night would end up getting hurt.”


    Lita was horribly sloppy. And she had no business doing the moonsault. So, I don’t blame Ivory. Anyway, definitely looking forward to this shoot. Ivory is a cool chick.

  • litafan2000

    Yes, Ivory was such a great worker and its such a shame that some people forget how good her mic skills were and they instantly believe “Trish” was the best and she clearly wasn’t……How did this forum turn into a gang up on Lita topic? Anyway, I’m sure Ivory has discussed this issue with Lita before, seeing that they are friends.

  • Jake

    Not surprised Ivory was harsh in this shoot. It’s no secret that Ivory is a strong supporter of pure women’s wrestling. I’m a fan of Ivory and have always enjoyed watching her on TV but I’ve rarely agreed with her view points about certian things. I believe she takes things too serious.

  • Jennifer L134

    OoO Can’t wait to buy this one!!

  • ozzyv

    Kerry-Why is it that whenever someone brings up Lita your the first one to bash her? Seriously, you sound like a jealous 13yr old or something. Grow up already.

    And I love Ivory but she wasn’t the most exciting person to watch in the ring, Lita brough interest to her matches. So she should be thankful. And I wouldn’t feel safe working with Ivory and her granny boots…I mean sure, Lita miscalculated her moonsaults several times, but Ivory was cutting people’s faces with her boots. She also constantly complained about Jackie being too stiff and not pulling her moves. Not wanting to speculate further but I’m gonna go ahead and say…from all the interviews(real)she’s done-it seems to me that Ivory just has a lot to say about everyone! I understand why JR kept saying he wouldn’t want to go on a long car trip with her lol!

    I also agree she was terrific on the mic though. Much better than Trish in that department. She is one of my favorite heels as the RTC prude. But again, it was Lita and Trish Stratus who made Ivorys matches watchable at some point. I hated her matches with Tori and Luna.

    Also Nidia never worked matches with Lita. She mentioned Lita gave her a hard time while she was there, they only got along when drinking together. I believe Lita was being a bytch towards Torrie and Stacy as well. Only because like Ivory mentioned, they were only interested in themselves and both Lita and Ivory loved the business. So I guess(naturally)they were being protective of the a business they worked hard for. In the same way that the Tough Enough guys were bullied on by Bradshaw and Undertaker..Honestly, I wouldn’t welcome them with open arms either.

  • Eric

    ozzy – the “cutting people with boots” is brought up in this interview. buy it to see what she said.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Kerry-First of all, no one’s getting pissed that Ivory isn’t kissing Lita’s ass. Did you see anyone state that, because I didn’t. You constantly take chances to berate Lita and it’s really starting to get annoying. We get it, you never liked Lita. And don’t even try that bullshit about me being just another Lita mark, because I never thought much of her. Second, don’t be putting words into Ivory’s mouth. Watch the shoot before saying that those were the reasons Ivory didn’t want to work with her.

    Now all the Lita vs Trish bullshit is going to start. Let’s nip it in the bud right now people, because it is really annoying and hardly a life or death situation.

    Anyways, I always loved Ivory. Her promos I’ve never actually seen much of, but I have seen some and she is really comfortable on the mic. Plus, she was great in the ring. I would definitely buy this shoot!

  • litafan2000

    Exactly TrishMelinaFan! I hardly come on this website, and when I do I see this Kerry person bashing Lita and its really sickening.

  • ozzyv

    @Eric yeah I’m going to buy it. I’m curious enough to see what this fish eating wench gots to say! :P lol jk..but yea, ill buy it.

  • Prescott

    She was so business, and so locked in as a solid trainer, it’s a shame that she isn’t still on in a development role. If anyone from her time period deserved that nod, it was her. She was a pretty solid heel at peak, just not the pops one would want outside the long-expired Right to Censor angle. In the end it may have been right, because her “hard nails” (lingo for the win!) heel style is not preferred in WWE, as we see now in this “Mean Girls” backbiting era. I’d like to see a mix of both, but the latter fits in with their desired image and portrayals for the Divas.

  • ozzyv

    Edit-Also I hope that remark about the Lita vs Trish bullshyt wasn’t directed towards me? All I said was that I agreed that Ivory was a lot better on the mic. That’s all I said about that. I didn’t say Lita was better than Trish or vice-versa. I enjoyed Trish on the mic as well btw, just for the record. Lita was bad. She was in my opinion, acceptable in 2000 and in 01-the little mic time/promo time she did have-but nothing to write home about. Jacqueline wasn’t the greatest but I think it was effective enough…Molly was too cartoony as a face and good as a heel. Victoria sounded a little too rehearsed after sometime, not sure what it was exactly.?? So yeah, my favorite Divas when it comes to cutting promos are Ivory, Mickie James, Melina, and maybe a heel Molly. Melina is very good actually. I’ve enjoyed hers because they’re mixed in there with some truth so maybe that’s what sets her apart in my mind. When she told Trish she was the new dominant diva in WWE. When she said told Ashley that playboy was glamorous but paled when compared to being the Champion. I loved those.

  • Jake

    ozzyv – if you think back, JR and others have made out on TV and interviews how she can’t keep her mouth shut and Ivory said that Al Show calls her a witch. It’s all making sense now LOL

  • bxradimus

    I’m not surprised she didn’t like working with Lita. Lita, to me, was always so awkward in the ring. She was like the female Jeff Hardy in the sense that I always cringe when either of them are doing high-spots or almost anything in the ring because it always comes off as so sloppy.

    I’m interested to see what she has to say about Tori. I always liked her and wished she would have gone further in her career. I wonder if she says anything about Luna, as those two worked with each other a few times and I hardly hear anyone talk about her (and she’s my favorite, so I’m biased).

    I’ve always liked Ivory and I’m sure the shoot is a good one. I’ll definitely have to pick it up.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    litafan2000-Exactly! It’s like, we get it, you don’t like her! Sheesh!

    ozzyv-Of course not. You stated your opinion just like many others and didn’t have to berate someone in the process :) And yeah, you make a really great point, because I never thought of it the way you did. Melina’s promos DO actually hold some truth to them, and I never even really took notice of it. I just want Melina to come back as the badass face she rightfully deserves to be. She was seriously becoming the Stone Cold of the Divas when she first turned face, and I wish they would’ve continued on that route, because the fans were really reacting to it.

  • Eric

    @bxradimus Luna is mentioned a few times. buy it and see what she says :)