The Mid-Year Report Card: Diva Dirt’s 10 Wishes & Predictions for 2010 Revisited

It’s hard to believe but we are already half way through 2010! The time has flown by so quickly but to celebrate the mid-year point, we are going to be looking back on the first six months of the year over the next few days. We begin by revisiting our 2010 Wishes & Predictions. Loyal readers will know that each December, we make 10 wishes and 10 predictions for the year going forward. So, let’s see how those wishes and predictions have measured up thus far…

Wishes for 2010
* Firstly, we really hope Melina has a speedy and/or miraculous recovery. If it is as serious as thought, Raw just won’t be the same without her.
Well obviously, Melina still isn’t back but we remain hopeful that July will be her month! Get well soon, Melina!

* Allow Tara to have a long and fulfilling Knockouts Championship reign. She deserves one great run with a belt!
Depending on how you look it, Tara’s January-April run with the belt was longer than her previous two runs — although it ended sourly and abruptly in the now infamous Lock Box Showdown debacle. I wouldn’t call any of Tara’s title reigns fulfilling, sadly.

* Here’s hoping to a fucking decent WrestleMania match this year. [Sidebar: Beth vs Michelle if we're getting specific.]
So close!!! We did get Beth vs Michelle… but three weeks after WrestleMania. :(

* Dear WWE, that chick Gail Kim? She can wrestle rings around most of your men. Use her, push her, give her a title for chrissakes!
Well, she did make it to the finals of the Divas Title tournament back in February but I wouldn’t call that a push…

* TNA, take note: Alissa Flash. Same thing.
Err, this one was kind of a stumble out of the gate. Alissa announced her TNA departure via Diva Dirt two weeks into 2010!

More after the cut:

* Give the proverbial ball to Alicia Fox, Daffney and Eve Torres and let them run with it. They all have a lot to offer and it isn’t just their boobs.
Two out of three ain’t bad, right? Alicia is the current Divas Champion and Eve is the former champion. Daffney did receive a nice little push against Tara going into Destination X in March but I wouldn’t call that giving her the ball and letting her run with it. Daffney still has a lot to offer and we have six more months!

* Dear American work visa people, please let Angelina Love come back to TNA!
Angelina returned in the second week of January.

* I love Saritaylor as a team but I’m kinda curious to see them in a feud. If you must break them up, give us a series of three-to-five epic matches, won’t you TNA?
These two are about to begin a feud with Sarita turning heel. Five months too late is better than never… or is it?

* SmackDown, please don’t suffer a slump. We’re counting on you!
I think we’re officially in a slump. Jump rope-gate sealed the deal for me

* Since we have just one more wish we may as well blow it on something HUGE! Title reigns for Alissa Flash, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, Hamada and Natalya are a must.
One out of five is decent right? No… it isn’t? :( Technically, Hamada won the Knockouts Tag Team Championship but I was thinking of singles belts when I wrote this so I won’t include that. I’m not sure if Gail or Hamada will win gold but Natalya? I’m very confident that she will and when she does, it will be extremely gratifying to watch. Hopefully in the next six months.

Predictions for 2010

* It should come of no surprise that Maryse will probably hold the Divas Championship at some point in 2010.

* A fifth Women’s Championship reign for Mickie James seems likely also.

* Further title predictions: Awesome Kong (Knockouts), Kelly Kelly (Divas) and The Beautiful People (Knockouts Tag Team).
One out of three…

* Something tells me Mickie may not be a Diva by year’s end. [Sidebar: Hope I'm wrong.]

* Lacey Von Erich will finally strip for Playboy, but will she be a TNA Knockout when she does?
I don’t see the Playboy thing happening given her current personal situation.

* Maria will not win The Celebrity Apprentice.

* Trish Stratus will return at some point and do a full blown storyline this time.
Well, it hasn’t happened yet and I don’t see it happening if it wasn’t done in time for ‘Mania. Maybe next year?

