In Video: Last Night’s Injury Aftermath + Creepy Leprechaun Attacks Layla

Here’s some post match footage from last night’s SmackDown house show where Kelly Kelly got hurt. You can see her lying at the edge of the ring with people helping her to the back. Meanwhile, Layla wasn’t so ‘flawless’ last night as she was attacked by Hornswoggle in what I can only hope is a one time thing. The last thing we need is more Hornswoggle taking shine away from the Divas.


Don’t worry Layla, Jennifer Aniston was also attacked by a leprechaun. You’re in good company!

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  • abwiz74

    Since when is male on female violence TV-PG?

  • NT86

    I cannot stand Hornswoggle. That said, this was quite funny!

  • crazyinsane11

    HORNSWOGGLE SHALL NOW DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ImGoingCrazy

    I assume they sent him out there, to keep the little kids from being worried about Kelly

  • Jordan

    I’m glad that Kelly is alright after all. Well I’m glad that Layla is doing her job as she got a pretty good heel reaction when she was announced the winner.

    I hate Hornswoggle, but since we don’t see it at all, it was pretty funny the way Layla took the stunner.

  • crazyinsane11

    Am I the only one who sees a formula going on? For every top babyface you injure, you have to completely embarass yourself. Rosa accidentally injured Beth, and she lost to Kelly in five seconds and now Layla injures Kelly, and she takes a stunner by Hornswoggle. I really hope this doesn’t catch on…it probably won’t though, so yay! :D

  • EyeoftheTiger

    Well Hornswoggle is more over than the divas he might actully make it interesting at this point Smackdown is barren waste land

  • yayitslindsey

    Thank GOD this didn’t happen at TVs. Way to bury your women’s champ! They wouldn’t do this to a male champion, so why do it to a female champion? It’s absolute stupidity. Fire Hornswoggle.

  • Toby

    god layla is so hilarious. xD

  • TrishMelinaFan

    That acually wasn’t so funny to me. Hornswoggle just annoys the crap out of me…But at least Layla got a great heel reaction! :)

  • madslam2009

    Way to ruin a women’s title match.

  • Kaledrina

    “Rosa accidentally injured Beth”

    beth injured herself.

  • SophStar-x

    Surely this happened just to fill time cause the match had to be finished? I hope so anyway!

  • Team Laycoolness!!!

    HAHAHA Layla is a GEM she sold that so greatly, did you hear her “I’m womans champion, I do what I want” haha CLASSIC I do love her but urgh Hornswoggle I wish they would write him out or at least have him get beaten on! He’s like Jerry (of Tom and Jerry fame) I hated him too because he always wins and is sooo loved, it’s not fair I hope Layla gives him a what for!!! XD

  • xMissxBellax

    The Hornswoggle bit is getting old… wait it got old a long time ago. How is he assaulting Layla PG? If that’s the case, can Kaval neck breaker each member of LayCool? But what he did to Tony was funny. Layla sold that like a champ.

  • UncleCuc

    I guess we can add the “Pebble-Cold Stunner” to the “Tadpole Splash” and “Sweet Shin Music” in Swog’s reportoire. Hopefully Swog was only out there to fill time because the match was shortened and not as part of any storyline going forward. Great sell by Layla on the stunner, though.

  • Jake

    Since when did House shows have to be TV-PG.. when it’s not on TV? lol

  • boi213

    where was michelle??? and i agree with “yayitslindsey” they would never let a male champion get taken out by hornswoggle….why do it to the womens champion?

  • JJ

    Hornswoggle had been attacking Layla regularly at houseshows recently. I don’t really care because it’s just house shows; they often do daft stuff at houseshows. When Hornswoggle was on RAW he was interferring in the main events, tadpole splashing and costing the heels the match. THAT is worse than stunning the women’s champ.
    As for the man on woman violence- come on. Let’s not act like he pummled her with a chair. PG doesn’t mean pillow fights and snuggle time. If you’re gonna complain about anything complain that little people are treated like wild leprauchaun’s.
    I just hope he doesn’t challenge for the belt anytime soon… :-P

  • Williambitious

    As long as Kelly Kelly is okay, I’m satisfied. But this injury should be a wake-up call for her. She has to realize that in order to be the wrestler she aspires to be, you have to take risks that can be career-altering. Also, this injury could of helped the other divas appear in the spotlight so that the fans could appreciate their beauty and talent.

    ~Maybe Gail Kim could be drafted to Smackdown and team up with Tiffany. The two divas battle it out with LayCool until Kelly Kelly appears once again. This will force LayCool to beg Rosa for her assistance.

    This idea insures that every Diva is being used, and is being used correctly. But since Kelly Kelly is doing okay, I hope they do something good with the story line so that it doesn’t turn out like the Eve/Maryse feud :/

  • 041293

    “Since when is male on female violence TV-PG?”

    Hornswoggle isn’t male, I’m not sure he’s human in the first place.

  • abwiz74


    LOL. Thanks for the explanation.

  • Teri

    Hornswoggle is still alive? Ugh, for fucks sake.

  • art1e

    it was a work i mean how would layla know he was gonna do a stunner on her? it was a work since wwe dont have layla beat kelly that often & this was prob a way to get out of the match without lay gettting a pinfall..

  • michelle maryse fan

    for some reason i just cant stand him hornswoggle…….its not only coz his name is so lenthy………….but he just pops up wheres hes not wanted at all…………… me guys hes wanted nowhere……………… next raw around me im surely gonna wave “fire hornswoggle”