* A heel turn for Tara at some point in the year and a babyface turn for Michelle McCool.
Check (Tara) and WTF was I smoking back in December (Michelle)? I don’t know why I predicted a face turn for Michelle…

* A ‘Beautiful’ breakup. My guess is TBP will be no more by year’s end.
I still see this happening. We have six more months…

* At least one more shocking departure. [Gail Kim? ODB?]
One more? I was a little optimistic, huh? Maria, Mickie, ODB, Kong…

So that wraps my mid-year check up on Diva Dirt‘s wishes and predictions for 2010. With half a year still to go, I think I’ve done pretty well!

Did you have any wishes/predictions of your own? How did you fare?

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  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    You got some right predictions and thats good, especially since both TNA and WWE management are probably doing a weird type of drugs, because they have been doing some crazy and stupid decisions.

  • RedHotVixen

    Wow. Great article. Some of your predictions were WAY off (McCool face turn?!). Others were dead on (Shocking departures.) And a few are scarily close to happening (Kelly Kelly as champion. God help us.) Some of my predictions came true: I knew Alicia would win gold, or pink, this year. I also had a feeling that Mickie and the E would part ways, but I always thought that she would be the one to walk away. I still have a glimmer of hope that Gail will win a title (Please, wrestling gods. I am on my knees.) I also have a feeling that we will see Kong in WWE, I could be wrong. Lord knows what will become of the KnockOuts. I am seriously worried about them. One thing that I hope that I am wrong about is K2 becoming champion. *shudder*

  • Teri

    I actually didn’t realize we were halfway into 2010 until i read this article, haha! Wow, time has really flown by – it feels like its still February or March. Weird.

  • ilovelita

    My wishes are for Jillian Hall to win a match and have a descent title reign. And Hail Kim ad to go to SmackDown! And Lita will change her mind and come back to SmackDown! as a face. And SmackDown! go live to feature the better of the Women’s Division!

  • Holbrook

    Great article guys!

  • ohiofan1

    My one wish for 2011 is a decent divas match at Wrestlemania since I’m going next year. If they are not going to give a decent match with decent time, then don’t put them on the card. Don’t give the crowd bad matches on purpose just to give the audience a bathroom/snack break.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Good predictions. Like RHV said, some or way off, spot on, and shockingly close. I hope 1.Gail wins the Divas Championship and has a good run with it, 2.Melina to return with the badassness she had going up against Beth when she first turned face, and 3. (The biggest hope) For Jillian Hall, who is a mega-ultra-suoer-duper-talent to get the proper FACE push she deserves and wins the WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP. Yes, I know I sound like I’m on crack.

  • MaryseOuelletBr

    Maryse win the Divas Champion, Tara returns for WWE, and layla lose Women’s Champion

  • madslam2009

    My predictions:
    Lay-Cool breaks up
    Alicia Fox loses the Divas title. (Hopefully not)!
    WWE releases another diva or two
    Beautiful People break up
    Hamada leaves
    TNA gives the Tag Team Championships to one random ass pairing.

  • ozzyv

    Predictions (I’ll probably be way off..)

    **Melina returns to Smackdown to take on Layla and Michelle McCool. Eventually becomes Womens Champion again.

    **Gail Kim becomes Divas Champion after a good match against Alicia Fox on RAW

    **Eve is released

    ** Jillian Hall is released

    ** Daffney becomes TNA Knockouts Champion

    ** Maryse turns face

    ** The Bellas Turn heel

    ** Beth Phoenix makes a shocking return, months earlier than anticipated.

    ** Lita finally makes an appearance

  • Luis

    this is a fun article haha

  • ozzyv

    Also, if its true that Michelle McCool and Undertaker got hitched during the weekend, then I see Layla stepping out of the picture at some point. And I see a full blown Melina vs. Michelle McCool feud, with a LayCool breakup a few months after. With Layla being paired up with a guy and McCool continuing to be the top heel for the Womens Division on Smackdown. Tiffany will step up her game as well and Kelly will suffer an injury that will take her out until December or until the next year.

  • xmelissaa

    These were mine.

    – The failure of the Raw Guest Host concept (PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!) … Kind of true. At least we have a GM now.
    – Return of Angelina Love … CHECK.
    – Saritaylor get put in a good storyline … There’s time, right?
    – Face turns – Katie-Lea, Madison Rayne, Natalya … One right, one released and one still with time.
    – Heel turns – Gail Kim, Melina … Damn.
    – Title reigns for Alissa Flash, Natalya, Gail Kim, … no comment.
    – Title opportunities for future divas like Eve Torres, Alicia Fox, Layla & (maybe) Kelly Kelly … Three out of four is damn good.
    – A Diva stable of some kind … Laycool counts, right?
    – No shitty battle royals! Smackdown divas at Wrestlemania! (i.e Mickie, Natalya, Michelle, Beth) … Multi-diva tag match is better than a battle royal, but still not what I wanted.
    – Michelle McCool drops title in the spring, but wins it back again…. she dropped it sooner than I expected (January) and regained it again, and then dropped it, and co-regained it (Got all that?)

    – Piggy James continuation … Kinda.
    – Someone takes it off for Playboy – Lacey perhaps? … Nah.
    – Natalya & Hart Dynasty face turn … CHECK.
    – Mia/Serena Mancini having a big push upon debut then being put into the background (a’la Katie-Lea) … Haha, well, she’s a valet…
    – Possible retirement for Mickie James (I hope not) … Or a release. Whatever.
    – More Trish Stratus appearances … Not yet.
    – 2010: The Year of Michelle McCool … Kinda.
    – 2010: The Dissolution of Gail Kim In The WWE … Still time.
    – A rubbish Wrestlemania 26 match … The match of the cougar. RAWR,
    – Releases – Kristal, Bella twins, Lacey, Christy, Gail … One.


    My Predicitons Are
    1. Kelly Kelly gets a title shot at Layla loses and after the match tiffany checks on kelly and Laycool attack tiffany and kelly kelly then the the paparazzi music hits and melina comes home to smackdown not raw.
    2. Alicia Fox or Maryse face turn
    3. Alicia Fox and Maryse Feud
    4. Gail Kim Heel Turn
    5. Melina Heel Turn if she is on sd nd beth Returns.
    6.Mickie Return To WWE
    7. Katie Lea goes to TNA
    8. Layla Face Turn

  • Jack5326

    This is a cool thread, nice to see some of your predictions coming true Melanie, but a Michelle face-turn, what were you smoking back then? Lol.

    I predict that Melina will be a heel again by the end of the year.

    I’d love to see her return and fued with LayCool, with them beating her down in her hometown or something, and then her ‘sister’, AJ Perez (AJ Lee) getting involved to even the score. She’d then ‘win’ a contract and then win the title later on down the line, maybe November and then Melina can turn jealous on her. I’d love to see that. :)

  • jay8333

    My predictions:
    Lay-cool defends theire championship against Kelly and are succsesful,then lose the title to melina,Gail or a new SD! Diva.

    If Gail dosent go to sd she will have a heel turn.

    Mickie comes back to the wwe.

    LVE poses for playboy.

    Beautiful people break up or face turn….(I don’t think so.)but if the victory road predictions were true I prefer to keep Madison as a heel while angelina reunites with tbp)

    AJ Lee Being called onto the main roster

    maryse-Alicia fued

    both maryse and Michelle having another title regain.

    Katie goes to tna!

    Rosa,Jillian getting release or maybe even the bellas

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    My Predictions 4 the rest o 2010

    Melina returns to SD and Bcomes Womens Champion Once again…\
    Lay-Kool breaks up ( hopefully not)
    Mayrse Face turn , Fued with Alicia ( Not likely buy…)
    Gail Kim Divas Champion
    Beth Phoenix earlier return

    Wishes 4 rest of 2010

    Jillian & Gail , Gail & JIllian , Jillian & Gail again…WWE USE THEM USE THEM turn Jillian face push her for the wwe Womens Championship!!! Gail Kim 4 Divas Champ or Womens Champ plz wwe USE them for goodness sakes

  • Louis Mitchell


    I’d love maryse to turn face and move back to the smackdown brand, she showed more of her in ring abililty whilst working with michelle.
    Candice michelle to be rehired and capture gold, maybe some time in november after spending considerable time with her baby.
    Natalya to be used as a fighter and not as a manager, although she does that role well, natalya could easily pick up the slack on raw and become a dominate divas champ.
    Jillian to move to smackdown and not keep being a jobber, she should compete in matches were she is not used for the other divas to pin, she has some great moves (the highnote etc) and should be utilised for her experience and talent.
    Kong to go to smackdown to fued with Beth!!! (epic matches to be made)


    Daffney should wear gold, and its a shocker that she still hasnt been granted a title run.
    Rosie, has to go, This kong replacement just is no wer near as good. and her move set just consists of squashing moves, how original.
    after angelina left TBP, this stable is gone no wer, yes they have won championships but its just not the same without Love.
    Lacey should turn face, shes a rubbish heel with a brain more stupid than maria had back in 2006 and 2007. Yes its acting, but these just dont go together and Lacey would make a great face, i just think shes got that charisma that will establish herself as a great entertainer and this may allow her to achieve more fans for her hard work in training.

  • melina prez

    Melina or aj lee go to smackdown and win the womens championchip that night

  • GlamAddict4lyf

    well my wish was granted to see Beth as champion again but i wanted a really long title reing but the injurie had to happen, i dont see Melina turning heel because then that would mean too many heels.
    im hoping Beth doesnt rush her return but i still hope she returns soon probably around september october to the most
    some diva like serena to began being use as a diva maybe a story line where she tought her and punk had something but punks stars dating someone else in the roster.
    im hoping melina returns soon but not to smackdown but to RAW. i really dont want to see another melina/beth feud. that is mostly it
    oh and of course i want to see Beth as champion for a 4th time this year when she returns i meanm she deserves it plus she still has a rematch right? and im pretty sure she wouldnt had lost the title that soon if it wasnt because of the injurie so think she deserves it i mean mcool already has 2 title hold is the past 6 months the 2nd one is a “co” but it is still around her and she is recognised not in wwe but the pp know shes champion!
    well that is all i have to say but at some point of the year maybe around october where the other draft happens i want to see Beth win the womens championship Natalya get the divas championship Beth moved to RAW or Natalya moved back to smackdown with their titles of course then them becomng a tag team and hopefully the wwe making women or divas tag team titles!
    now im done lol

  •; TommyStarstruck

    I absolutely love yawl’s predicitons!

    *I think WWE and TNA should re-think the whole direction of their Women’s Divisions.
    -The Beautiful People and Models should not be the face of women’s wrestling. They
    definitely have a place in the division, but REAL wrestlers should be showcased.

    Maryse should only be a valet.

    Jillian should be used as more than a jobber.

    Women’s, Divas, and Knockouts Champions should be solid wrestlers- NOT MODELS

    Layla (love her) should lose the Women’s Title.

    Serena should be used as a wrestler- not just a valet.

    Kelly Kelly should get the axe.

    Hamada should be used….. on TV (AT LEAST ONE MORE DAMN TIME THIS YEAR)

    Angela Fong “Savannah” should be hired as a wrestler to TNA.

    Sara Del Ray should be hired to TNA or WWE.

    Kong should go to WWE (epic matches).

    Mickie needs to come back to wrestling.

    Natalya deserves a title belt.

    FCW Divas like AJ Lee and Naomi Night should make debuts (if not this year, then next).

    I also think WWE should scout out some Luchadoras from AAA and hard hitting women from Japan-

  • Jennifer

    Pretty spot on Melanie. Perhaps you should open your own psychic hotline? ;)

    I didn’t make any predictions or wishes since I’m usually wrong heh. Whatever happens, happens. (So Zen, lol)

  • Skylar

    my wish is at wrestlemania is a winner takes all match champions vs contenders

    turn gail heel feud with melina

    get mickie back

    michelle as womens champ

    beth is back from her injury

    fire up a triple threat match with mickie,beth and michelle

  • saurabh da luchawhore

    Since wrestlemania 27 is in Atlanta, I wish LITA makes an appearance n wrestles in a decent match… i would love to see Lita vs Maryse…

  • art1e

    maryse & kelly get fired by the end of the year is my wish….plus gail & jillian right over the divas title on raw while the other divas stay far away..the useless ones that is.